Field & Stream 24 Gun Safe

Finally got my gun safe in from black friday sale at Dick’s


Juggstartee 223 says:

+ mcjuggernuggets

Juannabe God says:

nice channel bro

csbelew says:

Damn nice safe, especially for the money, you got a heck of a deal there.

smilemoney says:

Looks just like mine only a different brand name. It was a production to get it to the second floor. Take the door off will make it about 100 lbs less to move


Horny safe

ColossalAmmo says:

From black friday…dang….so like 3 months!  Look nice man!

Christina Haswell says:

@stiffmoney- jesse has the combo now but I don’t think he’s putting it in right. what’s the correct way to put in the combo, meaning turns for each number?

Guns & Accessories says:

Sweet safe man. 

Gun Enthusiast says:

Nice safe bro… late but you got it.

djalkaline1 says:

Looks like a nice safe, too bad they dicked you around for weeks

csbelew says:

Hey, hows the safe setup going? Have you gotten it organized and setup yet?

Monster Eudy says:

Oh ok didn’t think about that I appreciate it

GunCrazy81 says:

Very cool my friend. I’m hoping to get mine soon as well

MrBulletpoints says:

Now you know why they call it “Dicks”… Congrats, just seeing a safe is enough to discourage most burglars who just want to grab stuff and run.

MyHollowpoint says:

Sounds like quite a hassle. I’d have come unglued,lol.
Any safe is better than no safe. Nice going and an A for your patience 🙂

echoThreeOneSix says:

nice safe!

Oscar Delta says:

I bought this same safe a week ago on BF…it was on sale for $399…picked it up two days after I bought it, will be placing the safe today after clearing a spot for it…

Duffy112 says:

For the price its not bad some at gander/cabelas are like 3K$. Getting the runaround from dicks what a fuck show but that 50$ giftcard is well deserved

Westchestergun30 says:

Thanks for the review, if it’s going in the basement or garage I would put it up on cement blocks. Buddy of mine had a flood and it was not good

andrew santigo says:


Monster Eudy says:

I have the same safe how are you going to put the dehumidifier in there? Is there a access to run a wire?

Brian Vlogs says:

What is the code

GUNxprt says:

Nice. Remember to bolt it down. It becomes a lot harder to break into if it’s bolted down. Preferably bolt it down in a location that makes it hard to access a position to pry it open. Bummer that you got fucked with so much on delivery.

j pun says:

You definitely paid 399? Its on sale now for 499 at my local store and was wondering if I should wait. How cheap have you seen the 36 gun field and steam?

Rik Thomas says:

AWESOME Brah!  Bolt it down!

HardTarget says:

nice addition !

Anything Adrenaline says:

nvm you just answered my question

504 Dirt Dart says:

Very cool! I’m hoping to do that later this year.


Do you know what the rotation of the dial is? I know the combo, I just can’t find the manual.

Limitless Gawd says:

Dick’s??? That’s why Jesse’s dad owns it!!!

Limitless Gawd says:

Dick’s??? That’s why Jesse’s dad owns it!!!

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