GoldenRod Safe Dehumidifier! Does it work?

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UserName117 says:

put a golden rod in the safe to keep the safe warm. add a evadry in it to absorb the moisture already in the safe then use painters tape and take the door seam to help stop new moister from getting in.

Michael Zschoche says:

should I get one for just one handgun in a safe? im in southern California, and I don’t know the humidity here off the top of my head.

Gunny Z says:

Your safe is not air tight. If it was a small amount of air pressure change would seal it shut. Temperature difference forces moisture from hot air to cold air. Just like your can of beer sweating. I live in with Florida 90% humidity and above most of the year. A 25watt light bulb keeps the interior of my safe between 45% and 50%. The safe temperature hovers between 100 degrees most of the year. Also my safe is in garage…. Gunny Z.

Christian Harbour says:


MsUltrafox says:

This can not truly work because the water is still inside the safe.
Also if you open the door the air inside the safe will be the same as the rest of the room in about 15 seconds.
What you could better use is a jar filled with dry rice or salt.
Just dril some small holes in the lid and place it in the back of your safe.
Cheaper and it will always work even if the power is out.
Just heating the air will not remove the water from it.

Darksun Productions says:

how much would a safe like the one you have cost if you don’t mind me asking.

madmagrider says:

I just use an Eva Dry. It actually removes the humidity and no power needed.

timothy thomas says:

Your video gave me an idea . Although I don’t have a “SAFE” . I keep ammo in a wooden trunk that I have sealed to the best of my ability . And had last year bought an ever dry rechargeable desiccant . Which one plugs into a wall socket top recharge . Well I am in the window of the monthly ammo check as I live in humid FL . I decided to run power into the trunk and keep the desiccant plugged in all the time . As I noticed it generates heat . Not enough to burn but enough to know it is hot . I would dare that it is about the temp of the golen on the inner areas . As it has a plastic outer shell . I have forgotten it for days before while charging without issue . As well I am encasing the area in which it sits with aluminum foil to be on the extra safe side . .

PaintHerWhite says:

My only question was this. You started out at 55% humidity. But what if you live in places that have 80 and 90% humidity. How low will a properly sized Goldenrod actually lower that?

Thomas T says:

First comment…. glad to see some more product reviews

Chico Seki says:

Where did you buy your plastic shelf next to your safe?

dandude2010 says:

glad i live in Colorado not much humidity out here

Machinshin says:

Can someone explain to me how that can work at all ? The difference between hot and cold air, is that hot air actually can hold alot more humidity then cold air. What happens when the humid air gets cold enough is that the water cant be in gas form any longer and ends up as water. See the dilemma ? Its the dew point that you can effekt with hot air, but the air itself actually contains MORE water if you heat it up.

CJ Marincus says:

What size are you using? Do you go with what they say for how many cubic feet they can manage or do you go as big as you can? Most Safes, even large ones, aren’t over 100 cu ft which a 12” would manage yet it seems most people go larger.

PaladinVII says:

Were you doing a review? My jaw was on the ground looking at all the hardware in that massive safe!

Salish Hiker says:

Thanks for the comment about ideal humidity for firearm storage. I’ve been wondering. I just wired up my Liberty Colonial with the inexpensive LED kit you posted a while back (which turned out awesome). I thought about adding a GoldenRod, but I live in Montana and the humidity in my house is rarely above 40%, so I guess it isn’t necessary. The hygrometer in my safe typically reads 30%-35% with just a small desiccant.

AMStorm says:

it is safe for local police department ?

Stephen B says:

I use a golden rod and some large rechargeble dehumidifiers.

Aren Schaffran says:

@TWANGnBANG – what does that hole drilled for the power do to the fire rating of the safe?

mosin9105 says:

Feeling a little dumb here. I’ve always wondered how well mine might be working and never thought to take the hygrometer out of my humidor and put it in my safe. Thanks for that light bulb moment!

Danny O says:

Have you drilled any holes top and bottom to aid convection in and out of the safe? The Goldenrod instructions, I believe, talk about having some ventilation for this to work. Your safe is sealed pretty well just like my new one, which I have not yet installed a Goldenrod in. My previous “safes” were really just security cabinets, so they allowed a lot of air in and out, so I never considered the issue that the instructions mentioned. Your installation is working, documented by instrumentation, so that will be my guide before drilling any ventilation holes. I do have to drill a hole for the power cord entry, which I will put a rubber grommet in to protect the cord, as in my previous installations, or I will adapt the Liberty Outlet Kit to my safe. Thanks for any help.

Derek Etheridge says:

You know if you end up putting your security camera recorder (NVR) in your safe as you stated was your plan the GoldenRod will probably be redundant. Even the smallest NVR’s i see run up to 60ish watts. All* of which will just get turned to heat and thus do the same thing a the GoldenRod. Aka something for you to test with the safe cam once you get to that step.

*Any energy that goes in to an electronic device has to come out somewhere as heat, light, mechanical vibrations (sound) or another electrical connection.

gone rydin says:

40 watt lamps works just as good. Keeps our welding rod dry.

FuYing Bro says:

I have one in each of my safes now, but only after not paying attention to my safes over winter which had a major issue. Two firearms had collected water and what looked like salts out of the air collection where the pistols had touched their cloth holsters. One is in bad shape that even ate the aluminum frame. I will have to do a video on this at some point. On another note these units do not take a lot of energy at all. About .01kwh. For both rods that is about 2-4 bucks a month.

Jimmy Kimber says:

is it possible they can cause a fire since they are electric? that has been my only hesitation

Gun Sense (drmaudio) says:

Not a problem we have here in the Phoenix area, but it is good to know it works.

Reg Sparkes says:

Good ‘review’ thanks for this.

garvin centcia says:

Can you do a rendering of the honey badger from shot show 2017 ?

mrelectron62 says:

Good video, you’re the first one I’ve heard say it doesn’t really remove the humidity. I have heard all kinds of goofy explanations as to how it drives moisture out ect. Part of it is also you establish thermal currents in the safe which keeps the moisture from settling on the guns warm air rises and cool air falls and as you said moisture is not settling on the sensor or guns.
The only draw back to and why I don’t use golden rod or similar product is it requires power to work and it can also fail. I like using silica beads as they only need power to dry them in your oven ect and they give you a visual indication when need recharging. If the rod fails it may take you time before you notice its not working. I only have to check the beads once every few weeks and recharge about every month and a half. A little more maintenance with the beads but I don’t have to worry if I’m away for a while and the power goes out in my home which is when your really going to need to control humidity as your cooling/heating system will not be operational.

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