Good-Bye Gun Safes (Long Overdue Decision)


I made a long overdue decision today regarding my guns.


drw1926 says:

Thank you for sparing us the plumber’s crack.

say what says:

your pecker must be incredibly small

Ross Potts says:

2:25. Hey, I think you broke your ass. I saw a crack…

Flames N/a says:

What’s videos what happens when the water goes out or explodes n u see

Will Mathieson says:

frame in the safe to your walls. Door is most difficult to enter while side and especially bottom is easy to get into with a drill and sawsall.

Michael Glenn says:

why bolt down a safe that big? fully loaded no one is going to be able to move it. and when its bolted down, a theif has something to pry against. if it were unbolted, it would be extremely difficult to utilize a pry bar.

Marty Mcfly says:

Must live in a pretty bad neighborhood to need to have your gun on you at all times. I go for the gun in each room approach.

Honest Comments says:

Why you dont have a shotgun?

B Hewitt says:

Been watching your videos for a while now and your very informative. And u do a good job with the antics u throw in. I saw this one on the safes and I’ve outgrown my canon safe and need a bigger one. Bigger better right ?? I feel the. Cannon safe Is a good choice cause I’ve owned and moved this 1k lbs block of steel a few times now. I’m done with that. But anyway. What safe do u recommend if u recommend any at all. Thank you
B Hewitt
Bunker Hill , Indiana

James Adams says:

your water heater needs an update 😉

TheTeevo8 says:

I farted.

Vnx says:

Mare’s Head? Thinking of the Godfather? 😛

JFeezy says:

I have a great system that ensures no burglars will ever take prized valuables.
About 6 years ago I got married, this year we had a kid. Now I have nothing to steal! Yay!

Flames N/a says:

That’s what I was thinking I need to be careful when you put a save close to the water heater specially when it’s gas

Silent jay firearms says:

why would you bolt in a 800 pound safe no one would take it and if they did it would take hour’s to get it out ß

Steve Wiggins says:

So the price of that safe was covered by “a little bit of money” you got for your birthday?

alwaysopen says:

Got a mare’s leg video?

The Black Knowledge Network says:

How long did it take for you to collect all of those guns?

The AR Guy says:

your boy looks just like you.

Will Mathieson says:

best to stash your guns elsewhere in a closet while burglars work on your empty safe. Any UL listed safe is childs play to break into. Get a commercial rated safe and modify it for your guns.

Nathan Young says:

Nice birthday gift! I get a steak dinner and a $25 Cabela’s gift card for my birthday.

7410ray says:


CruelestChris says:


My god, what’s Hillary Clinton doing in your house?

Remote Viewer 1 says:

The two smaller safes are for your ammo dump.

Will Harrison says:

Someone said people’s pets resemble their masters.I like dogs more than most people.Your dog looks sweet.My late father bred English bulldogs but they smelled funny to me unlike my Border Collie.

SITREP 69 says:

have you upgraded since this video??

Ken says:

Dear YM, The next time you decide you’re done w/gunsafes (Hopefully, not due to theft.). I hope you look into a Fort Knox safe. Fort Knox allows a buyer to ADD STEEL to the inner walls. You can add up to an additional inch of steel, making it far harder to cut through the sides. I hate to tell you how easy it is to cut through that 800#, overpriced lump you bought. You’ve got more guns at home than many sporting goods shops… Now, thousands of people know this, courtesy of your vid. How well do you really know EVERYONE who sees you in your town??

CB1942EO says:

where did you get that safe.

Jeff Adams says:

Mare’s head from the Godfather? 😉

Joseph M says:

Love the location you chose, your garage ? Isolates the safe and contents from the main living area and supplies the burglars with all tools necessary to break into it. Great idea, plus having total strangers to help you move it, another great idea.

Boxofawesome says:

goodbye gun safes, hello gun safe

Pat Hand says:

Hey Bub, what are the top handgun slot-type holders that you are using the hold the polymer pistols called? I’d like to purchase a few sets of those for my gun-safe. Thanks for any help on locating them! Thanks, Pat in Idaho.

Rhonda Ellison says:

went to buy a save and my wife pick it out for me same thing you got 52 gun and your right they are he’ll to move don’t have to worry about anybody taking off with it took 2 hours to get it in my bedroom

Walter Aly says:

can you please tell me a good safe under 500 buck?? really would appreciate it

bert smith says:

If you get a cheap gun safe or gun locker the best thing to do is put it in a location that is out of the way or hidden in the house. Most burglars want to get in and out quick. Put it in a place where they well feel vulnerable, a place where they can’t get out easily or can’t get the guns out of the house in a hurry.

Also some people use old water heaters or something of similar size.

Night Hawk says:

what is that short lever rifle?

marvin marvin says:

Lost my water heater a few years ago, six inches of water all over the room.

Dave says:

When someone wants in these things they take a cutting wheel to the side of it. The access to the sides of yours is pretty inconvenient for someone but you could always block it a little more if you wanted. Nice collection.

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