Gun Safe from Costco – Good Value or Waste of Money?

Costco sold this gun safe online, and here are my first impressions. I’ve been saving up for a gun safe for quite a while, and the type of safe that I needed was out of my budget until now. Here’s some info from the Rhino Metals site:

Bighorn Classic series gun safes, are hands down the best value you can find. In each Classic safe, in addition to outstanding security features, you’ll find it has a high quality fit and finish you would expect to find in safes costing twice as much. The Bighorn Classic safes are built with 12 gauge steel.

Bighorn Classic Safe Features:

UL Certified Residential Security Container
California DOJ Compliant
Attack Resistant External Hinge System
Drill-Resistant Armor
Massive Doorbolts
Thick Composite Door
Plush Adjustable Interior
Certified Protective Lining
Seamless Continuously Welded body
Excellent Protection for Your Valuables at a Great Price

The 19ECB:

Weight: 407 lbs.
Rifle Capacity: 24 Rifles
Fire Rating: 1200 degrees F./30 minutes
Dimensions: H:59in W:28in D:20in
Cubic Ft (Approx): 19


CB1942EO says:

my uncle has one. the lock keypad constantly drains the battery.

Neil Salmon says:

Wow ! thousands of dollars in guns and ammo and he buys a cheap safe made in China ?? It’s too bad anyone like this doesn’t do the advanced research needed to buy a lifetime investment that would be a superior safe to protect such a large arsenal of guns . A couple amateur burglars with pry bars would get in that safe in one or two minutes . You get what you pay for .

Jason C says:

My apartment was burglarized in 2002 and I had 4 guns in my closet that were stolen. The balance of my collection was in storage. This safe, or any cheap safe, would have saved my guns at that time. Since then, I have invested in a really good gun safe and will never be without one again. I was fortunate and got my guns back and the thief did about 8 years, btw. I got lucky. Any safe is better than nothing but a good safe is best. Get what you can afford.

John Deere says:

uh…you shouldn’t store ammunition in your safe…fire heat will cause detonation and what’s the point of a fire rating if it is burning from the inside

Will Mathieson says:

any UL listed safe is easy prey. Possibly thick steel and heavy but soft steel without enough hard plate to properly protect the lock mech. Browning Medallion safe takes 15 min or so to get into. I know I did mine when the electronic lock failed and safe past warranty period. Welded it up adding hard plate so I can’t get in that way again and put a mechanical S&G comb lock. Electronic locks are cheap, pads fail and internal lock also.

Ishmael Trent Draper says:

bro I have like 10 of the exact guns you have. I like your mindset on your collection!!

Jim Watkins says:

Zumba shit if the door comes off its not a safe

Surplus Firearm says:

Waste. Bad buy. The external hinges is a good indicator.

John Deere says:

I wouldn’t try and go through the door…I would use a side grinder or a die grinder and go in from the side…that safe is to keep a kid out or the guy that sneaks in to tap your wife…

Robert says:

Immediately I did not like the safe because the space between the door and the frame is to wide. Makes it easier to pry open.

fosho 5.0 says:

thats what you buy when you are super duper desperate and broke(better that than nothing at all i guess.same quality as a sentry but slightly better,just save your pennys and get a quality safe and then you can feel safe,no pun intended lol.

John Kennedy says:

What gauge is the steel?

djalkaline1 says:

Sounds like a decent deal for the money my only suggestion would be to get the ammunition out of that safe given enough ammo in a confined space in a fire physics dictate you just turned your gun safe into a huge pipe bomb

Nicodemus says:

thumb down for ammo stored in the safe. RIP fire fighters.

heavymentalkings says:

Nice little cache of guns and ammo. I too store my guns and ammo in safes but it just takes sooo much room. I’ll either hv to buy one more or just turn a closet into a gun vault.

Kyle M says:

did you tip

ThunderWindz says:

wtf is wrong with you americans… having weapons to feed a whole army… wtf! wonder why so many shot each other over there

Dr Oetker says:

You should have bought a used TL-15 and or a TL-30 bank safe and then convert it in to a gun safe

Reddy Kilowatt says:

Amazing number of idiot comments! Thanks for making the video, I have been looking at one of these. You can run power inside, they claim it is pre-drilled for a dehumidifier.

Will Mathieson says:

cordless sawsall opens your safe like a sardine can. These are only good safes for keeping kids out and the honest.
Remember it is usually someone who has seen your safe previously that attempts a break in.

Juan Acosta says:

they sell smaller than that?

BOSS 350z says:

the side body of those import safes(read: Rhino manufacturers this safe in china) is literally 12gauge steel… a dremel and a cutting wheel can make quick work of it… also the door may look “thick” but it only has 1/8th inch of steel the rest is a composite material… you would be much better off with a quarter inch of actual metal safe like a fort knocks or the higher grade brownings… yes, they cost more; but these are a complete waste of money… sorry chief…

LR Hall says:

You had to save up to buy that hunk of crap?

Ramus Sumar says:

Waste of money.

OutdoorsUnlimited 101 says:

I’d get one but I only have used guns and just 1 gun that I got new

Revernd Idaho Spud says:

Costco has safes lined up in our local store. 3 sizes and about 20 safes altogether. They are not returns.

Weapons Education says:

Chinese steel junk. They are not real steel. Period.

Arthur Tucker says:

Never store ammo in the safe. If there is a fire the heat will eventually set the ammo off and destroy safe.

khem1230 says:

Electronic entry is nice, but can and will fail by corrosion or other means–just google and read the reviews. Lifetime warranty by the manufacturer–until the manufacturer goes out of business or the unit is a discontinued model? What happens in 10 or 15 years down the road? Today’s gun safes are made by smart engineers that don’t think like unforgiving burglars. When burglars broke into my car–they weren’t forgiving and neither will they be when they break into your house or attempt to crack your safe. The electronic keypad entry (brains) is connected to the functional safe (body) by a small wire–burglars can pull this wire and you have an expensive and nice 800-1,000 lb garage/room decor–especially if the wire is disconnected inside the safe. Cost to you? A $350 locksmith bill. Burglars can’t get access in and neither can you or the manufacturer. Engineers must come up with a second entry access. Until then, don’t buy electronic entry locks that can and will fail. Buy a traditional dial combination with key lock safe.

Hank says:

This is a great safe for the price. No thief is getting in this without some preparation.

seattwa says:

I’ve heard that these Chinese made safes are lined with materials that contain formaldehyde, a very corrosive chemical to metal … guns.

CB1942EO says:

if your gonna drop money on a safe. be sure the company will replace it for free if damaged by attempted burglary. or theft of contents.

Luis Cardona says:

Soo much BS comments on here. LOOK at a REAL world review from a person that bought one form Costco and actually had an attacker attack one:

This Bighorn safe saved my vauables
My property was broken into while I was on an extended trip. Upon my return I found all of my power tools and air tools used for auto restoration had been stolen. The house had been ransacked and many other items stolen. The only bright spot had been the resilience of my Big Horn Classic safe which was not breeched after a week of attacks. The safe was bolted to concrete so it couldn’t be laid down. It was attacked with many of my own automotive tools. The lower hinge had been cut off with my power cutting tool, the upper hinge was slammed with my sledge hammer and the skin was broken behind it and peeled back and the door was pried in multiple spots but it held intact…..obviously they didn’t know how the locking bars hold the door to the frame. My compliments to the Rhino/Bighorn service desk, in the person of Cheyenne, who was extremely helpful in walking me thru the reporting requirements for their warranty and within days they had a new safe on the way to me. THANK YOU so much for the quick and friendly support and service which was excellent!!

Kevin Keener says:

you do know that Costco is antigun?

Rick H says:

Hi, How wide is the gaap between the door and the side of the safe?Thanks,Rick

Leveraction3030 says:

Liberty Safes. American Made and they are the BEST! I own three of them. The first one I bought was in my basement. They broke in the house and tried but never were able to move it. Anchored in cement floor. Tried to pry and rill with zero success.
That is why my next two were also Liberty Safes.

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