GUN SAFE REVIEW // Mini Fridge For Your Gat!?

In this Gun Safe Review, we’re looking at a Mini Fridge for Your Guns. The Vaultek PRO MXI Gun Safe is not like any other Gun Safe that you’ve seen.

The Vaultek PRO MXi is a Biometric Gun Safe Designed for pistols and Hanguns.

But this Gun Safe is very different from the Rest.

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Simon Kovacs says:

Hey hot rod, nice little pistol safe. I’m a one pistol dude (Gen 5 Glock 19). So it would be kool to have, but not necessarily needed. The 19 is on me most of the time, untill i go to sleep then it’s in the night stand. Just me living here, I’m 60 and have no children.

PeteDaBomb says:

I love their products! I got the vt20i.

Tony Wallick says:

They need to make a rifle safe!!!! I’d buy the hell out of that.

Evil Fluff says:

Can you bolt to the floor or something that can’t move and is the electrical circuit protect from stuff like usb killers. Like someone cooks the circuits on the out side will the alarm and key pad still work? Or will the safe lock up or unlock for good? Or do you just have no usb power input. I hope it’s kills just the usb or it resets and not wipe the memory. And can a powerful magnetic bypass all of the technology I seen it happen before with some tech safe but not mechanical safes.

Jason Ford says:

That’s a really nice safe for keeping the kids or anyone else in your home away from your handguns. I paid $200 for a Bio safe I really like but it only holds like two guns however that price for the extra shelf and mag holder is to high.

Michael Shaw says:

Funny how that tripod cannot frame in the safe but every other shooting/range video has your Honda SI in the background. lol Keep the reviews coming!

hector cuevas says:

Holy shit bro, you’re editing has gotten whole lot better. I really enjoyed this video and definitely be checking out vaultec

mazdaspeedjay says:

I think I need this lol. One use for the key fob might be for someone who doesn’t keep their gun on the night stand but has a closet in the bedroom near the bed. Hear something at night you can grab the key fob push the button and by the time you open the closet door the safes already open. Just a thought

weedXD38 says:

High Tec. Awesome!!! 🙂

Paul Colburn says:

My thumbs down is because i think the product is junk.

Its good for keeping guns safe from kids.

But honestly… break into a house fill the kitchen sink full of water and throw that safe in and see how much noise it makes upside down underwater.

Id have it open with a circular saw in 30 seconds.

Eugene Ray says:

Your editing is bananas

Carroll Ault says:

My weekend is nice and sunny only one question Can you lag bolt it to the floor?.

J Jennings says:

Neat, but seems like a solution looking for a problem.

Bishop M says:

Can it be bolted down?

Sam Smith says:

Does Big Daddy Unlimited have discount coupons?

Sergio Rodriguez says:

Man you have been cranking these videos out! I’m from the Phoenix area too and I just want to say that I appreciate all the hard work you put into these videos and that I love how much your channel has grown. It shows that other people notice your hard work too. Love from Glendale!

Tony Wallick says:

I think 499 is very reasonable

Dominic Castaneda says:

This is a super nice safe that’s definitely going to be my next purchase! Nice review! I guess one “con” that you can say, which is something I noticed from the video, is that when the door unlocks it doesn’t drop down automatically and then hits a “stopper” to slow it down before it’s fully open so it doesn’t slam (like DeanSafe). It seems like when you unlock the safe, you have to push the door down to open. I know it’s not a huge “con” but hey it might be to someone. Just something I noticed/my 2 cents but definitely doesn’t effect my decision on this being my new safe lol

Flynn’s Garage says:

It’s real nice but the price I feel is just to high if it came with all the goodies maybe it would be worth it

jimfel76 says:

Can the app open the safe when you’re away or is it a bluetooth connection? If the safe is at home, can I open it from work to give someone access in an emergency?

Lowtan18 says:

Their shit is so overpriced.

Rich Croce says:

Would be nice if it came with lag bolts and holes to be able to bolt into a wall in a closet.

Flynn’s Garage says:

Love the video

Robert Artigue says:

TT I really need your help… I want my M&p 2.0 to have the flush fit comp like yours, what is the total length of you barrel you used? I know you have the apex 4.25” but what is total length? The M&p 2.0 factory threaded version has like a 4.6” barrel, will that have a gap if I pick that one? Just don’t want to waste money when you can test for me, thanks love you haha

TEZSH says:

Very Jason borne looking, pretty straight good idea for sure, people need to keep their kids outta their guns

AsprTX says:

That thing is damn expensive! I’m only worried about keeping my kid out of my guns too. I live way in the sticks. If someone robs me they will know what they are looking for. A handgun lockbox on the nightstand and a gun cabinet is good enough for me. If my house burns down or someone robs me and i loose my guns, i have homeowners insurance and after all they are just guns. I can buy and build more. The electronic safes turn me off, not guaranteed to work when needed.

Struggle_Russ says:

I’ve been looking for a safe to put my growing EDC pistol collection into that isn’t a big damn wall safe or one of those 1000lb standing safes. I’m not into full size rifles yet, but I do have an Extar EP9 but I have storage for that taken care of already.
Aside from that, I was a bit of a “gear queer” in the military; I like having things. If those things are complicated with features, I’m gonna want it.
My wallet says -thank you- through gritted teeth lol.

Tactical Toolbox says:

Happy Saturday Guys! How’s your weekend going?

Brion Smalling says:

I dont know if i can trust vaultec after everything they did after the bombs fell in 2077.

James Ladnier says:

Early again!!

U.S. Government says:

Oh sheeit! I want one!

Rick Kerans says:

Possibly set it up for fingerprint and fob to open. Don’t know if it has that feature but it might.

Nick Kaz says:

Very cool video! It may be overkill but it’d be nice if it had a Low Jack tracking feature too. Thanks for sharing.

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