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Professional insight on what to look for when buying a Gun Safe. Watch and learn before purchasing your next Gun Safe.

Made by The Safe Keeper in Las Vegas


firebirdude2 says:

Safe on the right? $1000. Safe on the left? $10,000.

socomredbull says:

What do you think about Brown safes ? the mode #l 6024 TL 30 grade protection level?

Webmaster Caribou says:

nice job, remember a good alarm system reduces the time anyone can work to get into your safe. That should be part of your strategy.

Richard Marte says:

This video was great. All the way to the part where he was bending the door bolts with the pray bars. Anyone notice the longer length of the one on the right vs the left? Done on purpose. Way less leverage on the supposedly better safe….ummm

Keltingr says:

that junk safe is a Liberty Fatboy Jr

rick shaw says:

WOW! Just learned a ton, thanks!

Michael R says:

the cheap safes are hard enough to move. who do you call and what is the ball park cost to have a heavy duty safe moved say you sell your house

Bentley says:

Nothing an angle grinder can’t get in to in about 15 minutes cutting the sides open

MrTom2058 says:

Good info. It will help me make a better purchase next time.

randyrescue says:

Very Informative, Thank you!

dvstiger says:

Good job….

Jac Ryc says:

Deffo a safe salesman Ill buy one

Chas Wolf says:

Very informative about the door and door systems. But there are videos out showing how easy it is to use a grinder to open the side or back – away from that great strong door – and get into the safe in minutes.

Zate6 says:

Do they make safes with all the good things he is talking about and safes with very thick sides to prevent cutting (with a normal saw not like an 18in Wheel)

warrior4life2039 says:

which safe is that on the right???

andrew nastase says:

But the could cut the sides fuck the door

jazhielcit2 says:

how the hell did i get from bull running in Pamplona to this?

Jorge Bustamante says:

Buy the safe that you can afford, install a security system in your home ($30-$50 a month) If they get in then they have all the advantages in the world. Not everybody can afford 5-6K for a gun safe , but most can swing a simple but effective security system and a cheapie safe.

BelligerentTruth says:

Thumbnail at 2:04

trevor pietruszka says:

i made my own safe out of 6 inch thick stee walls and 4 inch stainless stell pins and 6 locks and a keycode on every drawer

tannon yurhide says:

Than You.

Ted Mikolaski says:

You did a great job. Keep up the good work.

Keelan Miles says:

All of this only matters IF it is a pry attack. Most home in America have power tools and criminals can use said tools to cut the side or top off of these Residential Security Containers. They are not safes. The side on my Liberty is 14 Gauge Steel, and I am confident with my power tools I can be inside in 10 minutes without dealing with the door. The only way you are going to make it a safe is to enclose these beasts in concrete. Additionally that is the only way you are going to make use of the Pry Resistant door. Good video though.

Carlos nVegas says:

Good examples of what to look for. Gotta purchase the most you can afford! Surprised no one picked up on his three points, at 2:30, while holding up four fingers. Great vid!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee says:

simple put a electric fence system on the safe, try to touch and open the safe for 5 seconds with 10,000 volts hitting you. job done

De Chan says:

You are focusing on the door. The door being the strongest part. What about the back of the top where anyone with a grinder can be in it inside of a 1/2 hour.

Cody Moncrief says:

the best safes have a layer of ball bearing cement in betwixt the steel plates


plasma cutter, angle grinder, 5 inch cutting wheel… any of those can cut the entire of a safe off in 5 minutes. in a home invasion it wont happen. but if your out for the night/day on vacation or work, they WILL get in any safe. Ask me how i know. fortunately, they didnt find the gun safe to begin with, but they did find my other big safe with documents. safes are a few hundred years old technology in a world with power tools. dont be fooled. they are only to keep kids and the occasional crackhead out. not the true thief

IsiahR says:

nice chin up

Ricardo Rodarte says:

What brand and model is the safe on the left? the most robust?

tom reta says:

This video was awesome, great job.

ricky hawkins says:

the idea is to buy a good safe and have a security system. Cops will be there in about 10 minutes trust me i know ive set the one off at my parents house a couple times. The shitt they use at banks isnt even impenetrable

Tactical Drifter says:

What are the two safes?

Modern Leveller says:

When it comes to protecting your valuables, you have to weigh up the replacement costs of everything that your choice of safe will protect, then decide if it’s up to the job of protecting your prized valuables.

TIP: If you’re thinking of buying a budget safe this month, save for a month or so and then purchase a stronger more resilient safe. One day….. You’ll be glad you did!

DownGaming says:

I just hide my gun safe underneath my house. works for me. i asked my wife to try to look for it and she spent a couple of hours and still couldn’t find it. works for me.

Steve Kim says:

Even if you bought a safe like that on the right, if you bolt it down properly in a corner of a room with the door opening away from an adjacent wall, it will make prying attacks extremely difficult for thieves.

Derrek Drummond says:

Excellent Video Thanks so much! extremely informative!!!

tasmedic says:

These days, crooks come armed with a cordless grinder and go in through the sides. So sidewall thickness is now a very important consideration. Doors were more important before the lithium ion battery came to power tools.

TantoFan says:

You should talk about door vs box construction. It’s my understanding that many modern gun safes have a HEAVY door and the box is like a soda can.

Smeado says:

Well crap… my safe sucks.

Tracy Williams says:

Can anybody tell what brand the safes are?

AKBuilder762 says:

They could incorporate a steal frame in the safe to prevent prying.
Also hide your safe and mount it in such a way that makes moving it impossible.

Erin Pharr says:


Anon Gloria says:

Sweet old man just trying to make the world a better place

James Shaw says:

Thank you for a very informative vid! I am currently shopping for a safe and this was very helpful.

grr ummmpee says:

attacking the door of a safe is pretty dumb unless it’s the only available part. doors are the strongest parts of the safe. the sides are much weaker.

Philip Guerra says:

great video but in all honesty the gun safe is to keep the kids out. the only real difference is how much time the person needs to break into it. I always figure if someone’s going to rob you, a lock isn’t going to stop them

Site 86 says:

anyone know the safe on the left

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