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Luz Mery Grisales says:

Mine is an old model S3460 and the combination isn’t working, I have the key. Can you help me please? Thanks.

KnightShift says:

why does it feel like I’m watching an episode of The Price is right

Joe R says:

Please review century safe survivor.

Lou Chambers says:

May I have prices for the safes?

Dex Wolfe says:

No good safe has outside hinges…wth

hoontolo says:

thanks I’ve been looking to get a good quality safe for some time now, this vid really narrows down the search for me – subscribed

potgrow 420 says:

Review tube you must get payment for your Review because these safes are cheap as well you know

Dennis Adkins says:

You can take a skill saw and cut them safes right in half I couldn’t believe it

happy single says:

Check our Mr. Locksmith in Canada, he opens the first safe in 5 seconds with a magnet !!!

John Gayle says:

none of these are safes there cheap junk that can be broken into easy ya have to spend good money for a real safe

Billy Peterson says:

None of them are. You can cut through all of them using a 6 dollar portable circular saw. However, keeping it away from household members and stupid people looking for quick goods, all of them will do. Unless you’re hiding something household members are, say… addicted to, no safe is… Safe.

frank 1040 says:

So basically cannon safes are junk?

Frank S says:

BTW, I really like the Graffunder

Robin Hood says:

thanks for the help in my search, great guide

Russell Weber III says:

That video is real interesting.

Dan James says:

These are the best rated safes available from Amazon. Made in the USA FireKing safes should be on the list but they’re not available directly from Amazon.

joe shmo says:

Awesome video and true to the point!

GameBoy Freak says:

i put the keys to the safe in the safe so no one steals the keys lol

cdenyb says:

OMG, I was almost ready to buy a Liberty (about $4K) high end which would’ve been fine I guess, but now with this kind of info and knowledge I’m thinking twice about choosing a vendor. Thank you for your info and I will be in touch.

garlicdawg says:

does anyone know a low end price small fireproof safe…?

gemini232003 says:

Excellent video.

AJ says:

Lol sentrysafe can be opened with a magnet why would I trust this at all? Look it up on YouTube

carl weezer says:

Anyone know much about the 2nd one first alert? I’m digging that weight 145lb

Raurke Goose says:

Don’t buy chinese crap

Review Tube says:

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✅Fireproof Document Bag:

Scott Luczak says:

Geez… I Learned a lot (and I have a safe)

Kim Thurston says:

I am currently in the market for a multi gun safe, I have to admit I learned a lot of stuff I needed to know, good info.

Princess B says:

Um the first safe can actually be open with a magnet. There’s a video on YouTube showing you how it can be opened

Juan Belloso says:

Thank u for your education

Google Sucks says:

My dad has had the same safe for 35 years … it’s just a steel box with no fire proof rating … lol … you guys take this shit way to far… civies

potgrow 420 says:

B rate safes are better

FIUPanther305 says:

Awesome video, thanks for the info!

Asher Ouazanan says:

These safes are terrible and can be easily opened. Do your homework

Cory Hobbs says:

This video answered so many questions. thank you!!

Water Walker says:

Good job. Interesting and informative. Thanks.

Frank S says:

I always look at the weight of the safe listed in the specs. Go for the heaviest one you can find within the size range you’re looking for—provided it isn’t filled with concrete.

chris wirth says:

Fort Knox? Where our money has never been safe.

Mickey Winstead says:

are they bullet proof

Pete Shaw says:

Good information. Thank you.


Do you offer a layaway plan?

bitemeniner says:

why i buy a cheaper safe……i make sure that my guns…as well as my coin collection are 100% insured….i put inside all duplicate important paperwork….i can put in my safe 20,000-30000 thousand dollars and could care less if it gets stolen or in a fire….HAVE THE BEST INSURANCE YOU CAN AFFORD….my policies annually cost 85.00….my safe is a BROWNING PRIMAL 43 GUN SAFE for 1045.00 on sale…….now take the cost of your policy of 85.00 x 10 years is 850.00………so now you take the safe cost plus the 850.00 you end up with $1895.00 over 10 years which is still a grand cheaper than the fort knox……..i say with the insurance i have if someone wants it let the have it…..i’m covered

Ray Brann says:

Very informative , & if I ever replace my current firearms/valuables safe , I’ll defiantly apply what I’ve learned here .

bronxhouse00 says:

Excellent video!

ezaco28 says:

Nice work

Mike Dandurand says:

Incredibly educational!

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