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talina yo says:

my AR-15 cost 2 Grand . I need a 11k safe

mike wisowski says:

would duplex be a good material to use.

Jeff Corbin says:

Wow….so much information to take in and this is above my paygrade but still good to know. Thanks for the education.

Ronald Campos says:

I just looked on rhino safes site. They don’t have one for $999. Cheapest is like $1129 and that’s only 30 inches height then $1629 60inches height. Do they still make one for $999 or that’s just a deal from you guys and your vendors? Because I’m moving to Florida Gulfport, Clearwater area in about two three weeks and need a gun safe… I’m not rich by any means…looking for something best on a budget I wish I could afford 2k+ but I’m around $800-1kInfo pleaseThank you

William Reeder says:

great video

pistolpete1911a1 says:

So refreshing to experience an honest person, who actually gives a damn about his fellow man.

Elhefay says:

I feel like a douche as I bought the way wrong safe…….

wakeupandsmellthecoffee says:

i guess a layer of copper would eat the heat better plus a build in on the copper a peltier to keep the safe cold

Cody O says:

It’s not only the thickness of the door.. How thick is the steel on the top/sides/back. You can just cut open the side

jfdomega says:

this was fascinating’ and I’m not even in the market for a safe!

Final Flash says:

Dealt with Curt to buy a Fort Knox. I am still dealing with issues with them. They are pretty shady. Worst experience ever. Going to
post a video shortly giving a break down. Very disappointed.

Randy Porter says:

There are some amazing videos here on YT showing just how easy it is to break into these safes. Even the Fort Knox are vulnerable. The problem is not the doors, but rather the sides. That’s the weak spot on all safes, until you get into a $5000.00 and above price point. Most of us just can’t afford that. I have several large safes that were less than $2000.00 each. Again, weak, thin sides. So, I made the sides very difficult to access, as well as bolting them down with 12″ grade 8, 1/2″steel bolts and nuts THROUGH the floor and joists. Lag bolts screwed into plywood floor will rip right up. Wish I could afford the really expensive, secure safes, but I can’t. So look for ways to better protect what you can afford. Block in, use corners, use walls, but protect the side of your safe. Then, HIDE it from view. Watch the videos, you’ll see what I mean. Just my thoughts and humble opinion.

mss burr says:

I would like to have aware with rear cable intruder option.s that I cnlock my DVR for my security cameras, and ups battery backup. Just Incase the robber cut the power at the outside at the pole to stop the video recording. Or maybe just think he will be able to steal the DVR. Most robbers are snatch and run I imagine.
I live in a double wide manufactured home in a rural area on 5 acers… I am a female and found when I called 911 it took them 20 mins to respond. I had strangers in a car outside my home around 3am.
I don’t have children so a sleep with my 380 simi-auto. I finally thought to set my car alarm off. I heard the car doors slamming close and I watched them drive down the driveway. I installed cameras and a alarm system myself the next weekend. I am about to buy a 12 gauge, and Ruger 22. But wanted to know a decent budget safe. I am unemployed and looking. So I don’t have thousands to spend on a safe.
So any good advice would be appreciated.

RB Brown says:

Think about it. Criminals can break into real safes. How long do you think it would take a criminal to break into a gun safe that costs a couple thousand dollars. They can peal them back in just a few minutes.

HappyPel says:

The sales man sounds like a twat

Rubicon 10A says:

Amazing Review., Very much appreciated.

Jason Coufal says:

Whats the name of this safe company you own?

Vic Nago says:

Wow! Excellent video, very informative. Thank you so much, learned a lot.

Esᴘɪᴏɴᴀɢᴇ Uɴɪᴛᴇᴅ says:


Jay Cooksey says:

just weld thick steel together in box that will work ,build a skin

tbirdsteve1 says:

Great video, very informative, thanks for sharing,

myantispambox says:

Fort Knox’s web site for pistol & shotgun boxes is broken. Not very impressive. Hope they do a better job at making safes than they do running a web site.

Chris Nena says:

Great vid.

Will Mathieson says:

use an S&G 8500 series lock or comparable electronic lock. Hardened steel walls and door with hard plate protecting all locking components. Having 30 chrome bolts means little. Commercial graded safes much better against physical attack. Relockers a must.

dartor100 says:

Great video, thank you.

Fleetleader101 says:

THANK YOU FOR THIS INFO! 😀 My wife and I are new to guns so this info is gonna help me keep my kids safe and my stuff safe. Thanks again.

Matthew Siano says:

I have an idea. Instead of using steel, use titanium. It is lighter, equally as tough, and is more resistant to heat. They use titanium in airplanes and space ships, as well as ships and submarines. I don’t know if it’s more expensive, though.

michael stradley says:

What about water,,,there are places in the South that floods!

Surplus Firearm says:

Keep in mind that many, if not all the safes shown in this video, are digital combos. If an emp strikes, or just a short in the circuit happens, you are SOL in getting in your safe. I have a Champion safe, love it, but it doesn’t have a back-up key option if the digital combo goes bad. Looking back I wish I’d bought a rotary dial safe.

594bolt says:

Man, if I only had some crap to put in a safe. I got nothin’.

Rodney Clements says:

Excellent information. Thanks for posting.

James Bond says:

I don’t own any guns or have need for a safe but I watched this …

Erik Peiluck says:

Thank You!!!!! LOVE

nurul soheil says:

talking about kids safety at home ….no trust on foreign products. …and so on! all about is his salesman comparative techniques !!! so fluent in talking feels like cool and smooth ! beyond every thing obviously he is the professor at his subject !

Drummergirl 9 says:

What is the skinny on Liberty safes if it’s okay to ask?

M9A1 MAN says:

Thoughts on the Fort Knox M2 safe? Want to buy the 6637 model.

Jet Levi says:

Great info guys.

Tim Ka says:

cool video, thanks!

Thetechgenius says:

I would love a big Gun Safe like that, but they are just so expensive.

Richard Post says:

Its Mr Blond from reservoir dogs, this is where he has been.

Sarcastamus Raconteur says:

if you are buying a safe for the first time this is definitely your go to video…

warwagon says:

Very informative, great video

Dom sugar says:

I need to get one but I can’t afford a expensive one like this

Arkangelsk Lucifer says:

third time seeing this video and concealed carry “mistakes”. I decided subscribed to your channel. Hope to see rest of your videos.

ilg2012 says:

great video. thanks.

Norman Graham says:

the neighbors gun safe, was thrown out of a second floor window. I guess someone stopped them, they left the safe in the yard.

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