What gun safe manufactures don’t want you to know about the vulnerability and false fire ratings of traditional safes. Common sense protection for your arsenal. A well armed society is the only defense against governments bent on tyranny.

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Hung T says:

Having guns seem cool. However, knowing that crazies in my country don’t have easy access to guns is even cooler.

Jerry Bowling says:

Good thoughts

adam briar says:

That’s why you also need a “good” home security system to go along with the safe.

Makaveli ThaDon says:

i keep thinking this guy is canadian… lol

Robert Briggs says:

With modern technology no affordable safe is resistant to a thief with 15 minutes of time. If you have the money to get a safe that would withstand any longer, chances are your entire mansion is already a damn compound.

darthspeaks says:

A gun safe that LOOKS like something else is the most secure safe of them all.

Michael Rayburn says:

I understand your point, but I had a cousin who went this route and someone just took a dolly and rolled his whole safe out the front door. Thieves will find a way to get into anything if they really want to but most thieves aren’t really that smart or willing to spend time cutting a safe. If they were willing to spend the effort, they would be out working and not stealing.

GunsNpolitics says:

Most people can’t afford those ridiculous gun safes. Like you said they’re too heavy and they can easily be broken into. I have access to Kevlar for pretty cheap and have lined the walls of a cheap safe with 1/2 aluminum and Kevlar. That’s hard to cut or grind through. Aluminum plugs up grinding disks and can cause them to shatter. Then the Kevlar is super hard to cut though. Brand new shears that are super sharp will be dull as hell after cutting 1 layer of Kevlar just a foot or two. I get these materials for next to nothing. Might be expensive if you had to buy them, I dont’ know.

Mike S says:

You think that your world view is the world, ” because everyone has safes.” That is far from the truth. Most gun owners do not have safes. I wish that they did but it just isn’t the truth.

Cody Steinbach says:

the thing is them they are not going to break into them small gun safes like that they are just going to pick it up and take the thing

A. Grayman says:

Burglars have a finite amount of time to get in and get away before police response from an alarm. Couple that with the now widespread use of active video where a burglary in progress is getting reported on live and the time issue becomes paramount. There’s a tremendous difference in LEO response to an in progress event with accompanying descriptions. If your firearms are of any value you will have both systems in place as they are just plain cheap when compared to your safes contents. Safe’s are also UL listed for fire protection, they work as advertised and tested. I’ve seen a lot of safes damaged though prying attacks and some just damaged out of a thieves anger (dials knocked off) but zero defeated for contents. I have seen some light or none anchored ones like a cheap security cabinet simply removed entirely to be opened at the thieves leisure off sight. A heavy and thus decent thickness UL listed safe accompanied by a monitored alarm and a live home video system (like a Nest for instance is by far your best defense. A 14ga box is not a “safe” it’s a bathroom cabinet….

Justin Kase says:

You are overgeneralizing when it comes to safes and you make is seem like a heavy safe is simply not a good idea. Not all heavy safes are the same and it is true that safes lined with drywall are next to useless in a fire, almost all GUN safes fall into this category. Gun safes ARE a scam but other heavy commercial safes are not, basically. If someone really cares about their guns they should look for a USED commercial non-gun cabinet with a REAL fire rating (not a factory rating). I purchased a used safe that has 2 layers of THICK gauge steel with a concrete type material poured between the layers. My safe has a legitimate UL Class-350 Fire Rating and is HUGE (almost 18 cu. ft.) with a quality Sargent & Greenleaf mechanical combination lock. You paid $600 for your 100lb “security cabinet” and I payed $700 for my 1000lb fire rated safe, I bought it used from a jewelry wholesaler. I moved it with 2 other guys and a couple $10 dollies from Harbor Freight. The door separates from the safe cutting the weight approximately in half so you only move 500lbs at a time. I have about $50k worth of guns but even if I had less I think this safe @ $700 was one of the best gun related purchases I have made. This is a long comment but I urge people to buy a real safe unless they move a lot.

alfred derpro says:

wth is Wrong with the Americans the “kids” guns ….

AKBuilder762 says:

Don’t put your gun safe out in the open.
Put it in a closet so the sides are blocked and replace your wooden closet door with a metal door and reinforce hinges and locks with metal.
Dont advertise that you have a safe.
Safe = expensive stuff and that’s what thieves want.

Marshall Smith™ says:

I know obviously people want the easy and affordable route but I am of the mindset that the only safe or storage area that can not be defeated is the one than can not be found. I have a custom built safe in my home that I can access very quickly and in the event of fire I can render it completely safe and yet a thief would have to not only break into my house but would need to torture me in order for me to reveal the location even though I am only a few feet away from it in 4 of the 6 rooms of the house.

kscop6651 says:

If the secureit safes are half the weight, they should be half the cost to make and half the expense. Instead they are as much if not more than a traditional safe. If they were less expensive I would look into buying one.

alwaysopen says:

Every 6-7 years? I have lived here 30 years.

Border Reiver says:

ok having a gun safe but why two down the side of it…..

Jake Lewis says:

If I can’t carry it then neither can a thief.

Wilfred Wiggen says:

i dont get why all american “need guns” in Norway, its basically illegal to own weapons except for hunting rifles and sportsrifles (biathlon)

pawpawtx says:

So manufacturer offered you a free safe ….


What’s the point of having guns if you have to keep them in a safe?

Matt Kaplan says:

What about 9:08 guns outside of the safe

snydernick 16 says:

I believe that it doesn’t matter how big or strong the safe is. anyone with time can get into a safe. I have always though hidden safes were great because if they can’t find your safe they can’t get into it

Don ald says:

Big gun safes are good, if you have a lot of stuff you need to put in it.

Ihate Allofyou says:

I know this video is old and I haven’t finished it but this is just ridiculous. I own a Fort Knox say that’s so large you cannot knock it over. It’s so thick it would take you forever to drill through it. It’s surrounded on 3 sides so nobody is even getting so a side without a door. I also have a cheap gun cabinet and there’s no comparison

Isaiah Patten says:

theres a story about a liberty safe that survived a huge house fire

Matt Kaplan says:

Is that light coming through the back at 12:11 just under the magazine

Joe Mama says:

I usually like your videos but I always hate your commercials such as this one.

Per-Ola Widegren says:

You are a very wise man Mr!
Thanks for sharing!

Jeremy Berkebile says:

but he gets paid if you buy through his link, he should disclose that

Daniel James says:

I only want a good one god forbit someone guesses the code to my basement door like a family member or something if a thief wants to break into my home to steal 4g worth of guns let em I just hope they know my neighbors will bring out the ARs the second they see someone go in my house that’s not me they are all crazy

Michael Pharr says:

i get what you are getting at but a lot of us want a safe that will be able to withstand a fire and be impossible for a bad guy to get into. Sure its big and cost upwards of a thousand or more but to me i think its worth it. to lose a family gun because i wanted it easy would horrible. Im not going to argue this, just my opinion, move on plez

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