Gunvault GV2000C-DLX Quick Access Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe Review

I’ve had the Gunvault multi vault safe for about 6 months and have been using it with AC and battery power and I go over the features of the safe, what I think of it overall, and how it can be used in a layered security system.

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57koop says:

Mike, I’ve been thinking about getting a gun safe like this. I just bought a Glock 19 for my bed stand nighttime protection. I really do need help though in selecting a light for the Glock 19 I’ve watched so many videos all I do is get more and more confused! I really respect your opinion !concealment is not my biggest concern, although I do want IWB Kydex holster to fit whatever Light I purchase. Please help! I want to spend no more than $150-$175

Derek Checketts says:

Had two different models from this brand it’s been amazing! I try to change batteries every year never any problems? It’s a kids safe if they can get into It you have different parenting problems.

twstalder says:

I had the same one about 6 or 7 years ago. The wire that opened the door when using the keypad broke on mine after regular use over a couple years. The barrel lock still worked so I was able to open. I just wasn’t impressed with the engineering behind it. I replaced it with one from Fort Knox which uses a mechanical lock (push button) that doesn’t require batteries or power.

Joel Ohms says:

Seems solid,nice review.

TheBoosteddub says:

Cool. How does it compare to the Liberty Safes versions?

taylornutt says:

The center dividing shelf can be a bit flimsy and not lock in firmly. The fix for that is putting black electrical tape on the edges until it locks in tight.

Stephen Miller says:

I personally believe you need a glock 19x, way easier too see in a safe. Imo

one EvilSkill says:

Great review like always. Not video related but what watch are you wearing?

kyle50calkg says:

Its the greatest for keeping those little criminals that live with me away from them.

J762Texan says:

Thanks for reviewing products like this, never was a issue until had a kid and have nieces and nephews over unexpectedly. Awesome review!

Nicholas Baker says:

Thanks a lot for this review. I’ve been really wanting something like this but the reviews on many brands and sizes have been very 50/50. I’ll give this a shot.

TresZeroOcho says:

Mine has worked great for several years. After 2-3 years the foam started coming apart but that has not been important to me.

Sam Montie says:

The dogs didn’t get to take a look at it. No thumbs up for you.

Ken Helmers says:

Thanks for the review!

Daniel Frakes says:

I’ve had mine for four year now it works pretty good.

IAN JIG says:

I have had the biometric model for 6 years now. Never a problem.

jet flap says:

Hello I need help
I am building a ar 15 and I am trying to find a barrel for my Ar but I don’t know where I would find it or who to buy it from. What I am looking for is a 5.56 carbine length heavy profile 16″ 4150 cvm chrome lined barrle. Please tell me where I could find one or give me some options.

M Nester says:

Thanks Brother. Made my decision

Camp Master Noob says:

It’s nice the buttons’ numbers are also in braille. Nobody thinks about blind shooters.

Bryce Christensen says:

I’ve had one of these for >5 yrs and it’s run flawless. Great product. Great review Mr GnG!

Justin Miller says:

Cool new music

viperstarbuck says:

Love mine. Enough room for two personal handguns up top, and the Counties gun and taser on the bottom.
However the cheesy foam won’t stay glued. Gonna get some double sided tape and it should fix it.

thisiserk says:

i’ve had this safe for about 9 months and i’ve never had any problems with it. it always opens, as long as i hit the buttons right! i’d say i open it up around 3-4 times a week.

i keep a HK USP45 full size with the tlr-3 weapon light on the top shelf, and a 6″ S&W 686+ on the lower shelf. i could definitely fit another pistol on each shelf for a comfortable capacity of 4 handguns. i just can’t afford the handguns right now lol

Classified Information says:

Does it take Glock magazine jokes?

FarWalker says:

What do the dogs have to say? How many bones do they give it? I don’t trust biometric safes either. I have several mechanical pistol safes throughout the house. I’m not so worried about thieves as I am about little fingers. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Angelastro says:

Great review

2006Whippet says:

I wonder if you could remove the center shelf and then fit in one of those vertical pistol racks in there. Then you could put 5-6 pistols pistols in it.

241william says:

I have had to periodically oil the latch. Otherwise, it will fail to open.

As far as size…. I keep a G23 as well as a G19 in a Trex Sidecar holster as well as extra mags… so pretty large capacity

Douglas Frazier says:

Thanks for bringing this type review to us!!! The hype in advertising makes it very difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff!!!

David MN says:

I have just the battery version (non deluxe) and I have to replace the battery at least every 2 months… Very annoying… It works, but the battery is obnoxious. Get the powered version!

Grumpy Old Man says:

if you made a video fishing off that patio, I think I might watch it.

Tommy Rad says:

7:51 that shot looks like Batman’s underground garage.

Len M. says:

Try the Pen test on it. Search YouTube if you need to learn how to do it. Use “Bic Pen Cylinder Lock” or something like that, It’s super simple.

USMC Patriot says:

I have had the older version no alarm, no light and no A/C adapter, for about 3yrs. mine takes 8 AA batteries that last about a year maybe a little more. never had a problem with it opening. sits beside my bed with a Ruger p89 dc stainless, a Kahr CW 9 and my Glock19 gen4. I like the upgrades they have done, the 9 volt battery is cool, the light could be useful. I may have to upgrade.

CutTheKnot says:

Mike, I bought an earlier version of this pistol safe about 20 years ago. It’s the same company and outer design yet the battery compartment is different in that mine takes 8 AA batteries. This safe has never failed me, yet I enjoy having the soda machine keys as a backup. BTW, the door opens with authority so be aware of this or your knuckles will be smacked. Great review Mike, as usual. Thanks bro.

APB 28 says:

I got a holster that attaches to the side of your bed for sleep time. I’ve also seen magnets that can hold up to 25lbs that use sticky tape stuff so you can hide a gun near by at night. I just personally don’t like these type of little gun vaults, but they do work well to keep SMALL children away from firearms

Doug Ullery says:

Just bought your last vinyl patch. Time to load em back up.

tedybear915 083 says:

Im just eye balling the P10C… my future purchase… cmon tax refund! great vid thou, I also prefer mechanical dial combo.

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