GunVault SpeedVault SV500 Review

Steve reviews the GunVault SpeedVault SV500 and demonstrates some of its features.


Daniel Ben Israel says:

What happens when A thief breaks in the house and takes the whole safe? Lol

Awww you u tube mad ain't ya says:

Did the screws not mess up the drawers opening or closing??

AP HD says:

How strong is it from trying to open it Incase of burglary

Ron Randquist says:

Question: Would a .357 Revolver with a 6″ barrel fit in this safe?

sprofitt777 says:

I love this safe. Brought mine at Amazon. I like the push button version too.

RaginCajun 77346 says:

The biometric holds over 200 fingerprint options so (a) multiple finger angle, (b) multiple fingers, (c) multiple people

Adam Oldaker says:

Is your password seriously 1234?

Kaleb Ko says:

Thanks! Glad to hear about the silent mode 🙂

Carlos G says:

I’d like too see how fast he could get into one in the dark

YakMan NC says:

Very nice product. I would love to see this product add RFID bracelet swipe too

Shannon Womaje says:

Do not recommend storing any weapon in these for long-term since they are easily defeated…read on (!). Good for overnight storage to keep you kids out, as the reviewer states. All these tubular, barrel or round 7mm-8mm keys are easily opened using a pen barrel! That is how I opened a used one I purchased for $10 that someone locked themselves out. The keylocks are best replaced with a $12 Combi-lock which requires 999 attempts to open (3 dials). Basically, all these pistol vault or lock boxes are accidents waiting to happen…go ahead, try the pen barrel trick. You will open yours in less than ten seconds!

Manuel Silva says:

can you bolt that volt to something more solid cuz bolting it to wood gets me concern

Royce Hagerman says:

problem with the lito batteries. When they die the die right now the rest give you a warning so you can change it out without finding the key to do it. Just my 2 cents worth.

Kevin says:

Steve, I have this one and I love it. Easy to set up. Well it would have been easy but I always over build things. I built a 10GA mounting plate that you cannot get between the safe and the wall to pry it away from the wall. Oh you can get these at Costco, they had it on sale for $99.00 a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the very good video.

Sicilan Mike says:


Jaime Lopez says:

Nice gun safe for quick access. thanks for video.

SgtSullivanXGameTime says:

anyone know if this would be legal to have in a car in California if you have the magazine out of the gun?

handi camper says:


grizz474 says:

I have the same thing. It’s good for keeping little hands away from something they shouldn’t be touching. Keep in mind that anyone with the desire and a medium sized screwdriver can break into it though.

Catholic51 says:

really good review thanks for going through everything…

Mike Van Schendel says:

its america. land with a serious gun problem addiction.

swordsman3000 says:

fantastic review

and i completely with you on “No’ to the fingerprint scan…that might be good for getting into your computer, but for a high stress life or death situation, i want those nice big buttons AND the loud beeps…I want to KNOW that i fully depressed that button

sold me

dethknot117 says:

This thing is so cool, cant wait to get one.

Dean Nunyabis says:

I’d love to have one with a NFC lock.

Scottland Olds Harbert says:

Thanks. I saw another youtuber video that had an issue, and it turned out to be that Lithium batteries do not work well with this unit. (May or may not have caused a failure. The manufacturer told him to NOT use lithium batteries).Just FYI.

Michael Hamilton says:

Oh my god. I’m so glad that you mentioned Amazon! I was stupid for not thinking of that in the first place. But just as a tip for anyone out there- I went straight to the actual website to find the product when I first heard about it and they have it priced at like $230 dollars. Little did I know that you can find one on eBay for as low as $77!!!

Guitarfollower22 says:

Great video, especially about that beep mute button. If I have to access my gun I want to do it as quietly as possible.

Jordan Sne says:

Nice Review!

Mr Guzman says:

I like the silent mode thanks! Im getting this!

poposisa says:

wow, so If you wanted to silently stealthy pull out your weapon to shoot someone infront of you, you would bekilled because of that beeping noise. Useless? Could use they key but

Craig Police says:

excellent video. right now (Jun 2016) at Costco for $80 ($100 less $20 discount)

OSUpd says:

I’ve seen some people have had issues with the latch not releasing (opening) occasionally. Have you ever had any similar issues?

notafraid06 says:

Fuck Amazon

meximan2600 says:

I have the same password on my luggage!

Richbirdhunter 2016 says:

The thing I don’t like is how loud the buttons are, we generally need our gun after an ambush and the beeping just telegraphs our location. My Hornady does the same thing.

Kyle Aramburo says:

Great review thanks!

Michael Hamilton says:

I love this idea in every way except for one thing. I wish that there were an option for the mechanism to work fully mechanically. Something about it being battery operated and electronic just bothers me a little bit. I know that it will warn you if the battery is low and there is even a key if all else fails, but I just think for sheer reliability and ease of use, it would be very useful for it to be fully mechanical. To get an idea of the type of mechanism that I’m talking about, look up the Fort Knox PB1 Original Pistol Safe. If they could somehow implement that into this product I think that it would be 100% solid for what it is.

Chris Ng says:

Does it loose your settings or password if you replace the battery ?

Daniel Taylor says:

Great review. I was looking at this one and the biometric one. After seeing reviews for both I will be getting this one. Good job with the review, I did not know you could disable to beeps.

Max says:

I have this safe. Its great. Not the purpose of my comment. Major thumbs up for using “snake oil” as a reference to all forms of hocus pocus. I use this term almost daily regarding homeopathy, spiritual healing, aura reading, reiki, astrology, etc… more people need to wake up and smell the snake oil.

WD TONY says:

Nice review. Can’t stand that damn noise. Glad it can be turned off.

Another idea I had for an in-wall conceal:

Cut hole in drywall about shoulder level… fasten gun holster to inner stud about 2 feet lower than hole.
Make sure reaching through the hole in the wall that a shorter arm (like a kid’s) cannot reach down and grab the gun.
Screw a fake painting on the wall over hole with only construction paper thin paper – so in case of emergency you can punch through the paper and grab gun.
Can also put a very sturdy metal lock box face-plate at lower gun level to take gun out for any other reason.
Don’t tell kids it’s in the wall!

Faster to get the gun out and kids can’t reach the gun. Emergency happens, just punch through the picture paper and you have your gun.

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