Hidden Gun Safe…James Bond Style

Let’s look at a James Bond Style Hidden Gun Safe…This is the Vaultek SL20I Gun Safe. This Hidden Gun Safe is Designed to be hidden in your home on a bookshelf or in your safe room. It’s also a Smart Safe that has a Biometric Fingerprint reader, Bluetooth enabled app and much more. …But does it live up to the Hype?

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Siphesihle Sithole says:

This would be perfect as a car safe, permanently connect to the car for mounting and electricity.

BM Riding says:

I mean you could have put an empty mag into the gun just for safety during the video…

Andrew Fredenburg says:

Mount it on that cabinet door you still have access to the top and clearance to grab your gun

Toby Bridges says:

It’s a damn joke.

Levi Cross says:

Maybe do a GunBox review. I’ve had one for many years. Still working good. Fast open. Discreet. Kid proof.

Love your page. God bless.

zədañ _ Ə says:

are these real guns ?

Adam Brown says:

Yeah why didn’t they just put the buttons and stuff on the drawer? Makes no sense if you are gonna mount that almost anywhere you are gonna run into similar problems to what he pointed out.

TRcuz 01 says:

would it fit a desert eagle

william Lidgett says:

i think if it was just a plain drawer with foam padding it would have better function

Woody Rosenschein says:

I had a buddy that had a bunch of Glock 19’s hidden all over the house with no mags. He carried the full magazine with him.

cazagar says:

mount it under the desk with the keypad facing out that way the gun is easy to acces once its open

Eric Ross says:

It does mount on to a vesa mount like a tv as well. that way you could mount it in those hard to reach places and then swing it out.

AM-RECON vlog channel says:

Place it at the edge of you desk so the the sliding part that holds the gun stick out past the desk when open

Mason Hughes says:

My uncle has it beside his bed like on the bed frame

justo222 says:

i can see it now….. “wait a minute”… “time out” …. “don’t shoot”…. “i’m havin’ trouble getting my gun outta’ the safe, give me a sec”…. yeah, i don’t think so! as for all the opening possibilities, seems like they could move the buttons/keylock from the top of the safe over to the face that slides open. that way, you have total access to all the opening features and can position the safe for easy gun removal (assuming you have a gun/spare mag system that will fit in the safe without having to use a drift punch). i have an OEM and it came with 21 round mags. from the manufacturer, doubt it will fit.

jonathan, as always great review. thanks for showing all the minuses (and the few pluses). it helps to make an informed decision.

Patrick Star says:

Fallout players will forever be confused

Kien D Luu says:

That Glock is missing some neon underlighting and twin NOS buttons. “Warning! Danger to manifold” ;p

mikerj13 says:

What stands do you use to display you handgun and rifle?

ducktapeuniversity 1 says:

They should make that look just like a router box and put the plug in on it but they go to nothing

jetpipe28 says:

In your most sarcastic voice… “let’s see if I can fit my fully customized rc tactical Glock 45 with fully contoured and customized red dot and flashlight in it, no… Let me see if I can fit my FN Tactical with 200 round mag and compenator, no…. What about my Smith and Wesson pro with rc tac light and fully glow in the dark slide and custom grip hider, no…. let’s see if I can fit my 35 round mag…. No”; Dude, nobody customizes their guns like you. Just put a stock gun with light in there 99% of the people will be happy with it.

Tommy Aventador says:

I think its more used for just locking away your pistol so no kids or anyone not authorised to use it can get to it, rather then be a discrete emergency device that you can get to quickly.

Nickolas Robinson says:

Very cool concept. but what if you own a full size 1911 then hows that going to work for ya?

Thomas Adams says:

Use a normal gun like normal people. Cute guns….

Jeremy Morris says:

You could mount it on a nightstand or in a closet with it opening downwards that solves the issue of no access to all the opening features but you would probably still need to extend it from the wall

Robert Gordon says:

Is this a review of a gun safe or are you just showing everyone your guns?  And how is it that 120 combinations of 5 digits isn’t enough?

samuraiedge214 says:

i’ll put that in the car

ForOnline UseOnly says:

Design issues, size and controls

Mr. Majestic says:

WTF! is this an episode of Pimp My Gun!? Just use a regular unmodded firearm!

David Hernandez says:

So several options for you on your mount you could always mount it slightly lower on your desk considering that u want easy access just put to arms length concealment or not anyone trying to steal something will find it in any of those places you mentioned so just mount it lower to get access. SECONDLY would it be possible to cut into those inserts to make a bit more room to place your modded guns like if its foam might be able to cut some off to fit better.

Blue Line says:

Heck, why dont you try a 50 BMG.

blade5054 says:

I really wish they made something like this for trucks for right below the steering wheel but less obvious…… as for clearance for getting a purchase on the gun can the, looked like a foam insert, gun and spare mag be flipped?

The Sniper says:

What Watch is that

Royal Boy Films says:

Could I use the lower parts off of a Glock 27 to build a Glock 23??

Matt Hilbert says:

I’d hate to be the lawyer for this guy if he ever had to use his carry gun. With all those colors, customizations, and everything else he’s got going on.

Thiap Ngor says:

looks awesome

Shawn Pettit says:

I think it’s a pretty bad ass gun vault, but like you mentioned in the video, with the placement of the keys, buttons, etc…I can’t think of a single place to mount it that’s accessible. As cool as it is, that makes it unusable to me. They certainly need to rethink that.

JG Harts says:

RMR space is needed! Your going to see the baby boomers going that direction and they are going to be your customers cause they can afford it. Room for an extended magazine would be great but probably not a deal breaker. Just a thought!

Joshua Macedo says:

U could put it under ur desk but just turn it

BigRickster says:

How fuckin paranoid are americans? jesus christ lmfao

mikerj13 says:

Would a G17 with a flashlight fit?

Christopher Johnson says:

If I’m paying $300 for the safe it better be able to hold my pistol with RMR. Thank you for doing this review.

brock 34 says:

When are they going to make the bunkers in real life? 🙂

Michael McGowan says:

You have alot of glocks

maniacman2 says:

I mean for the desk you could always just have it open down. That way you can grab the gun straight forward and reach everything easily

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