Hornady Rapid Gun Safe: Unboxing & Review

Chris Cheng unboxes and reviews the Hornady Rapid Gun Safe.

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jordan foster says:

The only thing i ever dislike about these safes is they always run on batteries I would like a more permanent solution with batteries as back up and if that fails a mechanical key opening.

oafaloaf says:

it’s about $100 more bucks but the fort knox pistol safe seems worth it, has some decent gauge steel and a thick door and a mechanical no frills lock. most of these other safes seem pretty flimsy 16 gauge at most on the body.

Ben Johnson says:

great point about indexing the gun. great review.

Brady Huddleston says:

You should do a liberty handgun vault

James WB says:

I don’t trust anyone who uses Gerber knives. Absolute junk

Bryson Wilkinson says:

I’d probabLllly take the top part out don’t like it there

Grendelp30 fan says:

it was interesting to see although it was obvious that your Glock 19 was unloaded and not chambered as the mag was empty and the trigger was rearward but the your Glock 34 the mag was loaded and the trigger was charged. Way to demonstrate gun safety with loaded guns. Typically you confirm and reassure gun safety and show and remind people that you demonstrate with unloaded firearms. Just a suggestion for your next video. Loaded guns belong in your holster or on the firing line.

Sadia Mughal says:

your videos are so bad

Shelley West says:

Unfortunately you can open this safe by going thru the hole in the battery compartment.

All you have to do is take the batteries out…bend a paper clip into an L shape, slip it into the hole in the battery well and wala…Open in about 5 seconds.

Jay Dillon says:

A safe that depends on batteries. Okay. Well I know this type of safe, I have one, they have “workarounds,” for when the batteries go dead. But it still strikes me as a major problem for this type of safe. It just seems like an error.

No Name says:

“Made in China” what I always love to see

renemanjr123 says:

Great review man

Dave Butch says:

What a horrible design. An all around engineering flop.

ScarredWolf1 says:

Just picked one up. Disappointed that the hydraulics are to weak to lift the lid open enough to draw your weapon, used my judge magnum and hk p30L to weak.

Rick Colby says:

With the foam insert installed can you fit a second pistol under?

Jay Dillon says:

I know how to open a cardboard or paperboard carton… I remember doing it before and I use that method, a similar method to how you did it. (Merry Christmas buddy!)

pbanthonyv says:

As long as it can’t be opened with a magnet or a piece of wire like most “safes” can it looks good.

DonnyW says:

Are there holes on the bottom for mounting?

ShatteredCitizn says:

Gotta love the “Made in China” printed on the box. Hornady, say it aint so!!

16 blocks says:

There’s a video on amazon of a guy opening this with a paper clip not a good design I guess it’s OK to keep your gun away from your kids

lifted0422 says:

buy a fort knox pistol box and call it a day

John Smith says:

Way too complicated. The key is the weak point due its easy access. Who going to go around wearing those rubber bracelets? Anyone who gets yours or the credit card has access. Can only accommodate one gun barely. Seems like trouble removing the gun from the foam holder. $153+27 shipping on Amazon.

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