I lost everything in a robbery!!! Now I got a steelwater gun safe to start over

A month ago I found out that I was robbed. I lost my entire coin collection valued over 10 grand and I lost my condor pack, paintball guns, tools, a camera, and so on. It’s sad no matter how private I am about what I have of value I was still robbed. I was actually robbed by a family member that waited until I was gone to take everything I owned.

The safe shipped FREE and was only $1,800.00 it would have been less but I got the digital key pad. I noticed a lot of the safes the same size where a lot lighter in weight. That told me they made the safes with less steel. This safe is nearly a 1000 pounds. I also looked up the safes I was looking at to see how long it take to break into is. I was going to buy a cannon gun safe but they had it open with a bar in a 1 1/2 minutes.




cobrajoe1974 says:

Thank you for taking the time to make that video. I’m really sorry that happened to you.

rhey simon says:

sorry for the lost. thanks for uploading 

243wayne1 says:

What method did you employ to get the 1,000lb safe downstairs?

Rockin' Ky says:

You need to rig your safe with a flash bang and some tear gas for the next time someone try’s to break in lol

Michael Mangel says:

Came across your video while searching for vids on different safes.  Watched your video, and I actually read the comments for the vid, which is something I never do.  I hate sifting through trolls.  Anyway, your vid gave me pause for thought and I am considering keeping my safe private, which up until now I was considering proudly showing it off.  I believe I am going with a fort knox, but shall see.  I do have an enclosed corner to secure the vault, and am taking the information gathered into consideration.  So, wanted to thank you for your insight and I was wondering if we could get an updated and finished video of your progress and maybe the status of the thief.  Just wondering how it is going though.  Hope all is well.
NW Pennsylvania

James Mccormack says:

fucking shit heads stealing guns sorry for you’re losses

pancake airsoft says:

Sorry bud hope that doesn’t happen agen hope u get your stuff back

Kevin M says:

Check out Liberty’s SafElerts – Safe Monitoring System, it sends an alert to your phone if any body is messing with your safe. Good Video, thanks!

BelligerentTruth says:

I’m sorry you had to go through that.

Joel Cameron says:

What you need to do is get you a transformer (similar to a neon transformer, upwards of 10K volts) with some amperage behind it, 20 amps should work 30 to 40 better (neon are generally less than a 1 amp). Put thin plates of sheet metal all around safe, and it cant touch the safe either. Then 1 wire to safe the other to the sheet metal, BUT  be careful and DONT YOU FORGET TO DEENERGIZE BE FOR YOU TOUCH OR they might find you laying there. Just like an ELECTRIC FENCE just a little stronger BITE to it.

Jason C says:

Sorry about your theft. Also add a burglar alarm to your home with a motion sensor aiming at your safe and another one covering the area leading to your safe. Make sure its monitored and also audible.

Blazini1980 says:

For small amounts of coins place them in a fake electrical outlet. As your collection grows buy a portable gun safe, the ones with the steel cable, place all your coins in there and place the safe into a wall preferably behind a cabinet and/or somewhere furthest from the center of the house in case of massive fire. New drywall and a paint job and you’re set. Gun safes just scream for attention. Don’t put all your eggs in one safe, errr, basket

Popular Videos says:

WHen you got robbed did you have any safe or no? If not either way I’m sorry for your loss!!! I’m looking for a similar safe to store paper items, coins and guns. Steal Water or Liberty both seem pretty impressive.

Jimmy Vonsaal says:

Do you have an alarm system for your house? And why do you store gold in a car? Do you have a safety deposit box? How much did your old safe weigh with items in it? I can’t imagine moving a 1500lb safe with out the neighbors knowing. But if you have enough time any idiot can cut open any safe. A hidden floor safe is better for small things like gold .

ComocosonoEWL says:

chainsaw for the wood and a drill with a hammer, a coal chisel and prybar. I would most likely have your safe open in under 15 minutes. chainsaw that wall enough to use the pry bar to shift the safe and get the drill in, knock for rod placement and drill, then using coal chisel and hammer punch the “vault rods” thus opening the safe, bypassing the lock and wheel completely.
This is why the steel water safe company says “its the best for the money”
Its a great safe and will keep people out that don’t know how to get it open.
If I were you I would also include a false wall to hide the safe from view.
It is a good thing that you put the moving vault rod side against the wall but if they can bypass that wall to move the safe a bit they might be able to get in.
This is a technique common in operations so thankfully regular criminals dont have much experience here, Congrats on the safe. Would definitely put a false wall up as once he gets to prison he will tell all about stealing your stuff and his buddies will be back again, especially if they find out you got a youtube channel and watch it to see the safe.

homiegali says:

one thing you may mention, the steelwater videos are of the extreme duty. that is the one with 9 guage steel.

KILLKING110 says:

I’m curious why a digital entry when a combination dial is much more  and what do you think of the stack on 20+ gun safe?

Kowan57 says:

Good job on the building it in to limit attack points. I plan to do something similar.

Kenny VanCleave says:

I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you pressed charges. You had a good idea with the framing. Can I suggest something. Try lining the inside of the box with 3/4″ CDX plywood using sheetrock screws. They won’t be able to get to the safe because of the plywood being right next to the safe. I hope you get your things back. 

joshua hughes says:

You can buy store safes you just have to make sure that they are good quality for example Cabalas sells liberty safes that have been pride on for hours and even blown up with dynamite and didn’t come all the way open so look up some of the liberty safe videos and see what you think I am currently thinking of getting a liberty safe or a steel water safe

monkfry says:

Sorry you got burned by your own family. . Much luck on putting your life back together and you’re right, “what can you do”? Hopefully press some serious charges.

Tink Ertime says:

Do you have homeowners insurance? I would recommend using 8 or 10 ga steel sides welded to your wood framing, but you won’t stop them defeating the electric lock. looks good, nice job, and I would get rid of the pad for a dial combo lock. I wish you well. I have lots of protective dogs to match my redundant security measures myself. Take care.

Drummergirl 9 says:

What happened? Did you press charges?

Joseph M says:

You can cut through wood very easily and fast. Use concrete block with steel re-bar and pour concrete inside the blocks. Leave only the door exposed. It’s probably cheaper than all the wood your using and will last forever. Sorry for the lose you suffered.


Thanks for the video. It starts me thinking. It suck that it was someone u trusted. If you find him KICK THEE ASS.

AlmostCirculated says:

That is harsh man… I lost $5 face in silver when I was 18 because a family member needed cigarettes…

Photios Pantzos says:

The steelwater safe is a good buy. I just got one after considering Liberty and many others. Reasons: 1. Have you seen the videos of the guy(s) trying to break into this thing? 2. 9ga steel all around with an additional 1/4 inch plate in the door PLUS anti-drill hardplate and 2 hours of fire protection. That’s the best door up to twice its price range in the competion. Gotta get their extreme heavy duty though. Pay the extra and you get a safe that is better than a Liberty Lincoln which costs more than twice as much. Even has 1/4 inch steel plate corners where the anchor holes go so no one can just force your safe over on its side to work on it. I did not choose the electronic lock though. No EMP protection and it is not my go-to safe. Its the storage one. I still keep my handgun and shotgun within easy reach when I’m home. My two cents, and cant wait for that big delivery truck to pull up in a few days and drop it off. Oh, “A” Rating with the BBB since 2009 with just 3 fully resolved complaints. Don’t pay tripple because china bashers say its junk. It is better built than ALL the USA safes in its price range. 9ga china steel is still going to hold up better than 12ga,11 or even 10ga american any day of the week and twice on sunday.

Joshua g says:

Saw zaw with a bi metal blade will cut right through the wood and screws then a grinder will cut through the safe.

Bad Santa says:

Thieves are the scum of the planet.

cobrajoe1974 says:

Thank you for taking the time to make that video. I’m really sorry that happened to you.

ElectroPals LLC says:

Sorry to hear your family stole from you, that’s why its 1st prepping law to never tell anyone what you have and show them on youtube

melting says:

you should put your cousin in it and lock it, you wont have to worry about him getting out lol

jeremy r says:

I got robbed about 2 yrs ago it ended up $17,900 worth. I hope you have better luck then me, I busted them on a hidden cam and they spent 5 months in jail and is on 9 yr probation that he has violated 3 times and nothing has been done. but he’s has to pay me back, since he has no job the judge put it $100 a month  that’s right $100 a month to pay back $17,900. witch he has missed his last 3 payments and the probations officer is a joke so the next 18 years or way more im stuck fighting him to make his payment. good luck to you man I hope you get better then I did. I just wish they would lock him up for 17 years now instead of me having to stress dealing with this every month.  good luck man

dave tingue says:

sooner or later that punchpad will fail- call a locksmith and have them replace it with a lagard or similar

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