Introducing the TRUE Gun Safe by SecureIt – TWS: Ep. 07

This week at SecureIt: Ryan and Tom unveil the TRUE Safe – A cement filled double steel-walled gun safe. Watch as they go over the specs, benefits, and features. You’ll also learn about what went into the production of the safe and how it differs from other gun safes on the market today.

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S. May says:

What gauge of steel is used in the door and walls?

R F says:

Are these rated as a residential security cabinet or an actual safe?

Terrence Randolph says:

It’s not worth 3800

robert howard says:

Can the combo system be defeated by a magnet to the solenoid?

Armed ASMR says:


Joseph Grady says:

3800? Jesus Christ

Ken Baumgarten says:

I wish this was available two weeks ago when I ordered my Agile 52. Better size than the 52 for my needs.

ROY bean says:

you never hit the important specks, how thick is the steel, and what type of steel and where is it placed, construction of safe modular, unit, etc, etc, etc, $3800 for a safe that size I have reservations.where is it made!

Kevin Corkery says:

Steel thickness never mentioned.

Derek's Adventures says:

Is there better out there sure for 2 to 4 times the price. People don’t understand that a good safe like this one paired with a home security system, camera system and insurance provides you with all the protection you need.

Chanch Chanch says:

says it doesnt have any of the fancy unnecessary stuff but its more expensive than one that has the same shit plus more lmao

Anthony Droege says:

A TL rated safe of the same size and cost would weigh about 3x as much due to thicker steel and denser concrete.

A SturdySafe of the same size weight and cost would be about 1/2 inch of solid steel all around including a good bit of stainless steel.

What a joke.

Flames N/a says:

What type of warranty does it have ? I know some other companies offer lifetime on everything and transferable warranty do you ?

WillBrink says:

Looks like a solid product. Is it UL rated? It still technically an RSC? Some RSCs are better than others “safes” as say BF Amsec series, etc.

Infinite Knight says:

Looks great. I feel lucky that I came across your company before spending thousands into one of those big fancy safes

Christopher Havran says:

Do you have any sort of moisture/rust mitigation system for the True Safe? …Or anything that you recommend for it? Thanks!

Smith3025 says:

What thickness of steel is used in all sides and all layer’s? Also how is the safe built? Does it come with a dial lock combination option and if so is the dial protected from scopes from the inside. You want to claim to make a “Real Safe” these are all options and info that is made very available to “Real Safe” people.

spartan5573 says:

Retail price?

Boobalou kpg says:

Hello, I am considering purchasing this when i finish building my house. Does this safe have any anti-drill protection? Does it have hardplates and relockers? Also is it possible to put the cradle grid rifle racks on doors? What model lock do you use? Any lock options?

Yaya Gazab says:

If the hinges were inside instead of outside, it would be a stronger design.

Joseph Van Zandt says:

A gun in a safe is no deterrent. And if you need a safe to store all of your firearms, you own too many.

InkwellFoto says:

How much does it weight? Can it be bolted down and/or to the sides and rear?

Atheris Green says:

$4000???….rather buy a Rhino safe for that kind of money which has a lot more security features than this for the same price. So you put concrete in the walls, so what, how does that translate into 4k?

Screen Share says:

Damn $3800 ! But I definitely see it worse it. Just bought me safe for $300 🙂 whole review on my channel.

Treblaine says:

What is this safe’s rating against angle grinders? How much time?

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