Liberty Centurion 18 Gun Safe Overview

Just a quick overview of the highpoints of this safe. It’s a high quality American made product. I highly recommend picking one up if you’re in the market for a safe in this size and price range


sniffmoney says:

nice safe and collection…good review

Lagranarob - says:

I don’t have much in here right now, proceeds to show small arsenal jajaja love gun people. I hope to reach these many one day.

BuhBuhhead says:

Nice! I am also thinking about picking one up. Did you bolt it down to the floor? I’m debating on if I should or not since it’ll be on the second floor as well.

merliny2k says:

How do you like it so far? Good or bad now that you have had it for a bit

Riley Klote says:

My safe is an American Security 24 gun safe it’s nice because on the door it has a gun rack that holds 8 long guns then obviously on the inside is 16 long guns slots 8 on both sides but it’s nice for what I need I’ve installed some LED strips for light they work great it turns on as soon as I open the door of the safe so the way I have it setup is on the door I have my defensive stuff just in case I ever need to reach into my safe quickly and grab something I’ve got my 2 ARs, AK, Scar-H and my Remignton 870 tactical which is my home defense shotgun but in the left section of the safe I’ve put my longer length weapons like shotguns and deer rifles and on the right side I’ve put my 3 shorter guns above the 2 shelves

Will Brake says:

I bought 24 gun with digital lock and came with Tactical door storage from liberty for 660 us that a good price

Riley Klote says:

I would recommend a door panel that holds mags and pistols

Damon Bales says:

The 4 inch gap in the back is for long barrel rifles or shotguns to store back there.

Garrett says:

Great review! Do you how the locking plates are attached to the door? Some safes have 1 1/2 bolts but are only attach the door with a screw.

I narrowed my search for a new safe down to this model and two others, and the plates seem like they would be more secure then bolts ( for a safe in this price range)

Appreciate any help thanks

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