Liberty Centurion 24 Gun Safe Review

Quick look at my 24 gun safe

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Aidan Nina says:

Thank you for the review and your honest review and most importantly thank you for your service

bojangles593 says:

Can you move the shelves around or remove them?

neonpistol15 says:

That is one sexy collection! great review!

Ryan P says:

who films vertically?!

Liberty Safe says:

Great review. Thanks for posting!

Reaper says:

If you don’t need the shelves can they be removed and more guns stored on that side? does it have the gun holders on that side?

Paul C says:

The newer Centurions have a 30 minute fire rating and some improved safety additions for 2017.

Aly Theo says:

great review ! cannot wait for more videos to come. do a review on the M1A soon !

Steathmode says:

Is this safe bolted to the floor? How susceptible is it to tipping over?

dennis h says:

where did you grab those light strips at?

Makaveli_TheDon says:

Same safe i have! I LOVE it! …I got mine from Lowe’s like 5 or 6 years ago on black friday! lol I wont even say what I paid for it….it was a hell of a deal!

Steven Burns says:

You made the right call (without knowing) on the mechanical lock vs the electronic lock. The electronic lock is convenient but will eventually break.

J N says:

I wanna know more about the coins!

mrelectron62 says:

Nice review Sheepdog88 did you order that door organizer from Liberty or is that just a generic item from a company asking because I have the same safe and like that set up. Not a lot of real estate in these safes but can’t beat them for the price. BTW I think those plates for locking the door are better as it has more surface area to distribute the force during a pry attack vs a round bolt where all the pressure in concentrated in a small area just my two cents. Thanks for the review gave me some ideas for mine.

Mario Mosin says:

Hey brother I noticed you just bought this safe, did you purchased it over the Labor Day sale? did the door organizer come with it, or did you just purchased that separately.

derose2026 says:

I might be getting that same safe in a few days. The plates aren’t that bad because it’s actually all one solid plate. So if someone bent one of those tabs sticking out, they would bend it all making it harder to break into

mch006 says:

Nice set up! Do you think this thing is too heavy to place in a 2nd floor condo? Thinking of getting something similar within a few weeks.

WitchDoctor02 says:

Do you have power inside the safe for your lights or are those on a battery? If so, did you install the Liberty outlet, run a cord in through an anchor hole, or other method? Thanks for any info.

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