Liberty Revolution 24 Gun Safe Reviews

Liberty Revolution 24 Gun Safe Reviews. A look at the Liberty Revolition Gun Safe Review.
More fireboard than the competition to achieve 30 minutes of fire protection @ 1200°F
3 layers in the ceiling and door including 1″ composite fire door and 1 layer in the walls
Palusol heat-expanding seal included on all models, expanding up to 7 times it size in a fire at 212°F. Don’t settle for inferior door seals used on cheaper safes
The Revolution fire package is the minimum recommended level of fire protection.
Defensive barrier of 4″ wide military style locking bars–6 times stronger in pry tests
Stronger 2-piece roll-form CNC body 14-ga. verses competitors 3-piece bodies
The only entry level safe with an external relocker for extra punch protection
Internal hardplate protects lock from drilling
Added steel gussett provides stronger rigidity to door to increase pry resistance
Comes standard with strong S&G’s UL Listed mechanical lock
Durable gloss textured black finish
Liberty Safe Revolution logo with black hardware
Gray fabric interior to protect valuables
Standard collector interior with optional dual-flex interior available in the 18 and 24 size models
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Sheepdog Sherlock says:

Not sure if you took the back off the door of a centurion, but do you know if the bolt slide faces down or to the right(as seen from inside the door)?


is this a 3 wheel or 4 wheel lock

dunno yolo says:

Do the flat bars make for better security having 5 of them instead of the 3 round bars ?

Jeremy Deville says:

Grab a grinding wheel and you’ll be in about 5′

dunno yolo says:

Looks like a nice safe for the price

Lisa Johnson says:

I just got one of these safes and I took the back of the door off to see the mechanism and it’s as good as you describe except my safe only has a single piece of “hard plate” in front of the lock. You could put maybe six more the “box” it fits in is so big but my safe only has one. The 14 gage steel is rather thin but it does have a wonderful warranty and they do stand behind it. I had a problem with the lock and they had a lock smith at my house to fix it right away. It’s a nice safe but definitely an entry level box. I have a 12 gun Cannon safe that is better in ever aspect but I didn’t have a Cannon dealer close to where I live now. Great review and thanks for the info.

whatspopin100 says:

Hey Wayne I’m about to get this safe the Liberty 24 real soon its around $700 but I got it for under $600. The reason I went with this one because everyone says Liberty safes are the best. Now when I really looked at the specs it has 14 gauge steel body which in case I can’t figure out how thick the door is and it only has a 30min fire rating and weighting at 370lbs like you said.
But I looked at the stack on gun safe it holds 22-24 guns it has a 75 min rating and it is water proof with 12 gauge steel and it has a electrical outlet built for only $600.
Now I don;t understand how can a cheap stack on have better specs and cost less then the almighty liberty safe? I really feel like I’m paying for the name brand at this point. What do you think? Should I just get the stack on that holds about 22-24 guns and has better specs or get the Liberty please help I really can’t make a decision right now…

Wayne Winton says:

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Winton is my mom’s dog’s name.

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