Liberty Safe Fatboy Extreme Gun Safe Review (HD)

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David Giles says:

Nice review!

Walton Kcats says:

Great video as always!

ConquestN98858 says:

WOW… Phenomenal Safe ‘;-)

J-Bob 5150 says:

I do like the fact of internal hinges….I DO NOT like that the door only opens 90 degrees. Bad design in my opinion.

Deuce Dufresne says:

Very cool. The “problem” with large gun safes is that they tend to get filled up with new gun purchases. Ha! Great video, thanks for sharing.

jtaylorb88 says:

You need to change your channel name to Dan Wesson to reflect your excellent taste of handguns.

buzzsah says:


CZ 1always says:

Sold thanks


What about Sturdy Safes?? Those are built like tanks

America 1911 45 acp says:

Bro that safe is way to big man just give it to me , I’ll take it out off your hands

mulekicker 1919 says:

I have a liberty safe also. The quality and warranty are good. They fill up fast.

CWB1863 says:

What else can be said…awesome safe!

Jmedi5 5 says:

Cool to see your son is still into making videos. I used enjoy watching birshot1911 but it seems like he grew out of it and disappeared.

gator 556 says:

So what was the total cost of everything?

tattooeddragon8 says:

Nice safe!

Michael Graham says:

Great video review! Thanks for you work. Keep it up.

Walter says:

Hi, as always great reviews, Just a quick question did this replace the tracker safe? Or is it an addition? thanks.

TheGunfighter45acp says:

Very nice and you can see the quality in its design.

KSGunGuy says:

That thing is huge! Great looking safe gents.

Erick Soto says:

Have a question hope you can help me out again beretta sr. What kind of dehumidifier are you running on your safe? What would you recommend for a 24 gun safe ?

Mario Mosin says:

I own a Fatboy Jr. and I love the FatBoy Extreme at the time I purchased the FatBoy Jr. the Extreme model was new and was on back order, congratulations on your new safe.

Dgunnut says:

I’m having some serious gun safe envy right now. That’s awesome! Great video. Keep up the good work.

Jarhead6 says:

I want one!!!

Thomas S says:

Nice safe and nice collection.

Adam W. says:

You now need a Liberty Ammo Can for all that ammo sitting on top.

russ elder says:

Wow——what a beauty. You used your brain …..dont go cheap…..with the beautiful firearms that you two own ….got to have peace of mind when you put them away. As always good job..very interesting

Luke DAWG says:

One of the best investments right there I found out the hard way a few years ago when they stole all of mine. I would make sure your insurance co policy will pay mine had a limit on firearms and would not pay the total loss. Thanks for sharing.

Kurd Phoenix says:

Great video thank you

Vu Truong says:

Very nice arsenal gents!!!

Justin Opinion says:

Awesome! A good quality safe is essential to a gun collection.

Nolan Outdoors says:

Now thats a gun safe!!!

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