Liberty Safe Fatboy Jr Review (HD)

I go over the details of the Liberty Safe Fatboy Jr and my experience with it so far.

Liberty Electrical Kit:

GoldenRod Dehumidifier:

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binyamj says:

I’m not trying to bash you or anything, but with your collection of firearms, I’m really surprised to see you cheap out on a safe. This is a very low security safe. 11 gauge steel can easily be punched through with an axe or sledge hammer. Power tools are definitely not needed.

JohnnyBoyCali says:

So how effective is an angle grinder on this safe?

0307 0307 says:

I got a $700 winchester safe from tractor supply lol. I hear liberty are the best

hatfield4805 says:

ive got a liberty safe and i also wanted the dial aswell. their great safes…i had a robbery and they tried to break in my safe with an aluminum ballbat scuffed up the dialer but they cracked the bat up. that was 4 years ago and im still using it… brotheri gotta ask.a hi point really… with all those toys ehy a hi point?

Retired Top43 says:

The Fatboy Jr does come with the E-Lock as an option.

michael pugsley says:

hi point? lol

Synethesia Serpent says:

Just sayin mr g&g, your probably one of the most real you tubers out there

pitbull21350 says:

i see your video is on their website. did they provide this safe in exchange for you making this video?

Steve Olto says:

“it swells up like 7 times”…. that’s what she said

Ron P says:

I love Liberty safes! I have 2 of them!

Ben McCabe says:

Just purchased this yesterday. I was upset that Cabelas charged $300 to ship and found it locally for $1200. Great review and reaffirmed my decision to buy. Thanks

MrFloogy says:

Just took a look at one of these at my local safe store. I really don’t think there’s a better value in the mid range than this. The next step up in steel thickness and fire rating for a safe this size is almost 3x the cost.

MrApple says:

It would seem that bolting down that safe REALLY is a good idea.

Josh H says:

Is the bottom of the safe padded at all? I’m asking because of the way you staggered the rifles with some muzzle up, some muzzle down. Obviously if you handle with care it shouldn’t matter much at all. Just wondering about the features.

Billy Daly says:

When you buy a safe buy the next size up from the one you are looking at. They fill up fast.

Mary Malone says:

This is how it starts out then before you know it you have 4 of them bolted in the ground he he he my dad is a big collector

J Brown says:

I bought the old version of the Fatboy Jr. About a month later the new version came out. O well, still a great safe.

Ski Fall says:

After November you’ll have to share your combo with Hillary.

sean white says:

Lucky Bastard. I won’t one

timothy thomas says:

How many FATBOYS do you need to hold the museum ?

Shawn Sherman says:

Have you or will you be adding the power outlet?

Enemy Seven Six O says:

Can you do a golden rod review video

Ryan Butler says:

Their Facebook page banned me after I asked what lab did their fire rating certification. I was planning on getting the Fatboy Extreme, but their censorship indicates that they have something to hide. It appears that they don’t have a fire certification at all and just list what sounds good and customers are none the wiser.

American Patriot says:

Good review. Would it be nice if you walked in on the burglar bitches and put a clip in each of their faces?! Okay maybe a bit harsh, but I can’t stand a fucking thief…..

Devon Pym says:

I have a Franklin 25……love the safe…..didn’t have the issues you did when I got it but glad to hear about the customer service. I am a little surprised that you don’t get more locking bolts in that bigger door on top. Mine is smaller and I have 2 on the top. Still its a great safe. Have fun moving it……they are a bear to move.

eltenda fabrizio says:

I’m thinking about. buy one

hambone7777777 says:

Thanks for sharing the intel. Nice safe, nice video.

Adrian Myers says:

surplus rifles take up a lot of room.

Emmanuel Goldstein says:

so it was jammed closed and he got in somehow, that’s kinda scary.

Retired Top43 says:

Great review, thanks.

pseudopetrus says:

Liberty customer service is excellent, I was so pleased, this means a lot too me!

Steve Olto says:

“Golden rod”….. yeah, she said that, too.   LOL!

LadCo12 says:

Liberty is a good safe though I prefer my Drake made by Greg Drake in Roxboro Nc. Really great craftsmanship and a local good ol boy who can make one hell of a safe!

pitbull21350 says:

Brother I’m not hating just curious. Did they provide the safe for you making this video.

bdockett says:

Had a safe custom built to size for a space in my home. Cost; around $3200.00.  68″tall x 46″wide x 24″ deep to fit exactly into a closet space. 1/4″ (3 gauge) formed steel body double layered on face side. Door is 1/2″ steel backed by an 1/8″ stainless plasma/drill barrier. Detonation cord re-locker. Will survive two hours in a raging inferno. Didn’t need to bolt it down. It weighs 1800 lbs.Not bragging guys, Just making you aware that there are other options out there. For some extra cash you can get exactly what you need built to a level of security far beyond the big box store safes.

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