Liberty Safe Lincoln 50

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sam Fenton says:

What machine guns do you own?

Champagne CAPO says:

What state do you live in? I would love the convenience to just go in my backyard to shoot. California sucks!

Anything Adrenaline says:

So for proof. Who won the safe?

Christian Konigsberger says:


Ha Ha says:

What about flooding?

Andrew Savv says:

Fuck living in New York City all those bullshit taxes I could have spent on steel and a hobby that’s in all Americans they just don’t know it yet.

sruck22 says:

GREAT VID!! I need to get a gun trust. Who did your gun trust?

Enticing Earlobe says:

Its lag bolt btw, product not a process


Goals u mean horder.. No differnt then a dumb fuck that buys 200 pairs of Jordans..or the guy who collects all the newspapers cuss he thinks that he will need in future

hunter cook says:

you should do a shtf loadout

Sal Lopez says:

Only thing I didn’t like is having to turn the dial to lock it. It’s almost going to guarantee it eventually being left unlocked which is a big no no.

jordanaug81 says:

Kind of a personal question but I cant help wondering, what’s the total estimated dollar amount spent on safes, guns, training, ammo, etc.?

NG says:

His code is 123456!

yohoolover1 says:

God dam god dam

Hollowpoint J says:

I busted out laughing when the doves flew out lmao! Awesomeness!

Riley Nash says:

I would just go through your drywall, rip your studs out and then cut it with the grinder. I could probably do that in about 7 or 8 minutes with a halogen tool.

BADD1ONE says:

Very nice collection. Well built modern safe.

JPD says:

I want to see a true review with someone trying to break into it. Someone cutting through the thin steel and fireboard. 11 gauge steel? My high school locker was thicker than that. I got a 4 gauge safe from Sturdy safe

macross 7k says:

Damn.. you got enough guns in there?! There is enough to start a small war with those..

Stuart N says:

Big fucking safe bro.

Dominiq Munoz says:

I want it

Chow 1023 says:

Thats not a safe thats a vault

Kamahri Blount says:

It looks so cool

Steven Durham-brandt says:

Look up demo ranch he is a cool guy with three channels and a lot of guns lol he has like some million subs I think but good review dude!

Matthew W says:

Anything is better than nothing, I went with Fort Knox, “Protector” same dimensions, Fort Knox uses seven gauge versus 11 gauge steel, additionally added the stainless and ballistic steel, just slightly over 3000 pounds,

A says:

Protecting your house wearing sandals.

jakethesnake2024 says:

Easier to rob a bank…riggghhht

Houdini says:


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