Lokaway “LOK4DK” Gun Safe

The Lokaway “LOK4DK” 10-16 gun safe for Category A and B firearms, offers good security for those on a budget. It features the swing’n’slide design that secures the safe door in behind the lip of the safe wall which is an anti-prying security feature. The safe body is made from 2mm thick steel with a 3mm thick steel door. It also comes with 4 dyna bolts to secure the safe to a concrete slab which makes it nice and secure. They retail for $720 here in Australia with an electronic keypad and the Lokaway ‘Pro-Rack’. Check out their website at: http://www.lokaway.net

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FM Productions says:

hey mate where did you get your safe from? which gun shop?

Kurt Stoll says:

You made a quick video on getting a Cat D licence, but how much easier is it to get a Cat C? That could be a possible video idea. I heard someone at the range talking about his, he said he got a 10/22 for the reason of needing to “shoot rabbits faster” on his property. Seems too easy!

Steel-Jaw says:

too cheap, a safe should be an investment but if that’s all you can afford I totally understand.

Adam Fenton says:

Ozzie you gotta stop referring to firearms as weapons mate. They are tools in Australia, we aren’t allowed weapons.

PaWNTANK says:

Very nice for the price, where did you get yours? I’ve got 6 guns crammed in a tiny buffalo river safe. Will be buying a new one in the next two weeks from either QGE, Cleavers or Pine Rivers Gunsmiths.

Random girl says:

i find it odd that they created such a unique safe yet the body and door is so thin..

FM Productions says:

do you think its better to buy a Spika 12 gun safe with has a 6mm door edge with 3 bolts and with antipry technology for $475 or get the Lokaway for $750 which has 3mm door im trying to get the best protection for my buck and the $750 is in my price limit

AussieJustice1988 says:

thanks for the review. sent my firearms application off last week and just bought this safe in anticipation of getting my licence after watching your review. Pretty tight on money at the moment and this seems to be the best of the cheaper safes. anyways thanks and have a good one

Jayden Mallinson says:

Would it be fine for cat h as well

Toby Sullivan says:

Hey Ozzie , when are you going to hassle Warwick firearms for there new straight pull? Pretty keen on a Ozzie review before I get one

Kurt Stoll says:

I have a lokaway, and now need a new safe for a gun I’ll be buying soon. Good review, this was a possibility for me because I didn’t have the cash for one, but after watching your CMI safe review I am now leaning towards that one!

Ariderslife Uncut says:

i have a rental, id hate to have tennants bolt a gun safe into the wall without us knowing.

FM Productions says:

Ozzie mate I opened my new LOK4DK and for some reason there’s a couple of this different from your 1st of all its gold paintings instead of white and the digital lock plus handle is gold instead of silver didn’t think anything of it but then I opened it up and for some unknown reason my LOK4DK has 5 massive bolts down the side of the door I checked to see if I actually bought the right safe and I did I ordered the LOK4DK and it says that mine is too hahah do u know why my safe has bolts is this an error or a new model cause I only paid for the regular old LOK4DK it was a nice surprise

WaschyNumber1 says:

Very nice review.

Regards Thomas

Yosimete Sam says:

Much better option than the shitty Buffalo River Range. Talk about garbage.

Rumpole Del Bailey says:

Thanks for the review mate. I cant see a huge difference between the Lok4DK and Lok4K other than the digital lock. Is that enough to justify the extra $200? Still a good deal but wondering if the only extra the Lok4DK has is the convenience of a digital lock then I’d probably just go with the Lok4k. Does it have anything else or am I splitting hairs?

FM Productions says:

Did u buy it from safe galore because the the only whole sales I could find and if so how much was the freight

Fighting Irishman says:

i want one dont think its available here

Cameron Smith says:

Hi Ozzie, any recommendations for a good quality pistol safe? I was thinking the Lokaway LOKC610G.

KingRhan says:

I’ve been wondering this and haven’t really been able to find an answer.. How many firearms can be owned under 1 license in QLD? Like how many firearms can be licensed to one person?

FM Productions says:

one quick question is it legal to store your blots on the door? I thought they had to be in a separate locked compartment

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