My steelwater 45 gun safe.

this is a look at my steelwater gun safe witch is 2 hour fire rating


Wesley Garmon says:

Where do you purchase the LED kit at? Thanks.

Mario Mosin says:

I would highly suggest you go with a manual hygrometer the digital version aren’t as accurate as you might think, steelwater safes are good for the money but i cannot buy anything I can’t see or feel to each his own though, good video.

dirtydan says:

$2,500??????? Could’ve bought a liberty fatboy

Photios Pantzos says:

Thank you. it was a great review, and you’ve done the world a great public service by exposing the internals of this brand of safe. I wonder if they beef those up for their Extreme Heavy Duty models. I’ll have to ask when I get into the market for another safe. It was their Extreme Heavy Duty model that they did all the torture test to. 9GA steel body with 1/4″ plate in the door under the already 9GA sheet.

kyleloew432 says:

Nothing worse than jumpy camera work

mrelectron62 says:

Thanks for posting this. I think its important to see what the door works look like not too many videos show this just blabbing about how heavy duty the safe looks. I have considered the steel water myself. The videos of the attempted break ins looks impressive but I’m always skeptical when its done by the company who is selling them after all what do they have to lose LOL. I like that steel water is using some U channel to attach the bolts much better than flimsy L brackets used by some mid model safes. Also if your handy you could swap out some of those parts with a heavier ga metal if so inclined or add some better drill protection.

Adam Rom says:

On the extreme Duty steelwater safe if you slam the door what happens is it airtight or does it just make a loud noise?

Mr1bigsexy says:

Made in China

Spartan7117 says:

Nice video, thanks for taking the time to post it. I’ve been looking at Steelwater myself lately.

Ben Keith says:

Very nice video. The stuff your scratching off is just the corrosion protective paint. Also to the person that said buy a Fatboy for the same price, your safe is 9G and Fatboy is 11g. Steelwater is thicker= better. I have the same safe and moved it by myself using small pvc pipe cut into sections.

Matthew Dalton says:

Exactly what I wanted to see. Thanks.

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