Rhino Ironworks 85 minute Safe Overview

IRONWORKS® safes look like something out of the 1800’s. Part art, part furniture, and all security with up to 130 minute fire protection. Each safe is hand antiqued and distressed to accentuate the natural variations in the steel, producing an heirloom quality piece for your home or office! Limited Lifetime Warranty

Check out our complete line at – https://rhinosafe.com/all-products/gun-safes/rhino-ironworks-90-minute-fire-rated-series/


Roger Evans says:

do u make vault doors for a built in safe at a house ?

John S says:

How durable are your safes against being cut open with grinder with a 3-4″ cutting disk?

Jeremie Fagan says:

One day I’ll own one! One bad ass safe

Lord Krythic says:

What, no Fleshlight mount? What kind of poorly designed safe is this?

crazyfvck says:

Looks like a nice product, but you should NEVER store a safe out in the open like that. I know this was a demonstration video, but that still bothered me a bit. The best safe is the one that no one knows about.

Trash TV says:

Is it possible to buy one in Europe ?

John Smith says:

Looks nice but 12 Gage steel is too thin…

RIPPER334 says:

Sorry… But at the price of these safes, it shouldn’t look like it was tossed down the driveway before it ever goes in my gun room.

I realize it’s a gun safe, but goddamn, if I drop that much money, I don’t want it looking like an old scratched up piece of shit… And if you’re not going to spend the money to put a decent finish on it, then the price should reflect that.

Travis says:

Looks like a nice safe, the swing out rack looks great. Like all other thin gauge safes though, a cutting wheel to the side and a crowbar will get through it in minutes, that reinforcement to the corners won’t stop it.

Walter Langkowski says:

My Demoranch15 code didn’t work Matt and Demolition Ranch is the reason I’m Trying to buy from you guys is there anything you can do to help me out here? No customer service number to call. If you guys honor the promo I will buy today

Big D Fitness says:

Can the vault doors open from the inside? In case I wanted to use a vualt door for an entrance to a safe room.

Alan Yount says:

Dont forget to let everyone know your junk safes are MADE IN CHINA.You sellout Ahole…You act like your safes are made here and play on hardworking folks who like to buy American made when possible Your a greedy P.O.S. I hope your company goes under..

TOO REAL says:

I think the “Range Day” shirt that he has on comes with the safe. This is the 3rd review/overview of this safe I’ve seen this week and all 3 guys doing the video on different channels are wearing the same shirt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhioGHB4joE&t=613s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdz-V-Dsq6s

garand1911 says:

UL Rated? Which rating? RSC? It aint TL. What fire proofing material?

Justin Hope says:

Very true. Pendleton uses 1/4” thick steel much thicker.

JPD says:

today’s safe manufactures only care about “fire rating” and make your safe with 11 gauge steel. I bet you can cut into them in less than 15 minutes.

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