SecureIt Agile 52 Gun Cabinet Review

The SecureIT Agile 52 Gun Cabinet is a true blessing.  It is built extremely well, was easy to assemble, keeps my guns very secure, is light enough for me to move around my house on my own and fits neatly in the exact spot where I was thinking of putting a safe.  I had five long guns and three handguns that I wanted to store in that spot.  The SecureIT Agile 52 Gun Cabinet does that and more.  It comfortably stores six long guns and four handguns.  Plus, it’s modular construction and almost endless number of configuration options allow me to customize it on a moment’s notice.  As a result, it is now sitting in my office, securely bolted to the wall and safely keeping my firearms.  Bueno!


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Host: Joel Persinger – The GunGuy
– Co-Founder & CEO of Practical Defense Systems
– NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Video & Audio Production: Nick Persinger – The Camera Guy

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Jim the Wind O Washer says:

I think I’m going with a few smaller cabinets like this scattered through out my home. I dont like the idea of all my guns in one place. I also have concerns about the formaldehyde (corrosive to metal) in gypsum used in fire rated safes and the glue used to hold carpet and felt in place. Thanks for making he video Gun Guy!

Karl Volk says:

You might consider doing a review on SturdySafe, made in Fresno by a family run business. Their safes seem to be more theft and fire resistant than most, especially at their price point. Heck, you could drive to their factory even, if you are inclined.

Scott Walters says:

Very nice!

Ben Dover says:

I have some welding equipment . I buy the stack on cabinets and beef them up.

Dan Larsen says:

I like it may look them up

Frank Rodriguez says:

Wow no damages must not have been UPS.. Very nice cabinet though. Been looking at these for a little while. So would you compare it to a more robust safe or is it less compatible. Thanks for the review.

SpaceFish says:

I like it alot !!

Marcus e73 says:

A commercial concrete filled door and a blocked room is cheaper and more secure than any gun safe. Save money and build your own.

Colton Blumhagen says:

Unfortunate model name. Definitely not a 52 gun cabinet. lol

Doug Thompson says:

Secureit was born out of the military. The do a lot of armories. They are storage units. Not safes. They make storage units for dispersed locations and for easy extraction. If you want a real gun safe, they make one. It cost $3700 and is lined with a cement mixture that dulls any blade and retards fire. 52 is the model number, not the number of things the safe hold. The box said it would hold 6 long guns. This is not a cabinet for security against thieves. It is for gun storage and keeps children away from your guns. Any gun “safe” you buy with limited expensive exceptions, can be broken into and is technically designated as a home storage unit. Not a real safe. When you are buying gun storage, you need ask what your goal is. If it is to retard thieves, you’ll be spending around $4000. If it to keep children out, you don’t even need to spend $1,000. Secureit storage units are designed to protect you weapons and keep them handy and away from children. If have valuables or very expensive guns, you can also buy the safe. But make sure you buy a real safe and not a home storage unit which is what Liberty and nearly everyone else makes. It’s easy, not expensive, not heavy and once bolted to the floor will give the same level of security of a traditional storage unit that weighs 800 pounds. And if don’t like it once you have it, they will buy it back 100%. I was ready to buy a traditional gun safe until I saw this and it changed my mind. I’m not worried about thieves. I’m worried about people, specifically kids getting to my guns and I’m worried about protecting my guns while they are stored. Secureit handles all those concerns. Watch a few videos before you pan this unit. And think about what you really want.

Randall Kelley says:

Really 30 minutes is a good estimate for gun safes, both for fire and entry. Fires burn around 1500 degrees, -,+ 200 degrees. Most fire depts will not enter a building if no one is inside. Just the way it is…

dnhman says:

a tad pricey

Jesus Liera says:

You tube shouldn’t have any problem with that it’s a safe don’t they want to promote safety lol

Frank Hellman says:

Before you go paying for Vimeo, check out sites like UGEtube. A bunch of YT gun channels are setting up their backups there, the site isn’t guns only, and there’s a very easy way to automatically import all your YT content to that platform. Plus, of course, you don’t have to pay. Check it out. (no, I’m not affiliated, BTW).
Please keep up the great work!

rhugh02 says:

I have this cabinet, was a little pricey but love it! great product.

James Nosactivated says:

It’s a good thing you didn’t get that from IKEA.

I just bought a trunk monkey for my guns.

Behind Enemy lines says:

UPS or FedEx would find a way to damage it! Be thankful it has wording one it, at least it didn’t come with just pictures (and no word instructions)

Richard Hoffarth says:

As always, Joel, very well done!

almerick9 says:

When buying a long gun in California. Does this specific model from SecureIT meet the requirements for storing a long gun?

Cav Trooper 19D says:

Maybe should call it Oppressed Gun Guy TV as a Californian, lol! Just a joke, Sir! I enjoy the videos. Just came across the Saiga video you did two years ago and thought id watch a few more. Im 3-4 months away from a full year of creating firearm and antique militaria videos. Certainly is different being on this side as a content creator than i had perceived. I started doing this when the attack on 2nd Amendment was getting too much for me to sit by and just contact my congressman and go to rallies. I wanted to be another voice in the fight. I started when monetization was nil, so expecting to make any type of money was not in my idea regardless. I didn’t think it would be so hard to get subscribers since we are all like minded individuals. I also realized pretty quickly the amount of free time it takes to make a single video at even 10 minutes long! I am a US Army Cavalry Trooper and that eats up a lot, but try to make sure i get a video out each week or two if my schedule is too tight. It can all be frustrating at times, but feel that the message is worth the time invested. Thank you, Sir! I look for smaller channels to subscribe to in hopes it helps and maybe karma will return the favor ;-). Keep up the great work, Gun Guy! Cav, Hooah!

Johnny Dee says:

I would love to see a pry test. I haven’t seen one done on a secure it model 52. Maybe start off with a screw driver and a hammer then work your way up. We all know you can get into anything with a cheap grinder. Just look at 10gauge steel being cut with a grinder.

adviceman52 says:

My sense is that ANYTHING that stops or slows down a thief is a good thing. Virtually ANYTHING you can put valuables in can be breached by a dedicated thief with time & tools !!! I care about my few guns, but definitely don’t have the $700.00-1,500.00 for a great safe. Great video, Joel !!!

huckleberry602 says:

Gun cabinet is a nice, practical option for gun owners. Any safe I think is way overpriced for most fiscally minded collectors on a budget.

Donward says:

also, once the gun channels such as yours go away so will my my account to youtube.

2000rayc says:

OOORRRR buy cheeap safes feel them up with rocks. so they will go with those. have spots in walls for you to have them in. if you got basement you can build small thing for them ben under ground. not like a room for person like size of that safe on the ground faceing up cover it with something.

Michael Armenta Sr. says:

Cool, can it be secured to the floor?

David Fox says:

Man I tell you u-tube remind’s me of Hitler.And the German version of the Christmas story the town with no toys hhhhmmm.history repeating it’s self for sure,but this video I surely enjoyed again.

Clint Havoc says:

I’d rather go with something heavier as a deterrent, anything that’ll help slow them down. Now I would totally love that for ammo storage!

Sean Greene says:

wow . nice little cabinet. keep the vids coming.looking foward to the next one.

Donward says:

loved the review, not so much for the product. Takes up a lot of room for little storage. Gives a false sense of security. It will keep the 10 year old out but doubt it would keep anyone else out.

liam zeal says:

Great Video. I noticed that you had nothing negative to say, its that because this product was free to you?..

Paul Dukich says:

Honestly for how much they are they’re way overpriced.. might as well buy a safe for how much they cost.

Alexis Gomez says:

Very nice but also very expensive

david deluxe says:

I have the older style and it’s just as secure as a heavy safe. They both require the same tools to break into them. If the thief wants to get in they will. Just mount it to the floor and it’s not going anywhere.

Luis Luque says:

Can you bolt it on the floor? Or wall?

Aaron Roberts says:

What’s the best way to secure guns and valuables in an apartment?

Moises Urbina says:

Hey, what do you think about the proposed three way split of California? Would gun laws be mirrored, or will the opportunity for a fresh start happen?

PatricG says:

I just got one of those. They didn’t ship the rifle cradles and bases, so waiting on those. Good service though, called them and they shipped them the same day, no problems. I have a liberty safe also. Still on the fence as to whether to go completely to these cabinets or not yet. Thanks for the video, excellent video, as always.

Sick Boy says:

I wouldn’t keep a BB gun in there, Liberty Safes is the way to go, but then again, I care about my guns..

Roy Darvin says:

Lol! Nothing is ticking,That’s a big boom .that’s very nice.

MattV2099: Guns & Food says:

cool vid, man

El Terrible SoCal says:

$600? Cool for an apt. and a very small gun collection.

William Tarpein says:

Just what I’m looking for!

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