Stack-On 24-Gun Fire & Waterproof Safe Review

Review of the Stack-On 24-Gun Fire & Waterproof Safe with Door Storage ( A dependable safe with some extra features which make it a great buy for the money!

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Model # FSW-24-GP-E-S. 30.5″ Long x 23.25″ Wide x 56″ High. Fire rated at 1400 degrees for 30 minutes and Waterproof rating up to 2 feet of water for 72 hours.

So far this safe has met all of my expectations without breaking the bank for the size and features. I am not a huge fan of the electronic combination, but it does offer a large backup key in the event you are unable to get the electronic combination pad to work due to dead battery or faulty electronics.


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–VIDEO on my SentrySafe 10-Gun Fire Safe:

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Glocked 17 says:

Very nice review. I never thought about wal mart. I prefer combination lock also. I subscribed. Do you still use this safe. any issues?

Clifford Latko says:

do those measurements include the handle and keypad?

M Sal89 says:

Im catching up to u, I got 2 rifles now

Sam Don says:

You don’t need no more guns


The empty shelf is a good spot for a porn stash.

Keith Bloom says:

I just installed this exact safe a couple of days ago. Like you said 24 guns would be pushing it. Overall I’m very pleased with it. Thanks for the video!

Mr. Chisels says:

great review, I just got the 36 gun behemoth and it’s got lots of room to grow!!Thanks!

bugman34202 says:

What is with you people ??? This is a fire resistant Gun Cabinet, not a bomb proof chamber . Of course if criminals had the time and were determined , they could breach the safe, most of the time they do not . This is an added layer of security for your stuff. Don’t trash the blue collar gun safe , it beats the hell out of grandaddy’s living-room wood and glass gun cabinet !


Alex Garcia says:

Great review and nice collection bud….

firebirdude2 says:

1:00 Ehhh that gap up in the top left kinda scares me. Looks like I could get a pry bar in there…

TheShermandale says:

Looks sweet, bro.  I’ve been needing a new one.  Might check this one out.

Hunter Campbell says:

shot gun chokes in the door ,if nobody said or not

HollowPoint762x39 says:

Love the ak47 m70

Dave L says:

Sir great video

bryantlee1981 says:

Its 549 rite now

Tyler's Three Season Lawn Care says:

The pencil things I believe they are for shotgun ammo or like she’ll like dehumidifiers

Wolfe girl says:

How much is it

Indy Jones says:

i noticed you have it sitting on feet to raise it off the ground. does it come with those or did you buy separately?

lifted0422 says:

I struggled with a 300 pound safe

winterwolf2012 says:

I own a Steelwater 22 gun safe. (2 hour fire at 1875 Deg.) Almost 800 pounds………………… This is the type of secure gun safe you need for that great gun collection. Best wishes…….

binyamj says:

Nothing against your video, but why would you put thousands of dollars worth of firearms into a cheap Chinese safe? 400 pounds means the safe has barely any metal content. Punching through the side of that safe would be extremely simple. Also, prying that door would be very easy. These cheap safes are cheap for a reason. They won’t protect anything. If I had a collection like yours, I would invest in something with much higher quality. 

jesterman63 says:

2 inches of water?

SCORPION101 says:

More guns makes man happy. thanks for the model number. I am looking for a new safe myself, more stuff make’s wife….well I will buy her something soon. overall, great video and points you made. thank you. WTF is an NRA gun.

phil brown says:

Have you had any corrosion problems?

Ghondi1 says:

Yea it was only 499 bucks during black friday. I was about 50 bucks short. Kicked myself in the ass… Sucks.. Wish I could have gotten it, But I think I am going to just make a secret room or two in my house instead. 

Calvin Smith says:

Are you able to control the climate in the safe?

Justin J says:

This may be a dumb question, but I’m new to this stuff. But why would the master key storage slot be right behind the keypad?

mralk969 says:

Hey man get your guns out of that safe fast.those safe appear to be secure but you can get in them fast.last week they got me good, broke in my stack on elite fast.get your self a safe from good safe company fort knox,libery, browning, pentagon. They got in my stack on and didn’t even knock off the lock.

zippysmitty says:

those “pencil holders” are shotgun shell holders. lol. nice review though.

RisArms says:

Looks pretty nice for a budget Safe Bro…I like it…


those “pencil holders” are for shotgun shells lol

Entity Nation says:

Are you getting ready for a zombie apocalypse or something

MA55ACRE says:

just curious are you not supposed to store your ammo in there as well. ?

bison uberti says:

Those are not pencil holders… they are magazine holders. Shoot lots and stay safe.

SonOfPatriots says:

NICE VERY NICE!  going to buy my first safe this (Black) Friday.  Sentinel 30 gun

Bo Biscuit says:

I think I’m gonna pick up the total defense. Over double the fire rating, 28 gun, and it’s got a electric outlet (which should be standard) so u don’t have to worry about drilling into it and ruining ur warranty. They run around 8-900

JediNachos says:

Nice.  Thanks for sharing.

Ken Rypka says:

What to do when my combo wont respond. Wont open

rls303 says:

Great seeing a review from someone i trust, been looking at safes for the past two weeks, Thanks for the info

alterian666 says:

What’s the gauge of the safe

jkelley05 says:

I purchased the same safe of, and so far seems to be pretty descent for the money. My local walmart actually has one left over in the store from black friday. I would say overall I’m satisfied with the qaulity for money. The only thing I think that would have stepped it up to bit better is more live action bolts (only has 3) would have been nice to have one out the top and one out the bottom. and I wish the  locking bolts would actuate farther out. I get the filling the bolts only go around 1/2″ behind the retaining wall. Like I said not a big deal, but would definetly keep a theif out of it much longer. Very nice for the money though.Very Nice review though. May be the only one online of this particular safe.

White Powers says:

a couple whacks to the hinges with an axe and sludge and that thing is toast

gwroute127 gwroute127 says:

only 4 digit code?

Dion White says:

this safe is perfect for me. I got about $10,000 in shotguns AR-15 AR-10 hunting rifles and about 15 handguns. any safe can be broken into. And I know a lot of people like the trash the Stack-On brand in Stack-On safe. But with motion detectors and a security system in my house and cameras synced to my Android phone that I can look on it any minute period and two German Shepherds running around my house all or part of my security system

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