Stack-On Gun Safe – Review

In this video we take a up close and detailed look at a Stack-on gun safe. I also show you some of the “inner workings”. This is a good safe for the average homeowner who would like some extra security for their guns and valuables. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the Amazon link for this safe:


FS-36-MB-E FS-36-MG-C FS-24-MB-E FS-24-MG-C FS-18-MG-C FS-14-MB-E FS-14-MG-C FS-8-MB-E FS-8-MG-C SS-22-MB-E SS-22-MG-C SS-16-MB-E SS-16-MG-C SS-10-MB-E SS-10-MG-C SS-8-MG-C

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Delar Original says:

Thank you for this review! The Stack-On company video wasn’t very informative.

Joe Brown says:

Thanks for the great review. I was looking at this after getting rid of my Harbor Freight. i liked it until I set an ammo box in the bottom and then couldn’t get the door to close any more. I guess the weight warped it so much the bolts wouldn’t fit back into the holes. Anyway, thanks for taking off that door panel and exposing the combination lock. I was wondering if you found a way to change the combination by loosening that nut and spinning them around? I was going to misspell some words in my post, and get Armored Atheist all in a tizzy, but I decided to be the mature one in the room 🙂 I am moving to Arizona and I am going to look at some ingenious guys in the area of Tucson who are gutting out old broken soda machines and turning them into guns safes. You should check them out on Craigslist.

2000rayc says:

i was told this are bad because what there mad of

firebirdude2 says:

1:13 “I’m not sure what these holes are for….” I’m out. Next video please.

El Guapo says:

The holes in the back are for bolting the safe to a stud so that it is firmly affixed to your structure and difficult to remove and carried away.

Armored Atheist says:

that is NOT a safe, you keep referring to as a SAFE. it is NOT…
it is strictly an RSC or residential security container or cabinet. the word safe is tossed around too freely to convey a false sense of security.


Ohhh, suuure. Just show the mechanism so that criminals can see it. Thumbs down.

Joseph M says:

It’s a decent security fire resistant cabinet to keep kids and honest people out.

Power Gear says:

My Walmart Sentinel has same locking mechanism. i plan to MOD mine with the Securam securelogic extreme kit. it is a electronic/combination all in one

stack-on and sentinel are the same design..

40cal says:

Got one on Amazon. Thanks.

plow says:

great video I will be getting the stack on 24 gun safe at walamart

lil red says:

can’t open my safe which way do you turn dial

vista7 says:

Good review. Home Depot has the one with the electronic combination. I am a little weary of getting the one w/ the electronic combo but it does have a back-up key. Dick’s has a similar safe but the shelving does not have much to offer.

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