Steel Water gun safe.

This is a Steel Water gun safe.


3djooboy says:

what a pile of unmitigated shit. 4 guys can tip it over and hold it…….fuck off. that alone tells you this thing is made from piss thin steel and fucking drywall. Anyone who knows what they are doing would be in that pile of shit in 90 seconds

Silver Falkon says:

First response.

Very interesting!


ashgrove07 says:

Is that a Steelwater gunsafe????

vladislav ivanov says:

Lol. 🙂

Oszz Gerald says:

Hit the sides on that coke can who attacks the door anymore?

FJSA Steve says:


Aaron Holter says:

which model is this test done on?

El Stupido says:

Maybe you should let a smarter man try. How are you gonna retract the bars if you broke the handle off.

madmagrider says:

You sell safes with 12 guage steel. Enough said.

vladislav ivanov says:


Scott Hurtado says:

No one is going to bring an axe? Use some damn power tools.

Mean Gyrene76 says:

Like my grandmother used to say….it’s built like a brick sh*thouse…..

Kamikaze Krunch says:

I would like to see a saw blade made for metal and see how long the side of that safe lasts because honestly, I would be more worried about the hole on the top or side compared to the door which is easier to prevent a thief from prying in.

Taylor Morgan says:

The beat with the music at the very beginning and at 46 seconds makes me die laughing.

Webinator says:

Misleading. No thief would attack the door with an axe. They would go from the sides with a fireman’s pick axe. Show how it stands up to that please.

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