Steelwater Review

Steelwater 24 Gun Safe 592820XT


TheRoadhammer379 says:

Steelwater says they use Sargent and Greenleaf electronic locks, the same company that makes electronic locks for banks. You got the LaGard model lock, so perhaps thats why you have the opinion of…”its ok”. Should’ve opted for the S&G lock.

Cruiser 700 says:

Nice choice I love mine, sorry about ur house bro I can’t imagine how bad that sux. Good luck and thanx for commenting!

David Ciolino says:

Yeah been looking for a review on one. I figured about 3 days for mine too. Comming from SC warehouse. And i live in Louisiana .The one I ordered is 888lbs. Should be a blast to move. Haha. But I have 2 buddies comming to help me. So shouldn’t be too awful. My house burned down at the end of January. In the process of rebuilding now. It happend about a month after I went and picked up a Winchester safe at tractor supply. It was a 24 gun model. That’s why I ordered a 45 steelwater. Them fuckers fill up fast. But that winchester did it’s job. Everything in the safe was fine. They are definitely worth investing in.

curt31tom says:

I actually love Steelwater safes but at 900 bucks you got the one that’s only 12 gauge!! the ones you saw them taking n ax to were 9 gauge!! you got a nice safe but I just don’t want you to think it can stand up to what you saw on the video that was a 9 gauge safe I do think you did get the better cam locking system which helps guard against attacks to the bolts from the side.

almetcalf says:

I like the door storage on this one. If Steelwater still put that in I would have bought one of their safes, but they have gone to some cheap Velcro on pockets.

AKAliusE60 says:

Thanks for making and sharing this video. I’ve been looking for a video on these safes from a consumers point of view, not many out there.

I just purchased a 24 lg today. How long did it take from purchase to delivery?

David Ciolino says:

Nice Video bro. I actually just ordered me one. I ordered the 45 gun model. It hasn’t arrived yet. They are waiting on another shipment for that model. Should have it by the middle of next month. That seem to be pretty solid to me.

Cruiser 700 says:

Yeah the safe is awesome and heavy lol. Shipping was great, once they shipped it I had it in 3 days I’m in Ohio. Glad u liked it didn’t see many good reviews so I had to share.

oilveinstack says:

Do NOT show everyone in the world what you have! Anyone who knows their way around a computer can find your exact address and knows almost exactly which model of safe you have and how to get into it, or has enough guys to successfully move it out. If you are watching this, don’t show what you have, someone has less and will take yours just to have more. Do whatever you want. my opinion..

Flexapr says:

I just now received this exact Gun Safe -> Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection for 45 Minutes AMEGS592216-BLK

Am I going to be able to bolt this (secure this) down onto my concrete slab garage floor? Any and all advice much appreciated. Thanks.

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