superior safe review

superior safe master 25, all pictures are of the same safe but looks different depending on lighting.


HifiCentret says:

I don’t think EMP is a concern for safe lock. Sure the risk is there. But you can get specially EMP protected electronics locks where you’ll need an extremely powerful EMP to disable the lock. Rather I think of it as more reliable. The risk of sudden breakdown is smaller and if someday you combo doesn’t work try dialing it ½ number more or less as the lock has probably become worn. That’s right a lock should be serviced just like your car with clean and fresh lubrication. Or since a lock isn’t that expensive you can also choose just to use it until it’s worn out.
You can also get special two in one lock where you normally just enter you code but if electronics or the electronic actuator for some reason doesn’t work you can pull out on it and a traditional safe dial is revealed. I bet it’s a bit expensive but hey you can get it if you want. You could also (don’t know if Superior offers it) go with a traditional redundant lock. Unlock either the electronic or mechanical to gain access. Not to confuse with double locks where both needs to be opened but I think if you had these concerns you’d get a much better safe for start. Not saying it’s bad, just there’s better out the – sky is the limit.

Copperheadroad1 says:


Johnny Lanoue says:

Any chance you could make a comment about the positioning of your self-install LED light kit from Superior? I have bought a Superior safe very similar to what you purchased. The instructions are so limited. I can see the sensor position but not the LED. Any help? Thanks.

reempire888 says:

If I’m looking to mount it on the second floor, given it is 850lbs, is it necessary to somehow reinforce the subfloor??

hafkey334 says:

Thanks for the comments; you did a good review as well. I do have to say I like your door panel better. I wonder if it was a production change, yours was made in the 1st qtr. mine in the 2nd qtr.

Fishbone4122 says:

Very good review! This is the one I have wanted since 2010 just havent pulled the trigger. Thanks for the review!

J Dub says:

Thanks for the video. Been looking at a few brands but Superior kept rising to the top for what I was looking for and your review sealed it for me. Thanks again.

Mike Johnson says:

+1 for Drew and Denver Safe (303.333.7233). I had him replace the digital combo on my safe. Very professional and quick service. Great guy / company to deal with.

hafkey334 says:

Glad you enjoyed the video. Nice choice on the cherry that is a great color for a safe.

spector188 says:

Excellent review! I found the same information as you on Superior safes as well, which is not much. If you head to my channel you will see my review and see that I also received my 25 about 3 weeks ago though my door panel is a bit different and mine didn’t come with a light kit which I do want to install. Thanks and great vid!

Justin Jahnz says:

How do you like the lighting kit? I just ordered a master 50. I can’t wait to get it! Are there predrilled holes in the floor for bolting down? Nice safe and review!

douchebagout says:

Nice review, i saw the same video on weapons education. My grey textured finish master 25 is getting installed this weekend. Cant wait!! Thanks for information

hafkey334 says:

I installed my light bar to the ceiling using a couple of thin plastic clips that I slid between the two pieces of fire board. I attached the light to the plastic clips with the wire from bag ties. This method I found to be the best because the velcro is weak and comes off after about a month. Keeping it high and tight to the ceiling keeps it out of the way and I feel gives the best light coverage for my safe. I hope this is helpful.

RickyBobby BobbyRicky says:

I’m in the market for a safe. Is there any advice that you could give based on your years of use? Anything that made you ask yourself why did or didn’t they do this or that? Thanks

Tony Galyean says:

I have the same model, same color. It’s a quality product. The top shelf is cheap particle board though. If you put too much ammo on it, it will fold like a soft taco and dump the contents down on the remainder of the contents and make a big mess……ask me how I know. LOL. Once that was repaired and reinforced I’ve had no further issues.

Heavyhauler 1979 says:

I just put the Master40 on lay away in NC FOR 2842 the 3/8 plate door and the 1&1/2″ bolts sold me on it pay alittle on it at time so it doesn’t break the bank good vid though I watched the weapons ed vid also a good vid.

muddog1able says:

great vid question how manny long guns it hold and where you order and how much

Silver Hoarder says:

Great video man. Thanks!

Steven Peters says:

Years later, would you still say that it is a good safe ? Thanks, great video

10MoreGuns says:

The plate on the door is thicker than the entire door metal thickness on most other safes. They mostly just cover the inner parts to the door locks. Good choice. Beautiful safe.

hafkey334 says:

Prices very due sales that may be going on at the time and what paint job and lock you are looking to have on your safe. I would recommend checking with Drew at Colorado Safe Outlet (303-333-7233) so you can get an accurate figure.

Rodger Wilson says:

I also just bought a superior safe from the same company. I originally wanted a liberty safe but after seeing how the door was made on this safe I was convinced this was the safe to buy.

hafkey334 says:

The lighting kit that my safe came with works good for me, I like it. It took me a little work to find what would be the best placement of the light bar to give the best overall coverage with light and least amount of shadows. I had to redue a few things to get the best performance from the light bar, I hung mine from the ceiling. Safes come bolted to a crate for shipping, you those same hole for bolting it to the floor. Thank you and good choice on the 50.

lawman0107 says:

What was the price on this safe?

Mario Mosin says:

Love your safe love the two tone color, Champion Safes also makes the Summit Safe, Superior and I believe they make another low price option in the champion line of safes, its always good to do your research, great video.

wildmanjeff42 says:

nice !

I am wanting one in the cherry finish. Planning on saving up and buying in the next 2 months. Thanks for the video

Cayman King says:

Superior is one of the best bangs for you buck out there. You get good body thickness and solid plate door at an affordable price. Even the model below the Master has the same solid plate door.

hafkey334 says:

This model holds up to 28 longs but if have scopes on your rifles it will cut down on that number considerably. Prices very due sales that may be going on at the time and what paint job and lock you are looking to have on your safe. I would recommend checking with Drew at Colorado Safe Outlet (303-333-7233) so you can get an accurate quote.

Copperheadroad1 says:

I just bought the exact same safe with the same color. I love it. Great quality and MADE IN AMERICA BY AMERICANS

hafkey334 says:

I agree I think Superior makes a great looking safe, one of the best in my opinion. Thanks for the suggestion I’ll have to check into getting a combination light.

James Lester says:

I saw this one at the state fair today and it is an excellent safe as is your review. Well done.

blastman8888 says:

Looks like a good safe been down to my local dealer one of the few who are still using thick steel doors which I consider a must have with the cheap LCD cameras can be bought down days doors easily drilled with a uni-bit and a battery powered drill. The only thing I would want is larger drill protection plate around the locking area not a tiny plate in front of the combo.

Eric Langlois says:

Very nice. I just orderd a untouchable 55. Yesterday . 15 week wait . Looked at a lot of safes and found the door to be good but the safe body to be thin . Don’t have this problem with the hire end superior safes. Good vid thanks

FJSA Steve says:

Would be helpful to know what gauge steel is used for body.

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