The Best (and Worst) Quick Access Safes for Rifles and Shotguns

If you want to securely store a rifle or shotgun but still have access to it at a moment’s notice, one of these quick-access safes might be just what you’re looking for. In this review, we’re looking at six different long gun storage solutions ranging in price from $150-400.

How to Prevent Gun Theft:

Quick Access Pistol Safes:

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InkwellFoto says:

With the shotlock, put a piece of velcro on the door for the extra rounds. Putting the safe in a closet behind clothes should conceal it and keep the kids unaware.

No SecureIt review? I thought they do well to address some of the issues you mentioned. Price is the negative for me.

MR Oliver says:

You should review secure it fast box. Good video.

CDgonePotatoes says:

I can see myself putting the last safe vertically behind my bed, not gonna be as fast taking it out as you said but it takes very little space and acts as a spacer for the sockets

Jerry Tiernan says:

I’ve watched this video 3 times now. Tons of good points. Really value your opinion and your search for good information keep it up! Love it!

BILLYBOB2424 Johnson says:

Chris how could you forget the American flag safe? It is gorgeous, inconspicuous, and accessible!

Abhishek Singh says:

Only 13% of home invasions happen when someone is in the home. Lock up your guns, or else a criminal might get to them. Great video by the way, I never knew how unreliable some safes could be. I think I’ll replace some of my own safes with something more reliable.

bbqgriller45 says:

What’s your opinion on the secure it gun lockers?

Justin Doig says:

Off subject of this particular video but, recently I saw an article talking about keeping a separate pair of range shoes in the back of you truck to keep lead exposure down. I then saw a PDF put together by the state of Illinois recommending all these crazy steps to avoid lead exposure; separate shoes, clothes, hat, or coveralls to be put on and off before even entering your vehicle to go back home. Washing your hands and face didn’t seem too weird to me, though I’ve never seen anyone wash their face before leaving the range. My question if you would please Chris, or others that have spent many years around firearms, is this something you should be concerned with if you shoot once a week or so? What do you and others you know do? Is anything other than washing your hands just ridiculous? Thank you!

JK 241 says:

show me the better ones

C Cc says:

What about secureit tactical? They’re in a class of their own and are pretty unique

Kentucky Justice says:

Those are some viable options for a variety of income levels and personal needs. But if anyone feels the need for firearm access during their sleeping hours, my personal experience has taught me (been there, done that) that any time delay in accessing that firearm could change the outcome of a personal protection event. Waking up and processing what is going on, requires a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. One needs to be able to grab their firearm (with a light mounted on it) and be ready to address the breech/threat, immediately. Keeping a firearm on a nightstand, on the floor next to the bed, on a rack mounted between the mattress and box springs, or someplace similar, is the only way to go. Of course, some customizations have to be made for specific family needs, and that’s exactly what this video conveys. The caveat is, maybe *nothing is better when it comes to an intermediate, “one or few gun” safe. Thanks for the video.

Mark Brandt says:

V line doesn’t need that foam inside. Take it out and you can fit your shotgun in probably

Daniel Hestopher says:

In this day and age I feel like a mechanical locking mechanism is just as likely to fail as a comparable electronic locking mechanism.

Robnord1 says:

Actually, the _Snapsafe XL_ is more than a little larger than the 6″Hx40″W standard model underbed unit. Mine is 7″Hx48″Wx24″D overall. Lots of room inside for several guns, ammo, and other valuables. Very impressed with mine after 5 months.
Great video! It’s good to discuss this stuff now. Later it will probably be legally required.

Joe Hatton says:

“Here are some safes. If they have any electronics, I don’t trust em. ”

Saved everyone 9 and a half minutes. 😉

Doug O says:

Great review as always on a subject that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Another option while not really a “safe” is the Tactical Wall 1450. It is childproof and with a magnet or RFID release mechanism it is super fast to open and because it just looks like a mirror I highly doubt any criminal would realize it is a safe. There is the installation factor but if you can hang a picture on the wall then you can install it in about 15 minutes and your wife gets a full length mirror as a bonus!

Paul Schlaffer says:

The SecureIt Fast Box is well designed and can be mounted in a vehicle if desired. I also have been using a Verifi pistol safe with a fingerprint reader for over a year. This one has a high end reader, and has never failed to read my fingerprint once. It gets used twice daily, and I trust it.
You’re right that mechanical locks are overall more durable, as there are less things to fail. However the one thing to keep an eye on with some button style mechanical locks, is the paint on the side of the buttons will show wear marks over time, if there’s any rubbing contact. I’ve “cracked” some before by just looking for the wear. Just something to check and keep an eye on.

Dave Gibilisco says:

Excellent presentation. I have been searching the market for a storage case for a shotgun, with easy access for awhile now, and the ones that you presented are not only very practical, but affordable. Thank you for the time you put into this video.

Caleb Clark says:

Waste of money. Stand your rifle up in your closet

keenan walker says:

I want one of the tactical walls those things are awesome and they really do look nondescript

Craig Smith says:

I wish Fort Knox would make that shotgun safe in a drawer-style, or at least have the door on the long side. The construction and lock look good, but it seems like it’d be hard to grab your shotgun quickly in a home invasion.

Amateur Tactical says:

I’d like to see some safes that are more viable reviewed. This video and the pistol safe video is mostly a tour de force of things that suck… not very useful ultimately from a consumer standpoint. Great video, though.

James Baldwin says:

Like my father used to say “Locks aren’t meant to keep criminals out. They’re made to keep honest people honest.” Also from my personal experience when buying a safe, It’s not about buying a safe that someone can’t get into. It’s buying time to keep the robber long enough that you might catch him or a neighbor report it or buying time against a house fire. No safe is unbeatable just some are tougher to get in.

Retr0 says:

What about gun cages, What options are available for people interested in a commerical and/or residential mounting like security compounds or man cave that also looks good.when displayed in open view.

Loy Donaldson says:

@luckygunnerammo any experience with the SecureIt fast boxes?

Michael O'Donoghue says:

Unfortunately in South Australia (where I live) Guns can not be Used for Personal Protection (unless you’re a Licensed Security Officer) and not for Property Protection at all.
Under Our Gun Laws, storing a Gun with a Bolt loaded and Ammunition in a Loaded Magazine is Completely Illegal and if detected during an Inspection would cost Me My Gun Licence and Confiscation of all My Guns and Ammunition.
For Us it’s Gun in One Steel Box, Ammunition in another Steel Box and Bolts in a Third Steel Box (with Assembly being Required before Gun were Operational and just try loading a Magazine in a High Stress Situation; it simply wouldn’t work.
You Guys are just so Lucky.

SnowroxKT says:

I really appreciate these videos, I recently bought the Fort Knox Pistol Box and am very happy with that (and it came with a Front Sight class for FREE!) Great Points on all of these.

mlui 6 says:

Does anyone know if the shotgun version of the Hornady Wall Lock can fit a shotgun with a rail and rear sight attached?

J Interest89 says:

What do you think of the SecureIt Fast 47 safe? I have been doing research and that seems the most ideal pick so far. I’m curious to your thoughts, or anybody else who cares to chime in…

Geoffrey Hoffman says:

You said we’d have to pay more for a decent solution. What would be some of those? As others said, you generally didn’t like the ones in this video; if one had more cash, are there any you do like?

Elliot White says:

What if you just used the bypass key exclusively instead of relying on the electronics?

notblakebray says:

So I just watched a 10 min video for you to tell me they are all shit…cool.

kyle v says:

I want to buy from them because they put so much work into their tests but the shipping is insane. $18 for a little 20 round box?????

V.S. USA says:

U didn’t suggest a good solution…

crossnine says:

Very informative, thanks!

LibertyChive says:

I’ve had the VLine safe for a couple of years, and I like the quick access mechanical lock.

blackops2096 says:

That’s all great, but it really doesn’t tell me the best type of rapid deployment safe there is regardless of price. It just kind of shits on every low to medium range safe there is for this type of storage, lol.

Alvaro Navarro says:


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