The BEST car safe

Hornady Armlock car safe

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JG Harts says:

Good vid H! I truly like this handgun safe so far that I have seen thanks to you. Sadly, it’s been discontinued.

MrRicholive says:

get them while you can they are out of production…..

Scoobydoo 39 says:

Wow….that is so weird i havent carried my DeSantis holster same as yrs in over a year till lastnight before going to work… an i get off an looking forward to weekend an seen yr vid posted an their also is holster same as mine. Lol wow.

TheOl1911 says:

nice! The one I use is Lock’er Down which sits in the center console concealed. I did a vid on it a long time ago. but this is also a good option. You are right re: the smash and grab tactics/behaviors. One thing for sure if you are going to disarm and leave a gun behind in the car – gotta put it in a safe of some sort. I know 4 guys from the club that had their handguns stolen out of their cars (they suspected it was inside jobs) and they never got their guns recovered and they have no clue who has them or what they are using them for… thanks for sharing! Happy Turkey Day!

John Space says:

I hope you are hiding that out of plain view. Someone might borrow your Honda to find out what is in that lock box.

DogeSec Memes/Beats says:

Now my Friday is complete. Awesome and informative video!

partyboy3d says:

Good lord man, you talk so much $#¡7 !! Sorry but this should had been a 30 sec review worth on information.

Keith Gregory says:


Chris Lenz says:

Good review. Thanks! Recently I bought the Aliengear 4.0 iwb holster for my Glock 43. Very happy with it. It’s part of their modular ShapeShift system, something that is really catching on. Maybe it is something worth reviewing?

Ryan Swift says:

I’ve been using that same lock box for a few years now. It is awesome! I finally bought the thickest chain Lowe’s had. Looped that around back seat anchor in my truck. It is much easier to get to now. I have some slack to safe out.

JG Harts says:

Thanks for the safe info! I ordered one. Unfortunately they stop making this particular safe which bothers me cause I really like it.

Ron Gunner says:

Very nice!

Tactical Empire says:

Going get myself one. I like that g43 holster too

BIG D says:

How much I need one

Saharat Chaiyasith says:

What’s happened to your right hand finger?

pmart06 says:

Awesome vid can you do and update on your hornady gun box safe I was thinking of putting it in truck

CZ 1always says:

are those pins on the inside that hold the bar metal ? And is it think enough to hold a N size revolver . thanks

Jose O says:

How good is the Taran Tactital +6 extension? I’m a little worried about using an aftermarket spring on my glock mag, has anyone had any issues with that?

VinnyS914 says:

A smash & grab guy would NOT spend ten minutes looking for a gun. MY fear would be if the car was stolen & taken to the chop shop…….they’d find it.

E Allen1775 says:

I wanna get one and keep it unhooked and sitting on the passenger seat, and only leave a not inside that says “gotcha”

Scoobydoo 39 says:

Only reason i use insted of sticky holster that dont last long anyways. Also once you draw tou have to take holster out an re insert an back on hip…now with DeDantis you can draw an wont collapse. Great holster

Joseph Glover says:

Where can I buy this?

GunsHarleysUSA says:

I have two of this type gun safes and I have never used one yet because I NEVER’ take my weapon off unless I need to go into a Government Center where they scan your person for weapons otherwise I pay no attention to signs that say no guns allowed. Good video Paul as always.

Donnell Capers Jr. says:

Watching the video for a review of the safe, not to see how many guns you have and how tricked out they are.

Danny Barber says:

I don’t want a gun safe I have to use a key to get into. I want the key fab, or wrist fab

whiskey papa says:

$40.90 out the door at Botach….jesayin.

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