The Best Closet Gun Safe – Champion Model T
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Motion Sensing 20LED Bar

Eva-Dry E-333


cordelmar says:

Install a dead bolt on the closet door to make it more time consuming to open.
How wide is it?

jagervw says:

Made in the USA?

ontarioknivesNS7 says:

The closet Is a great idea. Keeps someone from being able to easily shift it around or move it or break into it somehow. Bolted down, in a closet would be ideal

Hunter Howell says:

Champion and superior were founded by someone that used to work for Liberty safe out of Provo, Utah

RockHumper says:

Hey highjak try these for long gun storage…makes a 12 gun safe actually fit 12 long guns even with some having optics. with the forty bucks!

Logic Bob says:

One thing about those electronic lock keypads is you can buy a spare one. The code is stored in a chip inside the door so if your keypad dies, you go get your backup keypad and replace it to get in the safe. Obviously not good in an emergency but better than being locked out and having to have a tech come out. If you do this though, DO verify your backup keypad works! My backup came totally dead/inop!

Paul Goranson says:

Zomboom!!!!!!! Mandatory for any arsenal.

woemoejack says:

That lock looks pretty similar to the one on my Canon. Eats 9 volts very quickly, not sure if you’ve had it long enough to notice battery life but I’d be cautious. I keep a few spares on top of the safe because I’ve been locked out before, luckily not in an emergency..

Bubba Clinton says:

Good job, I have an identical one but with mechanical lock. I paid 950 delivered. I can get about 9 or 10 guns in per side.

t brown says:

i heard you just came out of the closet.

Joe DeForest says:

What motion safe lights are those?

Sam Karr says:

Lookin fit bro.

Hale Cooley says:

what pistol was in the door?

R L says:

hate how the never list what body of safe is. most attacks are to corner, sides or pry door off

Mario Mosin says:

Very nice safe I agree concealment is a must it’s a lot harder when you have a huge safe, great job on the review

Jere Potts says:


A8vscRrabbit says:

i went with a liberty colonial 50. i didnt have a closet to hide it in. im thinking about getting a seperate ammo safe since it takes up too much room

Dale Rogers says:

Pella Iowa, need to check my spelling more often…

Surplus Firearm says:

What do you do if the electronic lock fails and you can’t get into the safe? Worse case scenario, an EMP could knock out access to the guns – just when you need it. I’m not being critical, cause I have the electronic lock on mine, and worry about what to do if the lock fails or EMP. Can’t get at my guns when I need them most.

Modern gun guy says:

I’ve got a cheaper brand safe that says it holds 48 and it actually holds 48 and that’s not including the pistol patches on the door.. holds 48 rifles

Garrett says:

Great review,

I’m in the market for a new gun safe and really do appreciate the detailed review.

I’m have a few safes in mind that are in this price range, and this is one of my top choices. I was wondering do you believe that it’s secure enough to stop an average burglary?

Most of the statistics I have seen including police reports, seemed to suggest that an average burglary consists of a one or two people coming in the home and rummaging through things as quickly as possible spending less than 10 minutes total in the home. It also suggests that they are usually equipped with basic hand tools like a screwdrivers, hammer, and pocket crowbar.

So do you believe that this safe can hold up to 10 or 15 minutes of someone trying to pry or open the safe using those tools?

Again, great review Thanks.

Darren Landis says:

I just started my safe search and saw this one in my local gs and it was 799.00 thanks for the video

ahyhijooooo says:

Cannon offers lifetime for free

Whitpusmc says:

Can you do a link on the lights and the dehumidifier?

MikeLat34 says:

I just bought one of these for 799 at a safe shop near my house. I got a dial combination lock instead but I could of gone either way with that. The salesman said the company is out of Utah but the safe is made in Mexico. I really wanted to buy one made in America but didn’t want to spend 200 dollars more and I liked this one better.

Dale Rogers says:

I have a Pella Io9wa safe. I kind of like it.


What where those motion LEDs you had in the safe? Great video Thanks

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