The BEST Defensive Handgun Safe | Vaultek Slider Review
Coupon Code – GLS18 (Now good through 12/31/18)

The Vaultek Slider Safe is seriously one of the sleekest, easiest to use, and most efficient safes I’ve ever used. Find out more info on the safe at the link above. Also, keep in mind the safe is intended to fit compact or sub-compact guns. You can use this link to make sure your gun will fit:

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Nidgehogg dragon says:

Must be nice to not have to pay 300 for it. F that. That’s a new gun.

Brad Akin says:

Coupon code says it is expired

Prattmandu says:

Love everything about it except for the 3-month battery life. I was expecting you to say “3 years” not 3 months. I just don’t see the average person remembering to charge it once every three months. I picture people forgetting to charge it, then when they actually need it quickly the battery’s dead and they have to go find their key. If the battery lasted at least one year this would be perfect. Does the safe send a reminder to your smart phone when the battery is low and needs to be charged?

Cogzed says:

I don’t think it’ll fit my glock 41 tactical.

Tim Fuhrman says:

What kind of light is on your gun

talentedmangina says:

I was trying to make a purchase with the coupon, but it says it is expired. Is it not good until the end of December?

Ryan says:

coupon code doesn’t work. says it has expired.

CRH says:

Just a matter of time before they start making survival shelters…

Robert G says:

Bad ass cool video this made me subscribe to your channel bro

nick reyna says:

I think it would be cool if the smart key had a wrist strap or necklace kit for when your asleep

lamebubblesflysohigh says:

Some of their vaults survived 200 years of nuclear apocalypse too … quality

Franklin Neely says:

That is one bad ass safe

labmn34 2018 says:

How is it when mounted in a vehicle, ide like to put in on the passenger side middle council u see the dash so it slides out just in reach

Joel Cotton says:

Coupon doesn’t work just checked

Daniel Castle says:

Could this fit a Kimber 1911

A Thug By Choice says:

I just came…

Jason Livingston says:

Gun safes are stupid. If you want your gun safe melt it down. Guns are made to be dangerous. Just don’t be on working end.

Four Site says:

When my kid gets hold of the button…

Kue Lee says:

I have the hornady RapID. Love it.

olivepressdesign says:

Says coupon is expired.

Isaiah Torres says:

Will this store a 629 magnum? Or specific for 9’s/ glocks?

Frank says:

Too loud.

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