TRUE Safe | Gun Safe Overview

Learn all about the benefits and features of the TRUE Safe by SecureIt. A cement filled double steel-walled gun safe. You’ll also learn about what went into the production of the safe and how it differs from other gun safes on the market today.

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Jay J says:

I wish you would show how your safe holds up against an angle grinder.

Ron Abelon says:

This is the proof in the pudding:
Thanks, Tom. My opinions on the safe and the company have changed. The equipment you guys sell may seem to be expensive, but certainly looks to be well worth it. Crooks would have to bring a workshop worth of equipment to get into that box. If they bring pry bars, hammers, carbide cutters, and concrete breakers, they could get in. But time and noise are a thief’s enemy.

NeraskaPrepper70 says:

For the price and capacity I’m sorry but I’m going with something else, sorry I’m sure it’s awesome but wow

JustMe9 says: You can find real safes, with burglary ratings, that are the same size, for the same money.

JustMe9 says:

So…. it’s an extra $3,000 to have the sheet metal walls filled with concrete versus a safe without. That’s a bargain. Right.

Todd Bealer says:

Are you going to go for the UL fire safe rating?

Brandon Wiggins says:

Finally the real deal. Will it be available on like the others? Thanks

korben grover says:

Would be nice if you could prove that the True safe melts carbide blades. Not much of a test if you only cut the competitors safe.

808mp5 says:

Estimated cost?

L Cavendish says:

I’d need 3 or 4…way too expensive
and they need an all-pistol option for door storage, too

justo222 says:

interesting product. got a question tho’. both this video and your website page for this product keeps mentioning “double-wall steel”, yet no one mentions what kind of steel nor what the thickness is? double-walled 24ga vs. double-walled 1/4ga is a BIG difference regardless as to what is used to fill the gaps. so also mild steel vs. hardened steel makes a big difference as well. could you further elaborate on the steel used? thanks.

Al Lambert says:

Hi folks…. Ok…. This is NOT a professional YouTube crew. Not by any means. BUT! If you take the time to check out their weekly videos starting in April 2018….. They are conveying INFORMATION…. They are trying to EDUCATE. For goodness sakes, they even provide competitor safes and show you THEIR options if you already have purchased Liberty and/or SnapOn products! Seriously….check out their product line. Yeah….top-of-the-line costs. Period. But THIS crew offers options!!!! You don’t have to buy their top-of-the-line….. But you might find THEIR options much more……..well made……and made in the USA….. Just sayin’…. (yes, I am a subscriber (new)….but NOT an employee, and haven’t even bought one of their products yet. Operative word: yet.)

Mike Smith says:

Hope the thief doesn’t have a black box. That would make your safe useless.

Marco Iarriccio says:

I need one

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