What’s inside my Gun Safe?! // Gun Safe Tour 2017(Coupon Below)

Let’s See What’s Inside my Affordable Gun Safe…..
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There are many ways to store your guns.

You could use a hidden self gun safe, put them in a safe room, a room behind a wall, a hidden room, or in gunsafes.

But today we’re going to tour my Snap Safe Super Titan XL

This is where I store my AR-15, Shotgun, Custom Glock 19, and Polymer80 Builds

When I began researching Gun Safes, I needed an affordable gun safes that would allow for moving a gun safe by yourself.

I tried to find some SnapSafe Reviews online, but I couldn’t find anything except for Snap Safe Assembly Instructions.

We’re also going to look at my gun safe lighting that’s hidden gun safe.

All the other PewTuber like Demolition Ranch are doing reviews for Liberty Safes, So I thought it was time to look at something different. Glock in my benz

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Instrumental produced by Chuki


GlockGuy226 says:

Awesome video man! That new lens looks amazing!

Dean says:

From what I’ve seen but haven’t tried, those rope LED lights will light that shit up amazingly. I think theyankeemarshal has his like that.

Glockon 9 says:

Man, I thought it was a light saber when you pulled the light from the left side of your safe!

Mario Knife Making says:

nice safe … in my country a safe is an obligation for firearms (sport shooters and hunters and collectors)

jordanaug81 says:

Very cool. My only input, for what it is worth, would be to load the magazines.

32icon says:

Nice video and safe. I would sure love one of those slides you have just hanging around. 🙂

Bayswater Blue says:

AVIS is the first and only WiFi enabled security for your gun safe. Even a bolted down safe can be cut open with a $10 harbor freight angle grinder.
Take advantage of that time and let AVIS secure your safe electronically.
AVIS immediately texts you anywhere in the world that your safe is under attack and to call authorities.

Kenneth Fox says:

You can get the rope lighting and use a battery pack. Send me a message and I’ll show you what to get from Amazon. Cheap and easy.

ImpalerGaming says:

Do you keep your shotguns/ AR’s pre loaded in the safe?

Reality - says:

Oh fuck yeah sweet right on I like the door being like that it helps with space

Daniel Williams says:

Hey boss I know ur busy love ur channel i have question I’m still new to gun building I don’t have a glock yet but it’s on the list just need advice on how to go about my build I’m starting with my fast action trigger I wanna replace it with a apex but I’m unsure if it will work any ideas

informedguy says:

Really enjoy your Vids, however that t-shirt bro. I need one of those in my life,
Where can i get one.

Siesta Time says:

My only problem with this safe is the electronic lock – Yes, it provides protection from rogue EMPs, but there doesn’t appear to be a mechanical (keyed) lock for when the owner forgets to change the battery. Not that I would ever forget. Nor you…

rich Parth says:

Haven’t found a video on glock slide parts or a slide build

The Sideshow says:

Pretty cool setup man

joe78577 says:

i placed my safe on the second floor and it was a pain in the ass lol. Took 4 of us. Been looking at these since mines pretty full already

elitemav says:

dig it!

DUIShenanigans says:

So owning a safe is great, your safe is quite nice and im happy to see you have something to lock your guns up or if anything just keep your firearms in a space you can keep track of. Now you mentioned having one specifically in case of a fire. I have worked as a volunteer fire fighter and have gone through burned down houses. I have found gun safes that were cooked. Something to keep in mind, that thicker steel, that higher fire rating makes it so there is a higher pressure seal inside the safe itself. NOT only do your guns get roasted (beyond repair) but if you keep ammo in your safe, you’re literally making your safe a bomb. (ironic right…safe…bomb) Ive seen safes that have had the entire side blown out because of the ammo that was cooked inside. I have a safe for the specific purpose to keep my kids (and their friends) out of my gun stuff

Daniel Williams says:

Or advice

Peter Vu says:

as usual, killin it !

shaun OKeefe says:

I know I need bigger safes mine are Pact. I figure you safe would be fuller with the videos you do

Hudson says:

Fire rating on safes is kinda a joke. It still super heats the contents inside and your shit still gets ruined. Like the safe tho

Ransom Seabaugh says:

I prefer batterie LEDs.if there is ever a mass power outage,or somebody cuts off your power,you can still see all of your guns! Great vid!

Kevin Ortega says:

still waiting for you to get a trr8 revolver or a mini ruger 14 all RAS out

steve fazio says:

I see you back there open I see you been seeing it I’m a pewwwtuber

David Wright says:

Looking into holland safes brother the rg22 is what I have. You need to be aware of the fire ratings. When you rate a safe for fire ratings they’re done by California or UL standards which are very very low standards. Just a little tip when you place your safe wherever it is think this one thing keep it away from fuel. And I don’t mean gasoline in a house fire or building fire wood drywall even a dresser is fuel to a fire the less crap that is around the safe the longer it will last in a fire. I had a friend who had a Liberty Safe in a closet that was a large walk-in closet unfortunately his wife had a quite extensive collection of clothing and because of the clothing feeding the fire it got well over 2000 degrees in his closet and completely melted the guns on the inside of the safe and pretty much just burnt the safe to pieces. We used to K-12 carbide bit saw two-stroke powered to cut the top off his safe and to get inside it and everything was ruined. I always recommend that people who are serious about having a home safe back it up with a home security system and fire detection system. Vivint or ADT are good companies for security systems. And no I do not work for a security system or a Safe Company. My father was a fireman for 24 years and he seen a lot of damage done by fire and I’m just trying to pass it along to help you fellas out and ladies that may not have as much experience. Keep up the good work on the videos. Everybody have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jeremiah Sears says:

Oh hey how you doin?

Doug Floyd says:


ScooterTrash Tactical says:

The company that makes the light rope on Amazon also makes a rechargeable battery set up…

Hugo Santiago says:

Hello from San Juan, Puerto Rico!!! Love your videos!!! I recently joined the carrying and after going through a lot of videos in YouTube you are one if not my favorite. So much I just became the 250th patron. Hope to see more from you. My wife is also interested in joining in, ever thought of having your wife give a woman’s perspective in some of the products? Keep up the great work. Oh, and yes, my first gun is a Glock 19 4th generation, can’t wait to start doing some modifications based on your experiences!!!

Bob Anderson says:

Get door card for all your pistols. Keep top shelf in for ammo and misc. then put the 32 long gun card in and you will never run outta room

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