Winchester Bandit 10 Gun Safe

A look at the Winchester 10 gun safe purchased at a local Academy Sports for $349.


Michael Segreto says:

Good to see Mosins fit

Mario Monti says:

Can you share a link or product description for those holster pouches on the door?

J Otto says:

i fit 9 in mine but mine has the adjustable shelves and such. stuck an AR and H&R under the barrel rest, a custom 10/22 at a 45 in the back and 6 more across the front of various calibers. also packed it full of ammo. lol picking up another 24 gun tomorrow, ran out of room long ago!

Ben Yirak says:

Is your first name John?

PK Tech1969 says:

Nice video…

Rusted KC Channel says:

@ r cilebi – the light is battery operated and I installed it using 2 screws that it came with. You can either use velcro or screw…but the screws work much better and are easy to install.

joe smith says:

sweet safe , nice collection. 50 bucks more in CA. did u bolt it to the floor ?

chuckschick33 says:

Thanks for the review, that’s the exact model I’m looking at. What brand is/where did you get the pistol holders on the door?

fondoo says:

i really like your pistol holsters. where did you buy those and how hold up in the back of the door?


If you would have bought a real safe from a real safe retailer they have tools to get safes up stairs. I had 2 safes delivered to 3rd floor apartments.They use an electric dolly that climbs stairs. Took them 5 minutes. That’s better than nothing, but it’s a shit safe. Don’t fool yourself. Take the inside wood panel off the door and that door will turn into a wobbly tin can. 

Mike Perry says:

The family that makes the Winchester safe are really good people. I’ve spent many hours in the factory and can tell you they are very well built.

Beltmaker09 says:

The stack on are good to if u modify it. But safes are a little better. But a safe isn’t safe if the person breaking into knows what they are doing. But you have the fire rating witch is good

Johnny Kim says:

would this be overkill for 1 rifle and 2 handguns? also, will a rifle with a scope fit in there fine?

MDSsystems says:

love the sootch patch in there

TheTarheel7496 says:

What light did you use? Also what holsters for the handguns? Im looking for my first safe. Something middle of the road like this one. I like your setup. Thanks.

yoggi85813 says:

Did you get the light at academy also? Home depot carries the 14 gun Winchester with shelves on the right. The stag arms is Hella sick dude.

pbmdh says:

Where did you get the pistol holders? I was looking at a door organizer from winchester themselves but they want $100 for the fucking thing.

rstx says:

Thanks for the review. I could be wrong but I believe this is a Winchester Bandit 9 safe, although it is declared to hold ten guns.

biggboysouth says:

Does this safe have a secondary unlocking mechanism like a manual key behind the dial?

dunno yolo says:

Is it made in china ?

Charles Jacques says:

I’m terrible with opening the combo lock on my Series 20, big pain, so I’m having a digital one put in ($300). Any problem?

HardTarget says:

I have a small safe like this in the bedroom for my go to guns. rather than bolt to the floor I just bolted it to a large wood pad that will not fit through the doorway at any angle. a great deterrent to a smash and grab but still removable for room to room moves if need be. Nice upgrade to secure your firearms sir.

Mario Mosin says:

good little safe, Im glad Winchester decided to make their entry level safes in the US.

Darwin W says:

Nice safe bro! Do u have a link for the light?

Ken Davis says:

It must be discontinued, can’t find one anywhere on 12/15/2015

r cilebi says:

thank you for this video.  you did a nice job of presenting the product, which i needed because i’m pretty sure i’m buying one for my husband in the next few weeks.  i appreciate your ideas of how it can be personalized, such as the light.  how did you get it in there?  is it battery operated, plug-in or ??  thanks again.  🙂

Bryan Chavez says:

It’s a great safe man you’ll love it I have the same one nice video 🙂

Michael Rupert says:

Good video. Thanks.

Bo Biscuit says:

For one, this is no different then a stack on. U bought a brand. Both are 12 gauge steel, same metal same finish, same insulation hell probably in the same factory. 2! The door comes off, most u take to ether a 90 degree angle or at 180 and lift up

Eric223 says:

Looks like a good little safe. Where did you get the light?

fondoo says:

Awesome review. I’m picking one up tomorrow.

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