Under-Bed Safe

Now you can store and secure your long guns, handguns, ammo, jewelry, electronics, cash and other valuables under your bed in a heavy duty, quick access, pull-out drawer safe! This is a great idea….the pull out drawer is smooth, easy pull with just one finger…and your valuable items are available in an instant! Quick access is gained with a push button keypad or override key lock. It’s made of 16-gauge steel and weighs over 140lbs plus it has pre-set holes drilled in the bottom so you can anchor it into the floor. This safe is not going anywhere without a lot of effort! Watch the video…..I’ve put one in my home and I’m sure you’ll want one two.

Measures 28″x 48″ x 7″

Solid steel construction

3 cubic feet of storage

Easy Slide out drawer with digital programmable combination lock

Secure locking mechanism – two 1/2″ steel bolts

Securely mounts to floor with pre-drilled holes.

Ground SHIPPING is included in the retail price. No discounts apply to this item.


VitalGear says:

I’m not gonna lie, I was sold on this safe hands down. Then I looked it up on your website and saw the price. $700?!? I can buy a much larger standing safe for that much. I much rather spend $700 on a standing 14 gun safe than this one. If it was $400 or $500, then you can take my money.

PHUCKR1 says:

how much sir?

ColdChills01 says:

WTF — $699.00 Shit #T1261 — glockstore com/catalogsearch/result/?q=t1261

kamikazikaizer says:

i laughed when he says 16 gauge steel. junk

Mike Patten Jr says:

Be nice with a biometric option, a higher gauge steel would make it more appealing as well.

j cox says:

Would be cool in the back of a SUV!

BakyDuffer says:

I designed the same concept but mines made out of wood

Q.R.F. CombatVet says:

i really want one but it is not worth $700. I have a gun safe that is 6ft tall 4ft wide and 4ft deep that I paid $725

Andrew McClintock says:

X’s 2 in the back of an suv!

Lonewolf6565 says:

Not even worth your time. Tubelock picks are avialible online and only cost about 40 bucks… any real theif will have zero problems opening the box while your not home. NEVER by a safe with a digital code pad or a tube lock/tube lock overide.

Joe Casher says:

Hmmmm Nope! Do you have this under your Bed?

resistnine says:

you should add a link in your description near the top.

Jeffrey Morgan says:

i have 5 safes…all cheap…they are all empty..i hide them in a secret space in my home… if they think you’re guns are in the safe they’re going to work on that or try to take them there won’t be looking for any other spots

sergio acosta says:

What kind of shotgun is that

davkenrem says:

Looks like a big Unsecure Stack On box. Those locks can be defeated in seconds.

MrClean417 says:

I sleep in a hammock, it does have a ridgeline.

Whatcha got for the likes of me?


I just wanna say I am sensing a lot of anger and frustration coming from the audience tonight and around the world. Hey we all love Glocks and I need to say I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Peace out homies

JodieMajor06 says:

Check out my G30 I got from GlockStore San Diego. AUTOMATIC or NOT? You be the judge.


Ralph Lugo says:

How much???

UncleSiam says:

True BUT are you able to put it under your bed? Are you going to put the standing safe next to your bed? A standing safe is also pretty conspicuous and instant target for thieves or kids even. There are also other under the bed safes but I haven’t research their prices.

Todd Schneider says:

Absolutely the worst service ever.DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE LIARS! I cant even say its the worst service ever,considering I never actually got any service. 4 emails over the course of a month. Not one single response. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE. After 30 plus days waiting for my order,that was suppose to be n 5 to 7 days. I still havent even gotten an email saying sorry for the delay or sorry we cant fill your order. SO FUCK YOU GLOCKSTORE!

ahallada says:

I received the conversion barrel from eBay last night. Only took 4 days!

Chen Arámbula says:
Ryan H says:

They might not be able to steal the safe, but that circular key lock is not a very strong design. With a specialized pick tool, those can be opened in seconds.

Longshoreman X says:

But what if the boogie man sees my password?

wafa says:

Is it by any means possible to get 2 of these vaults shipped to Europe? Thanks for any help!!

Bill Higgins says:

Thanks for another excellent professional demo. I would like to know its fire rating, regarding how long it can burn before contents are affected by heat, and also water (fire dept can stop the fire. can the safe stop water?) Thanks.
(ps. I miss seeing your girlfriend demonstrate those great under gun tops 🙂

clubtc05 says:

I was so close in putting in a order, luckily I checked youtube and read all the bad reviews on glockstore , canceled the order and purchased this elsewhere. 🙂

ahallada says:

Ordered 2 Glock Magazines back in January 2013 from Glockstore and didn’t receive them even though my CC was charged. Called last week and the customer service guy acts like he is too busy to check on it. Finally get him to look it up and says its on back order still. I also asked about a lonewolf conversion barrel and said it was also on backorder for 4-5 months, but they are the biggest dealer for lonewolf. I go to ebay and there are many of these same barrels with some sellers having 15.


I’m gonna follow my last comment up by saying I’ve never actually purchased anything from Glockstore yet but I do like watching the videos and looking at the money items online. Booyahson

Chris Newton says:

Hey Lenny where are my shipments? I am waiting on things I ordered in Febuary. It’s May now. Go back to the store and get to work.

Sports Guy says:

A burglars first instinct is not going to be checking under the bed. Also being under the bed gives less room for a burglar to try to pry or bang the top of the safe. I think it is a good idea and may not be for everyone but can definitely work for some.

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