😍Can You Build a 633lb Affordable Gun Safes By Yourself?!💥

Possible to Move a 633 Pound Affordable Gun Safes By Yourself?
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There are many ways to store your guns.

You could put them in a safe room, a room behind a wall, a hidden room, or in gunsafes.

But today we’re going to talk about gun safes, particularly the Snap Safe Super Titan XL

When I began researching Gun Safes, I needed an affordable gun safes that would allow for moving a gun safe by yourself.

I tried to find some SnapSafe Reviews online, but I couldn’t find anything except for Snap Safe Assembly Instructions.

But I needed to know if they were any good or not. Affiliate links below. So I contacted Brownells and they sent me a Snap Safe to Build and Review.

All the other PewTuber like DemolitionRanch are doing reviews for Liberty Safes, So I thought it was time to look at something different.

Happy Sunday Gunday / Sunday Fun Day!
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Instrumental produced by Chuki

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America 1911 45 acp says:

Bro so confused , so who the heck hacked your YouTube man ?! Wtf hope everything goes well

Atlas Corgi says:

I need it! I think this is slightly better than my cheap Stack On

Peter Vu says:

did the floor scratch from draggin it ? lol enjoyed the video tho

Jordan Monahan says:

I wanna get a polymer 80 build but that would be my only handgun. Would you carry a polymer 80 every day and trust your life with it?

gilliland426 says:

very nice safe… 1 hell of a workout for you by yourself!

Justin Stall says:

Man digging the channel glad I found it, keeping everything affordable for the average people who can’t go drop loads of money!! Loving it keep it up!!

Christopher Longhorn says:

For 2k$$ there are a lot better ideas. I get if you live in a tree house. But you could easy buy that same size safe for 1000$ locally

Sulaman Khalid says:

Any updates/review of the safe?

unlitdarkness6 says:

How much was it?

mastalee says:

More like a gun cabinet than a safe

123DailyEDC says:

So quick question tacticalTB can we share any vid for the give away or just the ones you send a link in your emails???

Michael Shinabery says:

We going to get part 2 soon? Dont want to rush you but really want to hear your thoughts on it before I decide on getting one.

The Archangel says:

Glad to see everything is going great. Let’s keep the videos rolling.

seraphim1313 says:

Dude, you need a friend. lol

Lock N' Load Lifestyle says:

Thats pretty awesome! I didnt know you could buy a safe that way!

Jason Reidy says:

I like to build stuff but that looks like work. Eff that!


I love watching this video I totally missed it the first time I was uploaded back long time ago

Quinn Wall says:

Havnt seen this video from before but mad respect bro! Diy all the way; you are now my favorite youtuber and i watch all the big gun channels 🙂

JEFE 75 75 says:

She gon kill u the floor !!!Lol

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