Barska Biometric Gun Safe VS SecureIt Fast Box | Hidden Gun Safe

The Barska gun safe is a very simple product. It has a welded steel frame with small slots for four rifles. The box depth is less than 6” of usable space. This severely limits the type of rifles you can store. The Barska will not fit an AR15 or any rifle or shotgun with a pistol grip. It is simply not deep enough.

Any rifle with a scope will also not fit properly. Your only option is to carefully place the rifle sideways in the safe and lean it up against the back. In this scenario the scope is hitting the back of the safe and the capacity has been reduced from the stated 4 guns, to just 1 gun.

The Fast Box Hidden Gun Safes:

Both Fast Box models can be used in either horizontal or vertical orientation. The Model 40 is designed for tactical weapons and small shotguns where space is limited. The Model 47 will hold any rifle or shotgun up to 46 1/2” long. At 13” deep, the Fast Box will hold rifles and shotgun with optics and magazine. Vertically, there is room for 2 rifles, a few handguns, and extra ammunition.

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Abe Saldivar says:

Thanks, literally was about to purchase this for my pistol gripped shotgun and my scoped ruger 10/22

Dillion W says:

Is the falcon safe the same as the 47″ fast box, just including the vertical kit?

bullboo1 says:

I have a few firearms that will not fit in it…not one or two. You bring up good stuff like check what will fit first etc.

kamshaft83 says:

I read somewhere that the fastbox 47 doesn’t meet requirements for California gun safe law? I still think its awesome but confused on why it doesn’t meet it.

Thomas Tingey says:

Your safe isn’t worth it for the price. Barska same price, plus taller, plus biometric lock.

Muna says:

I’d like to point out that he didn’t remove the rifle rack from the back of the Barska. if he had, he would have been able to fit at least 2 of those guns sideways.

The Fastbox definitely has more depth and would he better for storing 2 fully deployable weapons but he’s exaggerating the difference by leaving the rack in and using the 5inch figure. the Barska has 3in less depth and about .2 inches more width. Also the Barska has 5 inches extra height for pistol/ammo storage.

Even if Barska doesn’t quite live up to 4 guns practically, it’s still equal or better in value with the biometric lock.

Gear Ruehl says:

California legal?

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