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Harry Bunn says:

Such a bad ideal for so many reasons. I use a 4 bank charger so I’d struggle to get all the leads and balance boards in. My other charger has the balance lead which goes into the side, so that would be impossible to use. If you have multiple packs inside and one goes up it will take the others with it. I suspect the batteries will get hotter inside so could reduce the lifespan. And it looks stupid!

SRM NZrcboats says:

I’m adding my comment because you all should know – I would love to test this lipo safe but I ask, “am I the 1 in 10K that has had nothing but problems with Thomas Mast and Bat-safe? I ordered and received my Bat-safe from Hobbyking 5 months ago, It has been sitting in my workshop since then collecting dust. I found out the hard way that the JST-XH Balance cables are not included. So at a cost of $10USD each set I bought 2 sets directly from Bat-safe and Thomas Mast. 3 months later and after heaps of emails and broken promises from Thomas Mast did I finally get to an email where he acknowledged I had purchased 2 sets where he said he knew nothing of this because he doesn’t handle shipping and said he would personally look after shipping this parcel to me – that was 6 weeks ago – I just this morning received the parcel. I wish I got 2 sets of JST-XH Balance cables – what I did get was 2x 6s – 3x5s – 1x4s – 2x3s and 0x2s – Unless Thomas Mast and Bat-safe start getting their act together, THIS IS A COMPANY TO STAY AWAY FROM. They are a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sneaky Foz says:

You can buy an as new ammunition box from disposal store for a fraction of the cost.

Erick SANCHEZ says:

It can work whit phones like The Samsung note

rcwck says:

I want proof! Lets see a 6S 5.0AH lipo explosion in the box video.

Ciarán Farley-Toone says:

so is the box toast after a lipo has exploded in it or can it be re-used ?

Potter tons says:

no test’

Ralph McMahan says:

Quick Robin, to the Bat-Safe! I need ones.

Daniel harman says:

Hello hobby king

Daniel harman says:

These never made sense to me. They are trapped in their so if one goes up in flames they all do

Peter Woo says:

AHHHH…. Would be nice to see a Turnigy Graphene themed box of this with matt rubber

UKHeliBob says:

I would have considered buying one of these if it were not for the appalling decoration. As it is it look childish and cheap.

I find it ironic that the product page for this items advises that batteries should not be left unattended whilst charging when the box is clearly designed to make leaving them unattended safer.

16bit man says:

I like it, i want a big storage box turnigy/hobbyking to act as a charging – storage…will there be going to be bigger versions?
and a Turnigy Graphene themed box of this with matt rubber, but i hope its smoke and fire proof!

Michael Steele says:

Please have an expert do a comparison video of a bat box containing lipo going up in flames vs a locked ammo box with the rubber seal removed to hopefully vent. Please stand back and compare. Maybe offer suggestions to make ammo box even better or bat box. Thank you. Battery tech is still lacking and not safe.

Benjamin Harvey says:

Bet it’s cheaper than a burned down shed

Tony says:

It is going to be sold out of the USA warehouses at some point? Shipping is expensive from Hong Kong.

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