BoxLock Home – Smart Padlock for Protecting Deliveries

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The first smart padlock designed to protect deliveries.
BoxLock makes sure that you get your packages reliably, when you expect them.


RetroMochi says:

lol.. not only does it have to be charged with a battery.. but it’s “smart”, meaning easily hackable. No thanks.

Amber Pennington says:

What about people that live in rural areas?? We dont have internet at our mailbox (it’s near the road)

Partygirl Forever says:

Hope you will be able to finish the product soon and stock on shelves… my dad’s packages keep getting stolen…

Phuoc Le says:

I like it but I have question …if the someone scan barcode and the box lock will be open or not?

kuban mangos says:

Listen man i just watched your pitch on Shark Tank, i work for FedEx this invention will make my job extremely easier and the customer will deffinetly get their package. The Sharks should of taken a Bite, what a meal they missed.

Demarcus Robinson says:

Why my lock keep saying connecting to boxlock registering lock but after that it doesn’t do anything

Sara T-M says:

I can’t get delivery folks to put my deliveries in the container I already have clearly and specifically marked for that purpose. I can barely get them to climb 2 stairs to stick the box on my porch. Further, I’ve yet to guarantee that my box will show up to my house and not one of my neighbors or the identical house number in the next block. Maybe it’s just where I live but I have zero faith in the delivery folks in my area to get this right and use the lock box, especially now that Amazon has contracted so many delivery drivers and are even using independent drivers.

lotus says:

Is there a subscription correct.


Make it without internet acc. And u have a good product .

GabrielNicho says:

I don’t get this product at all, seems an expensive an complicated solution to something that can be solved with a strongbox and a padlock. I know I’m not gonna be home around the time my package arrives, I leave the strongbox open, with the padlock open near my door, delivery man shows up, puts it in the strongbox and puts on the padlock. A strong padlock is like 5-10 bucks, and a heavy strongbox is much less expensive than his box. So I mean why. You can even give instructions to where they should put the package these days to most companies.

HeyIt'sBaert says:

Extra 10-20 seconds is gonna piss off delivery drivers that already are on tight schedules.

Janie Panucci says:

My father Owns a ups in Kaysville utah. I have spread the word here.

Mia Li says:

How do you prevent a previous package left in the box from being picked up by a mailman delivering a second package?

Fer C says:

I need to contact to you..where I can find you?

Pzlepiece1 says:

As a “flex” driver for Amazon, this is an awesome idea.  Drivers often get the short end of the stick when packages we delivered and photographed still go missing.  This would enable the driver and customer to both be satisfied.  I hope Amazon sees this and gets behind it.

Calvin Hodgson says:

I don’t believe UPS or FedEx will take the time to fiddle with this. They’re in the business of dropping and running, even when I’m home!

JerkBox JoJo says:

Theres no way youre going to convince the UPS and USPS workers to do more work. Not going to happen. Great idea in theory, but wont work in real life. I cant even get the USPS workers to not put an item labeled “DO NOT FOLD” into my mailbox unfolded.

stpaulimdog says:

Maybe they should have done more peer research before they released this product to the public. No delivery driver is going to take the time to do all that. You’re lucky if they hide it behind a pillar or something.

Blitznstitch2 says:

Will FedEx, ups and USPS do this?

Mohamed Hassan says:

Excellent product

Brian Vega says:

What if I order a 75inch tv?

Justin Crediblename says:

I just built a box safe for my tenant. this is THE solution to not building a hopper system, or to allow larger packages than are able to be put through a waist-height or less hopper!
I’m gonna put a link to your lock on my video.

Great invention!!
Leave a comment on my video and I’ll pin it.

Jeremy S says:

What if a package requires a signature? I’m assuming they’d still need a signature and wouldn’t leave the package in the box lock?

Kieran Mullen says:

Drivers dont have time to mess with this nonsense.

ingrid says:

This is great. My Ring notification is filled with thieves stealing packages

Ralede Salvador says:

Love it

Cross says:

Also most drivers for Amazon are temp drivers or contract drivers and they don’t usually do the same area or stay on for long….so chances are most drivers won’t know how to use these things because they are only told to drop at ur door and go

Minato In Texas says:

The 72 dislikes are probably porch pirates themselves.

Bronx & Harlem apartment rentals says:

Too late. Amazon is already selling a drop box called dropsak which is more simple to use.

sportster1988 says:

Only problem is, you gotta get your UPS guy to use it.

Kakureru D says:

ide buy this more so if i can communicate with it on my own terms.

Work Hardened says:

Please send this product to one of the awesome locksmiths on YouTube to show us how good a look it is! The concept is awesome but looks weak.

Wiktoria supergirlnic says:

Im scared that the box itself wld be eary to pick up as it looks like light plastic . I may be wrong . But it wld be better if u wld be able to get the box to tie into the front porch or a wall or something..

David Smith says:

why not just leave an unlock lock on a box and see if anyone uses it?

Leonardo Rivera says:

BoxLock has a protruding black slanted top perfect for a striking hammer blow. reverse it to the back and it will be less vulnerable.

The Madness says:

cool idea but i doubt these parcel drivers are going to be using this unless the powers-to-be make it a standard. I see them now, just nodding their head and tossing the package.

Jonel Juste says:

It’s a great product. Shark Tank people are fools.

Jeffrey Barkdull says:

Why didn’t I think of something like that!?

traderjoes says:

I foresee a day where customers will get their own UPS, USPS and FEDEX accounts for better control of their package movements and it would be likely that one or more of them will provide such a parcel safe for their customers at a rental fee. It would mean less headaches for them and for us

Don't Say My Name says:

Dropsak is better than a box that won’t fit a average box .They are also cheaper and have one for foods too.

Milhouse says:

He Should Go to the shark tank.

towert7 says:

Package delivers are under so much pressure to speed things up, they are NOT going to take the time to fiddle with a lock, put a package in a bin, and lock it back up. They will just leave the box at your door.

Terminal World says:

They stole my idea 🙁

George Miller says:

if my neighbor had one of these id cut it off and get my monies

Dark Knight says:

What if my delivery guy is a dumbass

Gamer JuelzTV And Gacha's says:

Now i can scan my cookies barcode and my cousin will never eat it 🙂

Watch This says:

Housing is Plastic, takes a Phillips screwdriver to get into the actuator that opens the lock….
Fix those issues and then you might have something I would buy.

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