Colion Noir Limited Edition Slider Safe by Vaultek

Colion Noir Limited Edition Slider Safe.

Many new gun owners and a lot of my friends constantly ask me about storage options for their guns. Many of these gun owners have children and want to prevent their children from gaining access to their firearm.

They want something secure and discreet while also giving them quick access to their firearm if need be. I too was looking for discreet storage options for the firearms I strategically place around my home. I’ve been using Vaultek products for a while and thought it only made sense to partner up and come out with a collaboration safe that did all the things new and old gun owners wanted in a small, discreet, quick access gun-safe.

What we came up with was the Colion Noir Limited Edition Slider Safe.

Exclusive to all my followers for CYBER MONDAY, you will get $20 off the price of the Colion Noir Limited Edition Slider Safe if you order today. This deal ends at 12 am so don’t wait.


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Nick Mansell says:

Sold this is sweet

woolengrappler says:

“What are you watching?”- My wife

Otis Nelson says:

they should make a watch with an access button for this safe

Static fl says:

I like it!

Darran Greenup says:

Nice safe, but way over priced

David Borgemenke says:

For sure Saving up for your safe

Bradley Gibson says:

Take my $$

salmon taco says:

$360, no thank you.

Jonathan Allen says:

Is the smart key just a button or fingerprint scanner?

Jeremy Bermender says:

Does this accommodate a weapon mounted light?

moondog says:

I want this

FNH SCAR 17 says:

Sorry! I will stay with the one, I got from tractor supply for $29.99 thanks

M Cole says:

Noir, lower that price playa??? We ain’t ballin like you.. Looks supa cool tho!

Steven Vanoy says:

I like that safe

Phil Consalvo says:

Alexa, get me my gun…….”OK!”

Gary S says:

I’m not sure if my sig p320 rx will fit, interested in getting this, only if it fits

Aperiod Cperiod says:

Don’t hear much from you on Emantic Bradford or Jemel Roberson? I’m a black man, with many guns, competition experience and a veteran…I like listening to some of your views. You have some fresh takes, but I need you…. implore you to take a look at black issues with gun rights and push that into the NRA narrative. Your silence only highlights you as either a shill or businessman, or both. Black gun owners need a voice…. seats available.

Bob jones says:

Dam , these things are nice

joseph howsare says:

Keep up all of your great work

Ra'ad Al-Omari says:

Do a review on that WC EDC X9 !

Harland Vaught says:

Get them to put a tracker on it just in case of someone tries to steal it you can track it as well

Charles B says:

Nothing to say about the war hero killed in the mall for trying to save lives?
And still no description of the suspect out?
Being a conservative means u get to pick and choose what you respond to nationally. It’s ok to avoid things that completely obliterate your political views.

NinjaGamer_S says:

Looks nice, but app-connected means it’s connected to the internet and is hackable / potentially telling someone else when you open your gun safe. The “nano smart key” is a cool touch but if you lose it or forget it and someone else picks it up, they now have unrestricted access to your firearm…There are also several ways to ‘spoof’ this kind of technology into thinking it’s being used properly by someone with enough knowledge and a smartphone. It’s therefor not trustworthy.

There are lots of great uses for “smart” tech — gun safes isn’t one of them…

Luke Harvey says:

What thickness is it made out of

Jeff Allen says:

Love the wifi information ability about this. Cool product Colion!

bomber101581 says:

A suppressor ready version would be sweet. Same idea, just bigger.

Gordon B says:

Colion Noir for NRA President

Ruben Flores says:

Oh yea… getting this one for sure!!

1DjScarface says:

Can you use it to fly with?


When are you going to make another top 5 zombie guns

Demetri Harlan says:

My safe is my drawer.

Kemetic Warrior says:

Why haven’t you said anything about the two black guys murdered by cops that had license to carry. Where is the NRA you talk about everything else but not what matters. Your a joke.

dragonpoopoo94 says:

Jesus Christ this is cringe. You used to be great, now you’re just plain obnoxious and douchey

That Dude says:

This shit is so stupid… why the fuck are you calling a fucking little metal box SEXY…. CN dude… get a grip

John Newburn says:

That is one hot date.

Stanlley Pajdak says:

Can I leave this on the charger all the time

Nick Arnold says:

WE NEED MORE SUPPRESSOR FRIENDLY SAFES Noir!!!!! Also no RMR cut what is this 2017

Micheal Cera Crow says:

I want one

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