Costco’s $50 Fortress Dual Pistol Security – gun safe set-up & review

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Keep in mind that this is not really a safe “safe” because it will not stop anyone who is determined to get in. What it is good for is to stop kids from getting in. If you want to stop a thief it would be a good idea to conceal this box. Do not place it in an obvious place like your closet or under your bed.
I know that a gun related is video is a pandoras box for comments about how I “don’t know what I am talking about” and the like, but I welcome it. Please leave your comments if you have useful information to share [or if you came up with something really funny.]

Product number: P2EAP-02
Barcode: 844126005934
Branded: Fortress
-4 button keypad
-Barrel Lock
-Vibration sensitive alarm


Philip Wood says:

nice review!!!

Andrew says:

When I open my safe sometimes a green and orange light go off, and sometimes just a green light. Is there a difference? Does the orange light mean my safe has been tampered with? Or low battery?

Stephen T says:

Great review!!! I just bought one of these. I enjoyed your video, it showed me everything I needed, and great for the visual learners.

John Whitford says:

You should show how to wall mount. It really does not make sense wall mounting. Do you mount door up? If so logos are upside down and shelf would be useless. Thoughts?

Elite Ammunition, Jay Wolf says:

You do know that box and those locks are a total joke? Like as in a 5 year old can get it open?

ColtDeltaElite10mm says:

I noticed that as your right hand rested on top of that storage box at the beginning of the video, the top portion was flexing. Weak assed thin sheet metal design, but good to keep a kid’s hands off of your gun or from the burglar from using your gun on YOU as you surprise him coming home late at night. I’m a professional welder and have made some stronger storage boxes for handguns, using 3/8″ steel plate all the way around and for a couple of friends. The store bought ones suck, but they are better than nothing. Not everybody has their own welding equipment and I understand that. Good video review, non the less!

Michael Marsh says:

I just stumbled on these at my Costco last week. Thanks for sharing your video. Awesomely informative. I’m going back tomorrow to get 2 for myself.

DanMoto says:

wait what? so if alarm goes on, i can’t open it? What if i accidentallly bumped it in a panick when i need a gun. then im dead… thanks Fortress…

Billy Woody says:

Great video. I have this unit and forgot how to set the code. This was a great video. thanks so much.



Phuc Son Nguyen says:

Thanks Adam! your video clips are always detail and easy to practice.  

ScoobySnacks says:

Awesome video, you went through all the specs. Thank you, very helpful

Cory Ellerbee says:

thanks for your video. It helped

John Smith says:

Costco didn’t have them. Amazons selling them for $115

Hazam Zaidie says:

Goat bro

Virgo Olokun says:

Thanks for the honest assessment

Tad Taylor says:

Thanks, handy overview and a good compliment to the skimpy instructions.

Lowell Guzman says:

Great way to get the holes pre-drilled is to tape a piece of paper to bottom of the safe and mark the holes with Sharpie marker. Then place the paper on the surface you will be mounting it and then proceed with pilot holes.  I’m going to pick up one or maybe two of these safes. Thanks, great review.

Eric Puntervold says:

i bought his.. then saw your video. thank u…Let me add that if u arm the alarm, and someone moves it enough to make it go off, you can stop it by opening the hatch real quick and pressing the little reset button,… that way u don’t have to listen to the full 2 minutes of annoying alarm

hansonsux says:

default transitions are cheesy. cheesy ass cube rolls

bluelion says:

It might not be on DOJ approved list, but it’s still a good safe to have near your night stand if you have kids. Costco had one for sale for 40.00, I got lucky thanks to my wife who purchased this for me. I purchased a rifle safe from Costco as well for my bigger peace makers…its a good safe.

Shannon Womaje says:

Five BIG problems with this safe – and many like it that use barrel bypass keys!
1) Unfortunately, not on the California DOJ Firearm Storage Approval chart. Tons of these for sale from people bailing out of them for about $40. That document is at:
2) Barrel key locks are easily picked using nothing more than the tube of a bic pen (see online) takes about 4 seconds. You can replace this with a combi-lock, worth the money, since your pistol is probably $350 – $1000.
3) Safe is also easily broken into using a crow bar which breaks the simple welded loop on the door.
4) Thief can easily pry the whole safe off of whatever furniture you screw-mounted it to (threads easily pull away from wood). Best to use machine-threaded screws with two wide washers on each side with two nuts each passed all the way through. The only way to get the safe off is to bash the entire peace of furniture apart (which is also easy). If you can, mount it using this method in something steel like a locker, etc…
Again – as many posts elude to – these safes are NOT for protecting your pistol when you LEAVE your house. Good for during the night or when you are IN the house as a TEMPORARY QUICK GO TO place.
5) Last modification, and a HUGE problem: Turn all the lights off and notice you can’t tell which finger slot is which. There is nothing tactile to help park your hand and get the pads lined up. Really? In an emergency that’s what’s going to happen. You aren’t going to have time to flip a light on, or grab a flashlight. Here is the fix:
super-glue two small cabinet bumpers on the index and “pinky” plastic area of the finger slots in front of the rubber pads. Practice in the dark which finger that lines up with and get it in you head. Now your fingers line up every time.
Remember, this safe is just a temporary spot to keep kids and relatives safe, NOT secure your pistol from theft when you aren’t home. I use a routine of placing it there every night and securing it in the DIAL combination gunsafe every morning. Easy, once you get in the routing of it, like brushing your teeth.

Kirk Bagley says:

Good info on common areas.

John Smith says:

The weak point looks like that little loop of metal that latches the door closed.

Bruce Cuff says:

there is no cisco in my area, so how can I get one

Jerry Ryan says:

good video, gave better instructions on how to set alarm than the instructions included.

GovG33k says:

A very well done video. Thank you for changing the exposure so we can see, and clean audio so we can hear. I bought one after your comprehensive review. Cheers!

Rick James says:

little word of advice, the easiest way to pre-drill these holes, take this unit to a copy machine and make some copies of the bottom of the safe. no measuring needed. just punch and drill

PartisanRockTactical says:

Great video. I don’t need to do this review now.

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