Electronic Puzzle Box SAFE! // collaboration with Eli’s workshop

Eli from Eli’s workshop Got the idea few months ago that we should make a some sort of puzzle box . I liked the Idea and so this collaboration was born! 😀 He shipped the mechanism across the ocean and I came up with this box design..

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Eli’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMc2jlvuzm17JVJKO3zKMgA

Electronic mechanism video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3uTLNXRSFg

My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lignum_channel/
My facebook:https://www.facebook.com/lignumchannel/

music: Vexento – Space Ride


Vanda Pachara says:

If only this was for sale. How long before a cheap imitation is on Home Goods shelves?

Christina Lind says:

Good as always.

Thomas Vöckel says:

This video makes me sad,.. sad, that I can leave only one like for that amazing piece of art…I love it

Scott Mclean says:

lovely design

Mork 666 says:

damn man…that was some awsome craftsmanship!!

Nikola Tesla says:

Amazing work. Although I wonder what the time difference is having 9 knobs instead of 6 in the creation process. Still a brilliant number to choose. Well done work Sir

elaladwig says:

Awesome video Lignum! Thank you for doing this collaboration with Eli:) Eli’s mom

Anime Lover says:

I don’t know why but your shop just seems very comfortable and homey with all the metal and the soft lighting in there.

Walla says:

wish i had so many tools and experience to do this 😛 awesome

ZwHex Gt says:

Then you go to my house and open my safe because u know the code :v

redeyetrucker67 says:

That’s awesome, what’s it weigh? Bet it’s not lite

mattellisone says:

I would like to buy this ! Is it for sale ?

Finn Enoksen says:

That pretty cool

Martin Simunic says:

Nice collab man….

kooky flukes says:

Love the fact that your channel does things differently. Sir you have some skills and also some shop.

ManCraftingTM says:

Sweet build. I’d love to do something like this one day.

isaac.goodin says:

I’m elis friend he is funny and awesome I known him since he had 24 subscribers in 6th grade!!

Андрей Асеев says:

What’s a point, bro? There are only 64 combinations there. It can be cheated by kid within 2 minutes

shaggyFL says:

that looks awesome… is there any place selling them?? id be interested if the price is right lol

ThePonchus says:


U.K Air rifles Hunting&Target says:

good but shoulda located the battrey in a place it could be charged or use recharchables with a usb input located externally. With a safe you could forget over time

Zaman ve Mekan says:

I still fallow you, because always perfect and great work!

Zerostar369 says:

What kind of wood is the box frame? Reminds me of sycamore.

Gabriele Truglio says:

Your videos are joy and happiness for the eyes…

Potter Head says:

Have you guys ever given thought in making this a patent? Maybe even making a business out of it?

kramster20032 says:

Do you sell them?

RΞXA says:

I dont know if someone else noticed the small hole that he left under the switches for a USB cable. So you can recharge the batteries while its closed or atleast I think its for that, and if is Its just incredible.

Thanh Hiền Nguyễn Thị says:

Trừ cọng
Với cả
Trừ tổng khác bằng
Khác đau
Ở đâu
Nếu mà hai trừ

Mr. NameLess says:

You should change your channel name from “lignum” to “Lignum” or “LIGNUM”

Mannello Sébastien says:

Verry nice but have you a solution in case of battery problem ? Love-Love ?

Eli Balbach says:

my name is eli

Anton Wilzewski says:

That are some metal working skills.

Gabriele Truglio says:

You need more subscribers!!!!

damir says:

nice, but the first switch is different, why

Jayden says:

How would you replace the batteries?

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