High Capacity Handgun Safe! – 4 Handguns + 8 Magazines + Accesories! – Vaultek PRO MXi Review

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PinGorilla says:

Thats alot of money to pay for a safe that you use a keypad to access. My Barska biometric safe is 1/3 of the price and works 100% of the time.

Buckeye2A says:

Nice video but dude your mic is worse now…What happened???

PaulH says:

Do you have any good rifle safes for a reasonable price?

_Bordz_ says:

Make this in a sbr friendly size able to hold extra magazines and at least 2 pistols and it will be a best seller.

Jimmyc Chong says:

For the app to work, u have to be in the same WiFi also u have to be hella close to the safe. Like in the same room of it.

The fingerprint holds hella fingerprints but it fckin sucks, it can’t read shit.

The 5digit pew on the safe is smooth, it glows hella fast and response fast.

The keyfob is cool, it’s needs a 4 digit pin than u press the enter key. I would buy it for the brand and the looks but yea it’s hella money.

Also the impact is hella sensitive, I have this safe under my table and if I slam something on the table. That shit goes off.

Reginald McClain says:

Can this safe hold a desert eagle six with an extra magazine?

JrdnTelf says:

The promo works but vaultek doesn’t know what it is. Also, I wish they would just give out a typical 10% off coupon.

Todd Turnbaugh says:

I’m sorry but for $100 more I got my liberty safe which holds much more along with long guns. I can’t see why anyone would spend that type of money on something so impractical.

youngestson 65 says:

Decent safe.

Alvaro Navarro says:

tactical walls

matthew kabbash says:

Can it be bolted down? Solid production value. The UTG bag review was informative. Keep up the good work!!!

Mike P says:

My Thoughts on Vaultex MX, post purchase….

I research purchases of this magnitude thoroughly. Eventually I decided to go for it and I’m happy I did, I compiled my thoughts below for those who may be on the fence or want more insight.

Cliffnotes: Go for it, you’ll be happy you did.

The build quality is out of the world amazing, every bit what you would expect after spending this kind of money. Vaultek was quick and friendly when I sent them an inquiry prior to purchasing. The ease of access using the various input methods is spot on and most importantly I enjoy accessing this safe. I keep all of my go to EDC gear in the safe which includes a couple of pistols, magazines, holsters, several knives, flashlights and pens. Now in one place I have all of my gear for daily use, secured but easily accessible in my closet rather than having to go down stairs and open the large conventional safe. Everything about this safe seems so well thought out from the pistol racks, the magazine holders, to the drawer. You could fit the 10 pistols Vaultek advertises in this safe or you could mold it specifically hold your EDC in a well-organized and downright sexy way. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit using this thing gives you a James Bond’ish feel as you get ready for the day.

To address a couple of common critiques I ran across when researching this major purchase:

No this does not replace a conventional large safe. In my case it works along aside it, making gearing up in the morning easier and giving me peace of mind when I’m away. I never have to worry about my kids, babysitters, people working on the house coming in contact with my sensitive items because this is secure and most importantly hidden. Large conventional safes are typically not hidden and will be the focus of any burglar. Whether you buy this safe or another you should be very careful to used layered security throughout your and decentralize your valuables. Having one large safe is great, but cramming everything of importance to you in that safe is a mistake. EVERY SAFE CAN BE BROKEN INTO! Having a couple smaller safes in addition to the Big Bertha downstairs is more convenient and more secure. My Vaultek MX is bolted to the wall and hidden from plain sight. It could be broken into eventually but the burglar would have to find it, while the home alarm is going off, set off the tamper alarm on the safe off, and pry it open or rip it off the stud in the wall somehow… Highly doubtful…

I also don’t view this as a quick access safe. Though it opens fast and can be kept where convenient to access easily, I don’t use it as my bump in the night quick access safe. I don’t like the thought of leaving another gun(s) accessible or having to remember to close the safe after rolling out of bed to investigate a bump. You could cram this safe into that role and it would function, but if you are dropping this kind of coin on a pistol safe, you’d be better suited to eventually purchase something of equal design and forethought for that specific use… like the Vaultek Slider Series.

Overall I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase and I look forward to exploring more of Vaultek’s line up. In my mind you either don’t want this safe because it doesn’t fit your preferences (so you aren’t reading this) or you are on the fence about price like I was… which I eventually realized was ridiculous because one of firearms or knives that I store inside the safe costs more than safe itself. Pony up the cash and you won’t regret it… I’m already stacking pennies for the Slider Series.

jlcruz2402 says:

I agree with everyone here as far as your reviews, they are excellent. I have one but it is the VT10i in the camouflage color. I love it. I love the technology, the entry ways, plus I take it to the range with me. Mine has 4 ways to get in. I use biometrics. The keys I keep them inside the safe. Spent $255 on it but peace of mind is worth it, specially when my grand kids love sleeping more in my bed then theirs. I do have to say with the app I also noticed that while the grand kids are in the house I tuck the safe in my night stand drawer and the app does not pick it up in the drawer and when going in the app to check the safe I also had to pair again. Once the app stayed open on my phone also, it always logged off on its own when leaving the app. But over all I do like. Mine fits gun with mag plus 2 additional mags.

c k says:

1. You are really good at doing product reviews 2. This is a nice safe. 3. Geez vaultek we don’t need an app and Holy crap the price. 4. Holy crap the price especially when you look at larger alternatives. Not sure I need a quick access handgun safe this big. Maybe someone does. Maybe I am stupid and these are selling like hot cakes.

6 GEAR !!! says:

Thats a Goods amount of money for a small safe, but it has some good features.

XW0LV3R1N3 says:


Jessica116 says:

The issue I see right now is the duration of the interior light is way too short and that door alarm was weird…Also, if they came out with a safe this style that was a bit smaller, that would be best. This thing is massive, which is great, but a smaller option would be even better. Personally, I would also like to see a cable with it because my needs right now do not allow for bolting it down. The noise the thing makes when it opens is kind of loud, too, which is an issue for opening during a situation when silence is key. It seems the company is very receptive to the opinions of customers and I hope improvements are continually made to these safes by the time I invest in one for myself. Only the best for my guns<3

DrLisaRo says:

Do you have a new coupon code I can use? That had expired by the time I wanted to purchase this safe. Thanks!

Jarhead6 says:

Dude i need one!

Robert Passarelli says:

I love the fact that it yells at you if you have possibly left the door open… I use the app for checking the battery of mine…

NYC718 famous says:

Best review yet ! Was waiting for this review for a while. I’m getting one right now ! Keep the reviews on products coming !!

ronald sowell says:

Is it fire proof ?

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