How Safe Is You Safe? Watch Theives Break Into A Cheap Safe!

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Many of the large “big box” retail stores are forcing safe manufacturers to make cheaper and cheaper safes so they can drop the price on them. However a cheap safe isn’t safe at all. See how easy these thieves crack this safe with just a crowbar. How safe is your safe?


tripjet999 says:

How Safe Is You Safe? Yes, I am “safe,” thank you.

Denton Nix says:

Would’ve cut the time in half if the big boy was on the pry bar.

nitesh shetty says:

Just screw and bolt the safe on the ground from inside
They cannot put it down or even move it

James Sawley says:

2:11, while you’re asleep! Bitch you knocked a 1000 pound safe over everyone in the neighborhood is awake and cocking their hammers. One, most people put safes against a wall, second, good luck pushing over an already 1000 pound safe with 100 pounds of stuff in it and bolted to the floor and third Chicago PD studies show burglarers spend an average of 7 minutes in a home. That’s 7 min to get to your bedroom, open the closet, pull and knock over the safe, bust it and bring your guns/gold to their car.

WAR 0826 says:

Bullshit. The locking pins were not fully engaged. You can see it when they lift the door. Nice try to your safes.

FishNHunt 2 says:

all it takes is a gun to the owners head and I’m sure they be glad to open the safe for u, empty there wallet and give u there car

UltimateLocke says:

That’s fine if they break into my safe because the joke will be on them.
My safe is used to keep my pet xenomorph safe.

eyesNthe Woods says:

I call BULLSHIT. You think people are stupid

Kitty Hawk says:

No home safe is completely fool proof. I can break into any home safe like shown in this video within a half hour. I am not a professional. There is an inherent weakness to safes this man or any other salesman will not tell you. They want you to believe that their safe is the best against break-in. Don’t believe them. They can all be broken into with little effort if you know what to do. Safes, locks, security alarms are more or less to keep more honest people honest. Dishonest people will break into these. This video shows a smart move. Bolt your safe to the wall.

GetMeThere1 says:

I can’t think of anything more STUPID than a safe. Really good hiding places will always be MUCH better than safes.

Accipiter says:

AAaAaand nothing was inside “well played boys”

Tom Currie says:

After a “professional” shows you a “gun safe” take a closer look at the labeling and the construction — but before you take that closer look, first watch THIS YouTube video

owen prince says:

These guys are in poor shape and don’t have a clue how to use a bar. I could have opened this myself in half the time because I know how to use pry bars.

Mike Klenk says:

Yeah all safes will be out in the open and be able to be thrown flat on the ground! And all thieves are walking around with a 5’ pinch bar… let’s see them do that with the same safe anchored like most people do and with just the regular prybar.. this video is complete BS

Dreamcrusher - MKV says:

Why is the safe in the middle of a room so they can tip over… Most people with any sense would put it up against a wall

Tyler Mott says:

Almost any residential safe can be opened in under 3 minutes, its not a GSA safe or a bank safe or a Champion safe

gamer kids and dad says:

Wow they’re going to have that much room to work with there able to throw your safe on the ground come on most are in a small closet

Alex Weinheimer says:

Install a planet fitness link alarm lol

hellojello says:

So what you’re saying is buy a cheap safe and bolt it to the ground.

Hiding from You says:

Real thieves would look at the safe and go take the tv, purse, wallet and be gone before that other safe hit the ground.

jonwm01 says:

I like how he said something about getting the family involved in buying one lol. I’m thinking no shit I’m sure it’s gonna take all of them together to afford one lol what a jackass!

UpstateArms1 says:

Empty safe in the middle of a wearhouse…. this is not realistic to life. Why not have your two guys attempt using a crow bar.and pry bar in a location where a safe would normally be? In a room corner and bolted to the floor? After all this is all based on angle and leverage. Real life placement and correct installation changes this whole outcome. Now iam not saying cheap safes are just as good because that’s a lie. But so is the way your test was conducted.

xleviathan 26 says:

watch this dumb ass try to make you buy a 4000 dollar safe when all you could simply do is get a damn gun

HTGturboGT says:

wow thats faster then a safe cracker….. it should be the other way around

Michelle Alston says:


RkicF8 says:

Not safe at all with the government flying over mapping out large metal boxes with electromagnetic imaging. As far as thieves are concerned dont leave the bolts half way engaged.

Relict 805 says:

no safe is safe, it just changes the time how long they need to get in.

Kimber 10MM says:

Just cut a hole in the side of a good safe.. Good safe, great safe, there all steel

Michael McSherry says:

You are supposed to bolt them to your floor. This demo at this point is a joke

HexxxiZ says:

So the hollow door has nothing to do with the fact that the door bends….

Jeff Sussex says:

Should be titled “How quickly thieves can brake into your empty, non-bolted safe under the perfect ideal conditions with absolutely no stress or pressure”. Oh, and when I’m sleeping? Nope. Not going to wake up to a safe slamming on the floor or pry bars banging against steel.

bryan young says:

I understand you can break into anything but this safe just look like it’s something they built just so they could break into it easily the inside of the door look completely Hollow

Seal Clubber says:

If someone wants to Oceans 11 my safe to get a few guns, well they can have it. I’ll just give the serial numbers to the police, and rack the rest up on insurance.

TheMFrelly says:

The best way is to leave the door unlocked and watch the dick heads still break in ! Then fill them with freedom rounds….

Mark Doyon says:

It’s much easier to put a 357 to the owners head and have him open for you, they never say no…

mick hanks says:

I want to see the Locking Lawyer have a go at your safes.

Roger Pemberton says:

I should also add security should be done in layers. Not just a safe. Other things on top of a safe such as a good security system, CCTV cameras, a good dog or two like my German Shepard, and other things. The key is to harden the target to the point they don’t want to try.

Austin Wheeler says:

Good thing mine is anchored into concrete on bottom and back.

FishNHunt 2 says:

I’m sorry but safes or locks n general is just an haunesty thing… I don’t think it matters how cheap or expensive an item is if someone wants in bad enough, then they will get in.. good sales pitch through

Adrian Nurse says:

Excellent video. So how would a inexperienced homeowner know which brand or safe to choose?

e greenie says:

You seem to be in the safe business. How ’bout putting one of your “good” safes on its back and make another video and lets what happens with that one.

Rob Spencer says:

Lol, In order to get to my safe, you have to step over about 1000 lego’s, 5 dismembered Barbies, 5 broken printers, a treadmill, 2 tool boxes and a cat litter pan. THEN they have to walk back over all that crap and attempt to open a door blocked with dirty clothes

Joe Pitt says:


5am8 29 says:

Partners in crime

Michael McSherry says:

Secondly, where are the bolt pins, when you lock it. pins (1.25″) exit the door and lock into the frame

Mike Palm says:

I’ll never get back those 4 mins I wasted on this terrible video.

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