How To Make A Super Secret Safe – For Less Than $3

In this project you’ll learn how to make a super secret safe that nobody will recognize, even if they’re looking straight at it.

Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Electrical Gang Box:
[✓] Blank Wall Plate:

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After doing this project, I also saw there is an instructable by jpvideo you can check out at

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Extreme caution should be used when cutting into sheetrock. There may be electrical wires, or other sensitive materials behind the wall that can’t be seen, and could be damaged when cutting. Use of video content is at own risk.

Music By: (“The World Turns” – Instrumental).

Project Inspired By:

A picture “The Hidden Wall Safe Socket”

Project History & More Info:

I saw a picture of the hidden wall safe on and found it was a product being sold for about $8.00 from (

Rather than order one, it seemed feasible to make one with just a couple of materials from the hardware store. Not to mention, much cheaper.

There are so many variations that could be made to this idea. I demonstrated 4 that I came up with, and perhaps the best one was the fact that you could just use the box behind your cable. If you use one of those, it’s completely free, and you don’t have to cut any new holes in your walls.

I put some time into making a parts list for the different variations from Home Depot showing store SKU# and prices. Just for being a fan, you can download the list for free at

This is an awesome and practical idea. Even if everyone knew about the secret wall safe, there are so many electrical outlets in the house already it would be completely impractical for a thief to open every one trying to find anything valuable. Not to mention dangerous.

Like any security measure, this idea won’t be infallible, but simply is one more idea, and one more line of defense to help protect your stuff.

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kaylah mihaka says:

You know somebody watching this and then they go to your house or like find your house they can just do what you showed us to your house Mr

Will it arrow 1 says:

Now thieves know where to find silver in your house

Shekhar Jalan says:

Try to drink Sulfer hexa floried

Andrew Reid says:

Using that case and cover and incorporating some lead lights and a power source theoretically you could produce a unique Corner lighting system

Freddy Meng says:

you sount like housholdhacker in life hack vids like this one

joe Recto says:

Too many idiots Making comments have no clue as to the methods/materials used in the construction of American Homes.

Brooklyn Hope says:

Ohhh they faked the thumb nail for thieves I think….

Game Factory says:


Kolli says:

I want to do this but my dad would get mad or if I asked he would say no

Royclash_8 Gaming says:

Great now the crims know where to look =(

onno aken says:

In the Netherlands we have Stone walls

Clorox Bleach says:

Grant is actually trying to make us hide our stuff somewhere where he’ll know to look.

CarGuyGamer 279 says:

What if the thief watches this video

Vegan Beast Hunter says:

American houses…

* End me says:

Now i know where he keeps his computer passwords

streeteats says:

For that kind of electrical box, as with many, you don’t need a stud.

Blake Brown says:

Wait a sec
What if bad guys watch this vid and they can find them easily

adwaith mk says:

What about concrete walls?

Find youtuber Station says:

All people who watch this vid know about it including all the criminals

PlzKillMe says:

“electrical gang box” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The everything Channel says:

where do you get all that stuff

J P says:

Who’s watching in 2017

kestis says:


Tech 101 says:

So they’ll never know…..unless they see this video

John Campbell says:

I feel bad for your wife

kara freck says:

Make a impact sensitive Nerf dart that shoots

Shekhar Jalan says:

Try inhaling sulfur hexafluoride

Sagar Kukreti says:

How you make the footage behind your wall and here in India we didn’t have cardboard walls…!

ShadyVipy says:

Now thief’s will bring a phone and the charger to see if the outlet is real.

Bobbel Zonnebril says:

We should hide the secret recipe of the krabby Patty in there

KAan_PlaZ says:

Thx it helped me a lot

reaction time!! says:

we know where grant puts his valuables

craftierrug 115 says:

Were those .50 ae rounds

krongusgaming says:

i did this with a fake(possibly) vent and its cool because there are a couple a robbers around are area

Pure Heroine says:

Who else is a kid and want to make this but they can’t ?

Rainbow gamer Vlogs says:

I wish I wasn’t 12

Alex N says:

… That explains why so many of the outlets in my house don’t work…

cmoneyrocks3 says:

Grant a metal plunger from styrofoam

Minecrafter Guy says:

make a rifle made by air pressure

Now that's a LOT of damage says:

Oh , I forgot where I put my spare ammo

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