Is it safe to use a spirit or ghost box at home? Plus other ramblings and quick demo…

Hello to all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, night, weekend or weekday! Todays video is not so much a session with any evidence but it does go over a question I get asked every single day. “Is it safe to use a spirit box at home”?

I could go on for an hour as to why it is and explain in detail how many myths there are out there but this video answers that question and tells you when you should NEVER use one of these at home.

I also rant about the skeptics who attack me for no reason and why they are ridiculous as well as give a quick demo of my new favorite spirit box which was built for me by Andrew Openlander in Chicago. I have had many people ask me where to get a box like this and Andy told me he would be willing to make a few and sell them if anyone was serious about buying one.

You can see his website HERE:

You can take a look at the Huff Paranormal Facebook page here:

And you can read my story HERE:

The Paranormal: How to talk to the dead. My experience and evidence with EVP, Spirit Boxes, Ghost Boxes and Spirit communication


michael shiel says:

Hi Steve ,great advice ,have you ever had any Spirt attachments in your years doing this ?

Zachary Shaw says:

Also I’m fro. Southern Illinois where was your video taken? If you don’t mind me asking.

InnocentKawaii says:

Huff what does it mean if you look in the mirror and you dont see yourself and only a thing that looks like it went to a costume party a phisical thing in it

fire wolf says:

how does your portal app work without the wonderbox

jim dandy says:

your tell is you touch your nose! Thank you for the work you are doing.

Ann Johns says:

Do you do pray before and when closing?

Zachary Shaw says:

Who was it that made yours and where can I buy one and for ho w much?

T. C. says:

Awe, look how young you were:) I must say that you are better looking now, than you were then 🙂 You’re like a fine wine that gets better with age:) Does Debbie agree?

David Owenby says:

an you answered my question long they come threw

Alex Thompson says:

At 15:43 it sounded like a woman asking “where have you been”

David Owenby says:

thanks for the advice Mr.huff…I just wanna talk to my mom

BaalMahan3 F69th says:

what do you think is the best and cheapest spirit box or equipment you can get?

Kaylanalex Casler says:

could you talk to someone who’s been dead for over 10 years? my dad killed himself when I was little and I’ve always wanted to talk to him, ask him questions, ask him if he is proud of me, if he know I have a son…would that be possible?

Harpz says:

your awesome dude


If you don’t believe it works by a SB-7 spirit box and run it in reverse and see what happens. I’m not a salesperson for the box but I bought one and it changed my life for the better. It helped me understand all the weird things that have happened in my life so far and it is loved ones who have passed on and do not want to be forgotten. Yes I know there are other things that come through but the belief in God and true love in your heart will keep them at bay.

Brandon Muraca says:

hello huff umm I really hope u can respond to this but I’ve been having a lot of paranormal activity in my home and I want to know can I use my phone to record a evp

Chai Latte says:

My Nana always said that we should be more afraid of the living than the dead.

Aileen Encarnacion says:

I truly believe you mr huff

shari fuller says:

who is the spirit behind you? I keep seeing a figure behind you, it looks like a woman.

David Owenby says:

I just ordered me a spirit box

PhotographyisMyPassion says:

Spirits are everywhere, I know I had a spirit in my house when I moved into it a few months ago and I’m cool with because it is only trying to catch me and my wife’s attention by turning lights on at night. My two cats can see it and one of them gets scared and runs underneath our bed.

Aileen Encarnacion says:

to be honest I not scared of sprits just if they try to d harm

ssuperdave100 says:

I’m with you on people who fake paranormal results. I have my results on my channel to validate that we are not alone. I’m still on a journey to get as much as we call evidence or proof of the other side.

Courtney Witham says:

Spirits are around you Steve because they know you can communicate them…..

alphadragosani says:

you shave your head and face, and you look 20 years younger

T. C. says:

keep up the good work Steve! I love watching you, & have been watching ALL of your videos & I’m just BLOWN AWAY! Keep doing what ur doing, because it’s obviously working!

George Thomson says:

I’ve always believed in ghosts, logic would say when a person dies they get buried and decompose or get ceamated and get burned and that’s it over. But I think there’s another existence after dying because I had an outter body experience when I was 18 years old, i’m 40 now, cut a long story short I heard a voice saying “your too young go and live your life” then I went down these white ladders and was disappointed when I woke up in my body and had a calm feeling, which basically felt like not being scarred to die.

Courtney Witham says:

Steve I’ve shared this video with so many people and its helped them understand. I just told one of my friends that just lost a loved one and I think she is loving your channel.

T. C. says:

Personally, I would get too FREAKED OUT if I used one of these boxes

john schmeltz says:

for me I’m building my own portal box but I’m not using it in my house just going to use it else where I’m not really scared but have kids here and we already have activity in here mild but don’t want to open any doors for it to get stronger so going to do another house cleansing and seal or living space from spirits and just do portal box sessions else where and take steps on protecting our selfs for when we return home from sessions I’m really excited on finishing my portal project just waiting on things to come in from the net I ordered watching your videos really helped what a great device you guys came up with and by the way what are the copper  wires and crystals on the portal for just wondering and can you mount any protection symbol on the portal to help aginst negative spirits thanks john

Elizabeth Molina says:

have you ever speak with a spirit the speaks another language like spanish

Doyledeth says:

At the end it sounds like the spirit says, “where did you get it?”

Matt Chaney says:

It is not safe. When you use these in your home you open a door that is NOT easily shut. Do not do it! I’ve done it and wish that I never would have. This is not a game.

•BEST GAMER• says:

Btw i 100% believe u because this isn’t fake I’ve done Spirit box sessions of this on an app In my house and spirits were communicating with me this is no joke

Btw if u would like to check out the Spirit box app urself it’s called: Sono X10 Spirit box/on iPhone and android I think

Bailey Paranormal says:

i have a spirit box, i am not afraid of responses. i have had (since use of my spirit box) lights turn on and off by themselves, and stuff moving around. But i cant seem to get evps on my recorder. i am not crazy, i know something is in here, i just need proof. i love your videos just subbed. i have a few videos on here, i have a feeling i am gonna get better evidence soon.

Joanna Ortega says:

Hi Steve yes I would like to know if it safe

•BEST GAMER• says:

I’m not scared it just freaks me out when I hear sounds because my neighbour hood has a lot of robbery cases

Vickie Harley says:

Have you ever seen a programme called Afterlife? Its a UK programme from the 00s starring Andrew Lincoln and Lesley Sharp, I think you’d really like it. Nice video btw!

Anita Edwards says:

My mom found this guy. It’s my first time watching him and I’m hooked.

debbie schreiber says:

Steve I appreciate. what you do I’m. a afraid a and scared im happy your doing this and thank you for sharing this with us i really love your videos

Dragon kingkiller says:

Do it

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