Open Sentry Safe in less than 5 seconds! | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

Open Sentry Safe in less than 5 seconds! | Mr. Locksmith™ Video at the Kitsilano Business Leaders Meetup.

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Terry Whin-Yates from Mr. Locksmith demonstrated how easy it is to open a Sentry Electronic Safe is less than 5 seconds with no damage or “Signs of Entry” for the Kitsilano Business Leaders Meetup.

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Scott Wall says:

Its better than a shoe box and your kids and thieves do not have a rare earth magnet and 3 decades of locksmith experience.. You bet that safe will keep a child away from your firearm. Dont let this jack off discourage you if that is all you can afford.


It’s gomna take longer than that with lead therapy being injected in ya.

CPT. Radec Of the 81st Helghast Brigade says:

Where do I buy the house door lock?

Ryan Taylor says:

You had me right up until the point I visited your website and you selling a magnet for a widely overpriced sum of $200+ that’s worth less than $100 everywhere else. That and after checking Youtube for other Magnet defeats of a safe, this is the ONLY model of safe I’ve seen this done. I “might” spend the $75 or $100 bucks to buy the magnet off ebay or amazon, and try it myself. But your gouging prices and lack of supporting examples on a wider range, lost me.

K D Street says:


Earl Cline says:

I have a sentry fire safe with no code. It’s a digital entry code. Also, this safe has a plastic cover under the handle that stops my magnet from working. How do I get it open so I can change the code?

3DayPriest says:

Idiot. She thinks the magnet pulls the bolts back. No. It triggers the solenoid that allows the HANDLE to pull back the bolts.

Short version: Fast forward about 3/4 of the way to see that you put the magnet into the upper left corner of the corner, wiggle magnet and handle.

MaZEEZaM says:

This is great, I had thought to avoid the digital safes because of the battery requirement but WOW now I have even more reason to avoid them.

Kat Prinner says:

this guy is a fucking nerd. bless his heart.

ashman0071 says:

Mine Sentry POS failed also – so instead of buying a magnet I chose ‘the Destructive Method’ and used a hammer, large screwdriver and a pry bar – took me about 15 minutes to get into it (very satisfying I might add) – start by removing any sh@t hinges that you can see (mine had some even more sh@t hinges on the inside that I defeated in 5 minutes) – once opened it was straight into the trash in less than 10 seconds since I did it over the trash cans for convenience  – I’lll never buy one again……..

Levard Azou says:

So my Sentry is a pos

owen prince says:

I have a 60 year old wall safe that has a mechanical dial and 6 digit combination and 2 inch steel wall so it is very heavy. I got it for free about 5 years ago because the people forgot the combination. It took me a while to open it because I did not want to damage it. I was able to do this because I am a little smarter than the average Joe ( this was not easy to do). After I got it open, I took the lock apart and repined it to a new combination and it works great.

theID2 says:

“we put it in a sock ….. cause there’s a reason for it” so i presume if there had been no reason for it, he would not have put it in a sock. got it!

dogsbyfire says:

Thank you. I will not buy this safe.

Aron says:

Does anybody know if that works on older sentry safes I bought one locked unknown combination at an auction and was wondering if that would open one. I know there’s at least change inside hopefully there’s more.

topgrain says:

I wonder if I could mount a thick steel plate inside the door of my safe that would absorb the power of such a magnet and prevent it from operating the trigger that lets the safe open.

Kayleb Moore says:

Will this brake the safe?like the turn dial ones or can its it’ll be used after words?please let me know

Percy Lipinski says:

This is the very definition of greatness that can come from social media. What a great social service you’ve provided us!

hot dawg says:

I know u understand why they get mad for safe busting. But all you’re doing is showing us that quality isn’t always what it is claimed to be. Keep at the good hard work

MaZEEZaM says:

WOW, well I certainly wont be buying one of these then. Thanks for the video 😀

Michael Amine says:

I must be a terrible thief….this did not work at all. Does the size of the magnet matter Mr. Locksmith?  I couldnt open this same model with the magnet. I lost my combo!

SuperLubot says:

Well I don’t feel that ‘safe’ anymore.

Andrew Aranda says:

Does it break the safe?

Keith Rose says:

You are not a locksmith . Their skill and knowledge is kept secret and are registered with the police(in the uk) . You are just a silly old man telling people how to steal from honest people who may not be able to afford expensive safes but would still have a certain amount of protection if prats like you didn’t tell the world about it’s short comings. . Enjoy your few minutes of so called fame you dickhead !

Thomas Paine says:

hahahaah- Brilliant ! That is one STRONG magnet, that was not available a few years ago. They never counted on that being available.

karma police says:

We put it in a sock… because there is a reason for it.

A K says:

Terrifying. I have this safe at home -_-

At least it’s uncommon for anyone to walk around with a superpower magnet, but still.

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